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Event Location And Date :-

22-23-24 August, 2023 at

Bombay Exhibition Centre


Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Kolkata

Our Participating Divisions | 10th Non woven Tech Asia

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Stall  Specially Dedicated To Hygiene Sector & Packaging

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Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Experience the Magic of Our Past Exhibitions

A Journey Through All the Years Of Exhibition

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Glimpse of Our Successful Exhibition

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Glimpse of Our Successful Exhibition

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Our Participation In Non woven Tech Asia

Non Woven Tech Asia   exhibition Provides an opportunity for the Traders And Manufacturer Of End User  Non woven Product 

Our Show Case Fabric In Non woven Tech Asia 2024

We are Manufacturing All Kind Of Non woven Fabric that we are Display In Non woven Tech Asia 2024

We Are Introducing New Fabric That Is Spunlace For Wet wipes 

Product Description:-
The PE breathable film is made up of Poly-ethylene. This is a film that has permeability to gases. It has small pores which give it air permeability, thus its microporous (microporous) Breathable film is also available in Russia & Myanmar. This film can be laminated with a non-woven fabric using adhesive or other techniques.

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  •  The Hydrophilic Non Woven is used in various fields, and it has been described below:-
  • In Medical Industry
  • In Pharmaceutical Industry
  • In Personal Hygiene products
  • As for wipes in beauty
  • In baby diapers & cleaning wipes
  • Nonwoven Raw Material for Baby Diapers 

D cut Bag Raw Material 

W cut Bag Raw Material

63” Raw Material

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Days Left In Non woven Tech Asia

10th Non Woven Tech Asia | Global Non Woven Fabric Exhibition

Event Location & Date :-

 22-23-24 August, 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, INDIA.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 10th edition of Non Woven Tech Asia in 2025, following the success of the 8th ,9th & 7th edition. Favourite Non Woven is delighted to participate in the exhibition, which is scheduled to take place from  22-23-24 August, 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, INDIA.

As one of the most sought-after exhibitors from the Non Woven Tech Asia 2024 Exhibitor List, we were pleased to welcome numerous clients at the exhibition. It was an exceptional event after a hiatus of one year.

Get to Know: Non Woven Tech Asia Exhibitors List

The exhibitions & conference of nonwoven cloth is one of the wonderful opportunities for the clients as well as manufactures. 

It is”icing on the cake”, when the people who are searching for best quality non woven, can interact with numerous non woven fabric manufacturers below one roof, may decide the Best Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India.

The Non Woven Technology used by Favourite Fab is unique in the market. 

  • We use top grade PP granules. 
  • The quality of the fabric can be availed as per customer’s desire.
  • We provide multiple colour & roll size options.
  • The Anti-static, Ultra-violet, Hydrophilic, Lamination treatments and processes are available at unbeatable cost.
  • The most important clients of Non Woven Tech Africa, contact Favourite Fab & supplied our fabric & samples to Somalia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Egypt, Tanzania, etc.

We are one of the top Top Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer after having a family of more than 20 thousands clients. You may get the desirable samples & may compare that with Novatech Non Woven Fabric. You may select the most suitable nonwoven cloth manufacturer for you.

You may have a look at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition 2022 List, to get to know the leading manufacturer, going to participate in the exhibition. Many fabric producers beat about the bush, when the client asks for the suitable quality. At Favourite Fab stall, you may come to know the fabric:- A dime a dozen, which shall satisfy you a lot. 

We are recognised as the pioneer one among the Non Woven Tech Asia Exhibitors List, published by nonwoven tech asia organisers. 

India is the Most Awaited Upcoming Expo in Asia 9th Non Woven Tech Asia

Favourite Non Woven is pleased to announce the upcoming 9th edition of Non Woven Exhibition 2024, following the remarkable success of the previous exhibition in 2023 & 2022. 

We take great pride in being one of the most desirable exhibitors from the Non Woven Tech Asia 2024 Exhibitor List & Non Woven Tech Asia 2024 Exhibitor List, and we were delighted to receive an overwhelming response from clients who visited us at the event previous years.

10th Non Woven Tech Asia

Thank you For Visit Us At 10th Non woven Tech Asia

We are glad to write about the events of 7th Non Woven Tech Asia & 8th Non Woven Tech Asia, held in a delightful manner. 

