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Here we would talk about the Very Important things of the face mask, the Journey of a face mask & what are the factors which one has to keep in mind before purchasing face mask from the market.

In this time of CoVID, the importance of face mask has increased.

Why Face Mask is important?

Face Mask is the main helpful covering (equipment) which directly protects us from infection of the CoVID or any infectious disease.  When the New Variants of the Novel Corona virus are coming after mutation, the face mask becomes a strongest shield of a vaccinated person. When the Vaccine of CoVID-19 disease was being developed, the face mask was considered equals to the Vaccine.

β€œPlease Wear Mask”  it is said by giving influence because it is the topmost important equipment which can stop the severest infectious disease.

That is the biggest reason people strictly said that they will not give entry to person who has not worn mask- β€œNo Mask No Entry” The Face Mask works as Jack of all trades for human.

Various Types of the Face Mask

As according to the material from which the masks are made, the face mask can be of many types.

  1. Cotton Cloth Mask,
  2. Normal Cloth Masks
  3. Non Woven Fabric Mask


The best mask category is third- The Non Woven Fabric Masks, in which Surgical Face Mask, N95 Mask & KN95 Masks fall.

As according to the filtration capacity of the mask, the mask can be of different types:-

  1. Surgical Mask

The surgical masks are of three layered. The upper layer is Spunbond fabric, the middle layer is melt blown fabric & the lower layer is Spunbond fabric. This gives it the full filtration. For example- Black Surgical Mask

  • N95 Mask

The N95 mask is a five layered mask. 1st layer is made up of spunbond layer, 2nd layer of Meltblown, 3rd layer of Hot Air Cotton, 4th layer of Meltblown & 5th (the last layer) of Spunbond. Thus it makes it the strongest filtration capacity mask.

  • FFP2 MASK  

The FFP2 mask is somewhat similar to the n95 mask just with some differences. Almost same as like N95 but popular in Europe.

  • K95 Mask

This mask is almost same as the N95 mask. In China it’s called as K95. Same in the case of K95 Mask. 

How Fabric of Mask is important in face mask?

As we know that the face mask is very important to us, then the raw material of face mask i. e. Non Woven Fabric is very very important. The raw material should not be contaminated & must be hygienic. Here comes the turning point that who will provide such type of material. So, this work load has been taken by Leading Company Favourite Fab. We provide the Export Level quality. Our Fabric is FDA, NITRA, ISO certified. CE & GMP certification are the feathers in our hat.

Advantages of the Layers of the Non Woven FabricLayers of Face Mask
Spun bond LayerThe Spunbond Layer filters the small dust particles.
Meltblown LayerThis layer filters all bacteria, viruses & microorganisms.
Hot Air CottonThis increases the filteration capacity of the mask.
Favourite Fab’s ISO CertificationFavourite Fab has ISO 9001:2015 Certification (cert. no. IN14223A)
Favourite Fab’s NITRA CertificationNorthern India Textile Research Association certifies the fabrics of Favourite Fab.
FDA Certification of Favourite FabThe Food & Drug Association of United States verifies the fabric.

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Who is Favourite Fab?

The Favourite Fab is a leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Exporter. We are the eager beaver those has fulfilled the requirement of the market when it needed most & still serving. We have the eagle eyes which recognize the most demanding material of the non woven industry. Our Sales team has gift of the gab, which helps the customers in all ways. One can say being very young team, our team is go-getter. We are known for our men of their words. We can avail the raw material for Face Mask For Men. Search here for The Emperor Owner Of The Mask. Favourite Fab do explicit work.