Uttar pradesh and Bihar Government Taking Re-action bans 10 single-use plastic items from  1 January 2020

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The notification will Give Imprismient and ₹100000/- their manufacture, stocking, and sale in the Plastic Product

Bihar government is all decided to arise an improved warning banning manufacture and sale of 10 single-use plastic items from 1/1/2019 in the Territory of Uttar Pradesh And Bihar rural and urban area

“The notice will be published on the day the ban comes into impact. We have made certain changes in the information published when the ban was planned from March 1,” a senior government official told

A release from Director of Department of Science From Bihar and Uttar Pradesh , said single-use plastic materials such as polythene/plastic/polypropylene carry bags, polythene plastic cups, polythene plastic plates, styrofoam (thermocol) plates, styrofoam cups, plastic sheet pouches used to wrap cooked food, plastic sheets used to spread on dining table, water pouches, plastic straw, and plastic flag would be banned in the Uttar Pradesh And Bihar rural and urban area , effective

The materials would not be allowed to be manufactured, stocked or sold in Territory of Uttar Pradesh And Bihar rural and urban area

However, plastic items such as
Non-woven fabric bags, plastic-coated paper cups, plastic sheet worked for industrial packing, plastic sheet collection and disposal of solid waste and biomedical waste and plastic bags used in horticulture nurseries would be allowed to be manufactured and sold in Territory of Uttar Pradesh And Bihar rural and urban area
, the announcement said.

N. UMESH, Environmental Engineer, Bihar Pollution Control Committee (BPCC), told The Hindu that they had excluded from the ban use of non-woven polypropylene, paper cups and cling film which is Allowed by government 

Items exempted
Explaining the judgment to ban the materials,

the official said the non-woven fabric was not a single-use plastic item, Non-Woven Fabric is Made of Eco-friendly material
Non woven fabric, bags are tagged as “eco-friendly” because they can be reused more than once. They last longer than simple plastic bags.

However, they remain far from durable and they break down in 2-3 uses and take much longer to break down.

The material can be reused for at least six months. As for paper cups, the official said manufacturers

The government had decided to nominate the Member Secretary, BPPCC, Commissioners of Municipalities, Tahsildars, Food Inspector and Revenue Officers to implement the ban.

The Chairman and Member Secretary of BPCC would be authorized to lodge complaints under section 19 of the Environment (Protection), Act 1986, said an official source.
Government Said To Non-Woven fabric manufacturer in India to Increase in Eco-friendly property in Non woven fabric, So the both State have Eco-friendly material in the market 

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