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We at Favourite Fab are leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Exporter of All Kinds of Non woven Fabric. We have also included Non Breathable PE Film as our new product. We are availing Breathable Pe Film at lowest price in the market. One can say that we are Manufactuctrer of Breathable Pe Film In India.


Pe Breathable Film Manufacturer In India & Breathable Film Manufacturer India


We are going to be leading 
Pe Breathable Film Manufacturer In India & Breathable Film Manufacturer India.  Don’t Just judge a book by its cover, bring our sample & you will comes to know the Best Material of Breathable Films Market. If you will search on Google that Hygiene Film Manufacturers in India Pe Breathable Film Manufacturer, you will comes to know our name. We are also going to be PE Breathable Film Manufacturer In India & Pe Breathable Film Manufacturer. We are going to be A Best Service Providing Pe Breathable Film Manufacturer In India.

You can ask our team for rates of Cast PE Breathable Film & Cast PE Breathable Film In India. We have best range of Non Breathable Pe Film. As we have seen the need of PE Breathable Film for Sanitary Napkins in the Market, thus for serving our customers we are availing Breathable PE Film in India. We can provide you Best quality PE Breathable Film & Export Quality Cast Pe Breathable Film.

Product Description

A Film which is impermeable to liquids such as water & blood, but it’s pervious to Gases such as water vapors are generally called Breathable Film. Its pores are smaller than bacteria, viruses & fluids particles, thus no such substance passes through it.

The Wearer of the diaper which is made with such films feels very comfortable such comfort as of passing of gases & best hygienic protection.

Difference Between Breathable And Non Breathable Film

There are two types of films used for hygienic products. These are Breathable film & Non Breathable Film. Bothe these films has an important different between them. The Breathable film is having such property as gases can be passes from it & other liquids such as blood & water is not passed through. On the other hand the Non Breathable Film is opposite to the breathable film in property.


  • Our Material feel is Non Plastic in Nature.
  • Our Film is very soft in touch.
  • Our Material breathability is adjustable.
  • Our material is light weighted.
  • Our Material is mechanically good in Strength & has good adhesiveness with non woven.





  • With range of 500– 5000 g/m² within 24 hrs
  • We can give facility of Micro Embossing.
  • Possibility of applying anti-microbial treatment.

Composition Polypropylene(PP)
Weight 10-40 GSM or As Demanded
Width 70-2200mm
Printed/Color Up to 6 Color or As demanded
WVTR 2000-5000 gm/m2/24hrs(ASTM E96-90)
Certificate ISO,GMP,FDA
MOQ 1000kg
Embossing   Micro & Deep Embossed
Brand Favourite Fab


This material is used in manufacturing of disposable sanitary products such Baby Diapers, Sanitary napkins, Incontinences pads & other chronically ill supplies & all important hygiene products.

It is used in manufacturing of back sheet of  these products:-

  • In Sanitary napkins.
  • InAdult diapers.
  • In Baby diapers.
  • Incontinence pads.
  • Means for the chronically ill situations.
  • & many other medical applications.

Printing Options

We can avail what color is demanded:-

  • Flexographic print up to 5to 6 Colors.

Other Properties As Requested:-

  • Tensile in Strength.
  • Friction Coefficient (COF).
  • High or Low Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR).
  • The Property of Opacity.
  • Facility of Elongation.
  • Glossing.

Principle Of Product Description

A micro pore of breathable sheet is around thousand times smaller than a water drop & thousand to ten thousand times bigger than a water vapor unit. It contains about 1.4 billion pores per cm square (0.1 to 10 microns).

Trade Information

  • Supplying Capacity: 6000 Kilograms per Day.
  • Delivery Duration: approx. 7-8 days.
  • Packaging Details:  Roll, packaging with Raffia.
  • Sample availability: Yes.
  • Sample Policy: Our Sample is free of Cost, just freight charges are expected.
  • Main Domestic Market: All over India & Abroad.

Our Sales Team

You can talk to Our Sales Team regarding Purchasing of the Breathable film, if you are looking for PE Embossed Film, you are at right place, here you can find out all information regarding the product- Breathable film & all others process such as Breathable Film Process. You can join us in our satisfied customer network.

We are always there to serve you & welcoming you in our customer network. We are providing free samples to our customers to see the quality of our product. And, eagerly waiting for your response, place your order now.

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