HydroPhilic 40 GSM

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About This Product

BrandFavourite FabMaterialPP+Hydrophilic Agent
Gsm8 to 100PatternDiamond
Size63″Weight30-50 Kg
ColorWhiteQualityBest Quality
Hydrophilic is used in the following uses:-
1. Diapers,
2. Facial Wipes,
3. Sanitary Pads
4. Cleaning Wipes
Hydrophilic Fabric as clear with the name is such fabric which absorbs water quickly. The term “Hydrophilic” is made with two words “Hydro” which means “water” & “Philic” which means “loving”.
Our All Product Is Certified With ISO,CE,FDA,NITRA

NITRA, ISO, FDA Certified


Untouched, Hygienic, In Roll Form with Polyethylene & Raffia

How can I purchase Hydrophilic Fabric?

You may contact us by putting inquiry or mail us on, or contact +91-8800775462.

How can I get the samples of Hydrophilic Fabric?

You may contact us for getting the samples, we can provide you the samples free of cost.

हाइड्रोफिलिक गैर बुना क्या है?

नाम के अनुरूप ही हाइड्रोफिलिक कपड़ा ऐसा कपड़ा होता है जो पानी को जल्दी सोख लेता है। “हाइड्रोफिलिक” शब्द दो शब्दों से बना है “हाइड्रो” जिसका अर्थ है “पानी” और “फिलिक” जिसका अर्थ है “प्यार करना”।

Payment Terms: Payment terms and conditions require a 30% advance payment, with the remaining balance 70% at the time of dispatch.

All Modes of Payment Accepted 

Favourite Fab Bank Details 

A/c no50200058891058
IFSC Code HDFC0000121
Branch NameSanjay Place Agra 

Upi Id:favouritefruitpreser.62696185@hdfcbank

Terms and Conditions:Price Changes Every Week, the actual price may vary at the time of order 

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