Raw Material For Sanitary Pad

Raw Material For Sanitary Pad

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Raw Material For Sanitary Pad


Curious to Know sanitary pad raw material

There is very little & and ambiguous information over the internet regarding Sanitary Pads Raw Material. We came to know this thing & prepared a lot of information regarding the raw material. 

The raw material which is used in sanitary napkins is important to know for sanitary napkins manufacturers. 


Here in this article, you will come to know the raw materials which are easier to avail from us, Favourite Fab, let us get started.

More About Material Used In Sanitary Pads

A sanitary napkin or pad is an important thing for women & and is needed of every woman, thus it is crucial to notice that the raw material must be cost effective. 

The manufacturers of sanitary pads are always in hurdles for finding the cheap & and best material for pads. 

Today, the sanitary pad raw material supplier, Favoruite Fab, would elaborate regarding the availability of the material at the best price.

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Sanitary Pad Raw Material – Non Woven Fabric For Feminine Care

There are three important materials that are helpful in making sanitary pads & and are included in any of the layers of sanitary napkins. 

The Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric

It is the fabric that is water absorbing and hence clear with the name “Hydrophilic”. This fabric is made using polypropylene, a hydrocarbon polymer & and hydrophilic resin. This makes it water-loving. This is the crucial fabric that is used in making pads for liquid absorption.

The Hydrophobic Spunbond Fabric

Some manufacturers use pp spunbond fabric in pads. The pp spunbond fabric is by default hydrophobic.

PE breathable film

This film is made using polyethylene which has breathable properties. The film does not pass the water but passes the air, hence called breathable film. You may find form Favourite Fab 1000 Kg of Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials – Pe Poly Back Sheet (Pink, M. Blue or Printed).

The Spunlace Fabric

This fabric may work as a fluid transferring layer. This is made with polyester & and viscose & and seams like cotton.

Layer Description Material
Fluid Transferring Layer Upper most layer with high absorbing properties. Cotton layer or spunlace non-woven.or Hydrophilic nonwoven
Distribution Layer Second layer. A.k.a acquisition layer. Distribution of the fluid throughout the pad. Air bonded composite non-woven or thermally bonded non-woven.
Absorbent Layer Third layer. Aim is to trap the fluid within itself.  Cellulosic pulp or SAP (Super Absorbing Polymer)
Barrier Sheet Fourth layer. Fluid impervious sheet. Resticts leakage  PE breathable film.

Find Out Sanitary napkin raw material list

Raw Material For Sanitary Pad
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White Roll Sanitary Napkin Raw Material  
Non Woven Roll  
Rs 100 / Kg Get Latest Price  
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kg  
Material Polyethylene
Color All Color
Width 190 mm
GSM 18/20
Pattern Plain
Use For Making Saniatry Pad
Packaging Type In Roll form
Layers of Sanitary Pads
Fluid Transferring Layer
Distribution Layer
Absorbent Layer
Barrier Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Start Your Own Sanitary Napkin Business?

You may purchase the machine of sanitary napkin machine or make it by your hands with a sealing & and sanitization machine.

For the raw material, you may contact a sanitary napkin raw material supplier.

Who are Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Suppliers In India?

Favourite Fab, which is a subsidiary of Favourite Fruit Preservation Pvt Ltd is the leading raw material supplier of sanitary pads & and napkins based in Runakata Industrial Area of UP, India.

What are Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials by Manufacturer?

The Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Price is different as the materials are 4-5 in nos. The price for good Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Raw Materials starts at 100 rupees per kilogram onwards, You may ask our team for the best price.

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I hope you get a good idea of different Natural And Sustainable Raw Materials For Sanitary Napkin, their price, availability & and description.

For getting the samples please inquire us with your requirement, which would be lookout by our sales executive & be processed.

Now, for further queries, feel free to mail us at or inquire about us on our website.

All Sanitary Napkin Material In Rajasthan

The menstrual cycle starts in females around the age of 10 to 15. Thus the menstrual fluid which has blood as the main component starts expelling. 

For holding the same, women need to use something which can soak up the fluid. 

Hence the concept of a sanitary pad came!!

Description of The Raw Material For Sanitary Napkin 

The sanitary pads are of basically three types:-

  • Thick Sanitary Pad
  • Thin (or ultra-thin) Pad
  • Panty Lining Pad

Here, I am going to explain to you the Raw Material Used In Basic Sanitary Napkins, available in the market with brand names like Suvidha, Kushi, Udaan, Bhuvika, etc.

  • Fluid Transferring Layer: Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric
  • Distribution or Acquisition Layer
  • Absorbent Layer: SAP Sheet
  • PE-coated silicon Paper and gum in between

Let us discuss in detail the same:-

Fluid Transferring Layer: Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric

In all kinds of sanitary napkins, the first layer is a transferring layer.

  • Function: Quickly transferring fluid into the pad
  • Raw Material: Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric
  • Component: Polypropylene with hydrophilic resin

Distribution or Acquisition Layer

This layer is made with hydrophobic non-woven fabric: PP spunbond.

