Hydrophilic Non Woven


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Hydrophilic Non Woven is the Non Woven which absorbs water actively. The term Hydrophilic is made up of two words- Hydro (=water), philic (=loving).

Favourite Fab

We at Favourite Fab are determined to fulfill the requirement of Non Woven Fabric. We are hydrophilic non woven fabric manufacturers in India.

We can avail hydrophilic and hydrophobic non woven fabric at lowest price. The hydrophilic fabric is available in various Width sizes, GSMs & Colors.

Types Of Hydrophilic Fabric Antistatic (AN) Non Woven Fabric, Antimicrobial Sponbond Non Woven Fabric, Hydrophobic Sponbond Non Woven Fabric, Extra Softy Non Woven Fabric.

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