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Strong uniform structure Basis weight as low as 8gsm and as high as 80gsm Right balance of softness and strength Multiple treatments for hydrophilicity, skin care and anti-static properties Excellent barrier properties for Liquids and Particles Available in multiple colours


Hydrophilicity, Anti-Static, Extra-Softness,Aloevera ,UV Protection


Baby Care – Core wrap, Back sheet, Leg cuff and Ears of Baby Diapers and Adult incontinence products Adult Care - Core wrap, Back sheet, Leg cuff and Ears of Adult incontinence products Medical - Gowns, Coveralls, Mask and other Hospital Disposables etc.


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Face Mask Raw Material

When completed, 10 production lines will be able to produce a total of 1.5 million pounds of face mask raw material per year. This mask covers almost all raw materials in the mask itself, but there is a filtered layer on the middle part of each mask. Each mask is made of a combination of fleece, polyurethane, cotton, and polyester.
To specify product specifications and requirements for suppliers, please read our source title “Raw Material Filters for Surgical Masks.” Sources: 4
On Alibaba.com you will find all the materials you need to create hygienic disposable face masks. Surgical masks and make sure that you have protection at hand and as such are available for make-up order or stock items.
If commercial masks are not available, a simple, locally made washable mask is the solution for you. Almost all raw materials cover the face mask with its fleece and can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.
For this material, we have chosen a protective mask with ricin and saxitoxin, which has been used in mouse tests to protect against the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in the human body. Sources: 6
Surgical face masks usually consist of spun fleece, a fleece woven in such a way that it melts when blown into a melt. This non-woven fabric can be used as a material for surgical caps but is also useful for other purposes, such as surgical masks.

Best Material For Mask material

The next big business opportunity of the decade with the Corona virus situation expected to get worse,

people who join the manufacturing set up and start producing face masks in bulk.

It is very easy and convenient to become a manufacturer of surgical masks.

Best Non woven fabric manufacturer face mask raw material

The material required to manufacture face mask is easily available in the market at very attractive prices. we best provide material for face mask. our face mask material is with uv treated.

The design of the surgical mask depends on the mode, but it is usually three layers with three layers and the face mask material in its final form.
Face masks are used by health workers to protect against airborne infections and to protect eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and other body parts.
See an allergy specialist who can give you a prescription for a face mask or other allergy treatment to ease your symptoms. Sources: 2
As the domestic situation is developing well and demand for face masks may gradually decline, demand for surgical masks remains high, according to Cao. Lanhine Medical can produce a wide range of raw materials for face masks for the surgical mask market. Cao adds that applying for production licenses for surgical masks is difficult and time-consuming, but many manufacturers can manufacture them, as production lines for normal face masks have risen sharply during the epidemic.
Sinopec China Petrochemical Corporation strives to cooperate in the manufacture of masks with vendors equipped with mask machines, as the petrochemical complex produces both melt-blown raw materials and nonwoven masks. Mask manufacturers say suppliers of melt blowers or nonwovens will go out and get them even at the price of cash carry – on inflated terms. They do not want to supply the mask manufacturer with nonwoven raw materials for co-production. Instead, they wanted to maintain their own production of masks and sell them to other industries.
They also use looser spinning machines – the insertion of surgical masks, which generally happens, as well as yarn spinning machines – to deliver raw materials as they struggle to keep pace with the coronavirus that has afflicted India.
Surgical mask, also called surgical cap, as we offer it, is made from the highest quality raw material poly. Connect with the leading surgical mask manufacturers to get the best raw materials for face masks, such as masks that are now on sale on our online marketplace.
We are a highly automated company that relies on machinery to process raw materials, and we supply Global Sources with N-95-801. N95 mask, however, the difficulty lies in the things that allow it to filter small particles out of the air. There are many different ways to make surgical masks, such as using different types of polymers.
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Become a manufacturer and contribute your share in helping save our country by preventing the deadly Coronavirus from spreading further.

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