  • Function: Distribution of Fluid 
  • Raw Material: PP spunbond nonwoven fabric
  • Component: Polypropylene

Absorbent Layer: SAP Sheet (Magic Component)

SAP sheet is named after SAP, having full form Super absorbing polymer. This layer can hold the liquid 20 to 30 times more than its weight.

  • Function: Absorbing the fluid
  • Raw Material: SAP sheet
  • Component: Super Absorbent Polymer (Sodium Acrylate)

PE-coated silicon Paper and gum in between

The PE film functions as the barrier sheet for the fluid and ceases going to the undergarment.

Silicon Paper is placed at last which holds the gum. This gum helps the pad to stay stuck with undergarments & silicon paper manages the gum until you are not using the pad.

Hope you found the Sanitary Napkins Raw Materials List!

Now you may order online, the sanitary pad raw materials from Favourite Fab, Agra UP, 

We are India’s leading sanitary pad raw material supplier.

If you look towards the superior quality pp spunbond, along with the alluring price of the market, you would come to the name of Favourite Fab, a leading Sanitary Napkin Making Materials manufacturer.

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Our manufactured material passes through several processes of quality checks before delivery of the material.

Recently Favourite Fab has come to your doorstep in Kolkata, the heart of West Bengal. (August, 2023)

The team of Favourite Fab has been taking brilliant steps towards providing our clientele, with the superior featured pp spunbond.

You may notice the changes in the process of ordering non woven fabric. There has always been competition in the market, but, still, your journey is incomplete when you don’t take the rate from Favourite Fab.

Favourite Fab has pride in being in one of the frontiers that fought with covid 19 & served the nation. We & our team didn’t take steps behind but they faced the situation and served the nation by supplying superior quality raw material to the market.

Favourite Fab, which is a subsidiary of Favourite Fruit Preservation Pvt Ltd, is going to be a Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Producer and is certified by the Northern India Textile Research Association (NITRA). We are India’s Leading non-woven fabric creator and exporter.

Since the establishment of Favourite Fab, in 2011, we have been serving our clientele with our full efforts. There have been a lot of ups and downs in our journey, but we didn’t back up.

There have been only a few ventures in the initial stages, but those have served the nation even when it was hard to serve during the COVID period.

The team of expertise has always been with the clients, whenever they need us the most, this our relationship with the industry veterans is stronger.

Where to Get? : Sanitary Napkin Material India

Favourite Fab is a one-stop solution to supply you the superior quality hygienic Raw Material for sanitary Napkin.

Now, the question arises.!! 

What did I need to do to get Sanitary Napkin Material Near Me?

Getting Sanitary Napkins Raw Materials India is not a hard nut to crack, anymore!

Now, that Favourite Fab is in the market, we will provide you the superior quality material on time at the most competitive rates.

Let us have a look- How?

Finding Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Suppliers In India?

Favourite Fab has been the leading nonwoven fabric producer in the market since 2011. As time passed Favourite Fab started expanding its services implementing various machinery, and installing state-of-the-art technologies.

Spunlace and PE Breathable film are our latest successfully running plant.

SAPs and releaseease paper are new feathers on our cap. We are ready to provide with you all the Sanitary Napkin Raw MaterListsList.

Favourite Fabthe your nearest Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials Supplier In providing materials at best price at the best price.

Get Your Samples From Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials Supplier In Kolkata

Are you looking for the SAP sheet or non woven for sanitary pad in Kolkata. No need to think anymore!

We are here to supply you the superior quality material of sanitary pads. 

You may bring a sample kit to get the details of the raw material at your door steps in Kolkata.

Favourite Fab: Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials Supplier In Tamilnadu

There have been a lot of clients of nonwoven bags, medical face mask raw material in Tamil Nadu.

Now, it is easier to order Sanitary pads raw material from one place, Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials In Chennai is now a cake walk to get.

Just pick up your phone & dial +91-8800775462.

Your Competitive Sanitary Napkin Material Price By Favourite Fab.

There are numerous Sanitary Napkin Material Suppliers in the market who are selling it at a much higher price.

One can start purchasing the Sanitary Napkin Material Wholesale, and run his machine or business after getting the raw material at the most competitive price.

If you are going to find the rates of Sanitary Napkin Material, at Favourite Fab the price starts from 120 Rupees onwards.

You may visit some useful resources to learn more about sanitary pad material & its related things.


What Material Is Used In Sanitary Napkins?

Basic materials that are used as sanitary pad raw materials are:-

Hydrophilic nonwoven, SAP sheet, PE Breathable Film, Release Paper.

What is Natural And Sustainable Raw Materials For Sanitary Napkin?

Favourite Fab manufactures Hydrophilic nonwoven & PE film which are recyclable and, hence environmentally friendly.

Who is Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials Supplier in Rajasthan?

Favourite Fab is the nearest sanitary pad raw material producer in Rajasthan. We are just 2 hours away from Dholpur, Rajasthan. You may contact us by email

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