The customer’s visit in the 7th Exhibition was enormous, around 600+ visits & when 8th Exhibition came It broke a leg!! We got more than 1000+ visits & inquiries. 

10th Exhibition Shaken Up the team. Our data is given below:-

  • 1000+ Customers visited
  • 1200+ Samples Distributed
  • 300+ Ton material Sold
  • 100+ Export Inquiries

We are so happy & show gratitude towards such immense love & affection of our customers for us.

People were coming to our stall asking, “Oh!! It is Favourite Fab’s Stall.” It was a matter of pride when approx. 90% of visitors already knew you.

Even the other stall exhibitors also recognised us & appreciated our working. Some youtubers came to our stall to get the taste of the market. 

The Videos of Non Woven Fabric Exhibition & Conference:-

The non-woven tech asia official interview team came for taking the video of our stall too. Mr. Gaurav Garg, Mr. Sourav Garg & Mr. Abhishek Kumar explained about the Favourite Fab & the specialities.

Our Hon’ble Director Mr. R N Garg also came to appreciate & motivate the team. 

We are pleasantly looking forward to 10th Non Woven Tech Asia. This is a wonderful business event of Non Woven Industry which teaches us a lot of things.

So in conclusion, Let us Meet in 10th Non Woven Tech Asia!! 

Must Come!!

Our Focus Segments Of Nonwoven Tech Asia 2024

Favourite Fab Is the Best Quality Fresh Non Woven Fabric Rolls Manufacturer for All Kind Of Use.

Our Participation In 7th Non woven Tech Asia

Non Woven Tech Asia   exhibition Provides an opportunity for the Traders And Manufacturer Of End User  Non woven Product.

We are one of the most desired exhibitors of  Non Woven Tech Asia 2021 Exhibitor List. Non Woven Tech Asia 2021 was very good. A lot of clients came to visit us. Non Woven Exhibition 2021  was finally organised after a long period of 2 years.

Smt. Darshana Jardosh, the Honourable Minister of State for Textiles and Railways came to inaugurate the Non Woven Tech Exhibition 2021, it is one of the most desired Non Woven Trade Shows in the world. More than 10,500 visitors came to visit us at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. 

Our Export Customers in 7th Non Woven Tech Asia

We were very glad when our customers from Nepal & Sri Lanka came. In our team, Mr. Gaurav Garg Sir & Sourav Garg Sir negotiated with clients & satisfied them, they explained Non Woven Technology to the clients. Mr. Anurag Satsangi Sir & Shubham sir surprised the customers who came to Nonwoven Tech Asia 2021 with their sales techniques. 

Mr. Vaibhav Sir, Abhishek sir & Rishabh sir got data from clients of Non Woven Exhibition 2021 & linked them with colour update running online process & pp rate updation. 

Non Woven Fabric Exhibition In India is the most awaited Upcoming Expo in Asia. We are waiting for you to visit us at the upcoming Non Woven Tech Asia & Non Woven Conference.

Visit Us & Know the Most admired company in the Non Woven Industry.

Will Meet in 9th Tech Asia!!

Non Woven Fabric Exhibition in India

Upcoming non woven exhibition Nonwoven Tech Asia is a premium exhibition & networking opportunity for nonwoven trade stakeholders from India and all over the world with over 19000+ visitors. 

The objective of Non Woven Tech Asia is to bring together all the constituents of the Nonwoven Industry under one roof, to create a neutral platform for all the stakeholders in the Nonwoven Industry and their consumers, to share information & knowledge, to understand the market dynamics — existing and future and to thrash out the issues and come to conclusions that shall benefit the Industry as a whole.

Come and be part of this unmissable event: a unique opportunity to connect with nonwovens customers and suppliers from all over the globe.

Non Woven Carry Bag Material by Favourite Fab

The Non Woven Carry Bag Fabric at Favourite Fab comes with numerous varieties which are suitable for the customers:-

  • Strong fibres
  • Multi-colors
  • Colour-fastness
  • Fine Pattern
  • Top quality PP raw material
  • Various Roll size options

The above are some attributes of Favourite Fab’s Non Woven Bag Raw Material, you may have the price just with a call or mail. We respect your inquiry & each question you ask from us. Please hold water & purchase from market veteran, Favourite Fab. We make it Better!


Which Is The Largest Manufacturer Of Non Woven Fabric In India?

After serving more than 15 thousand customers, from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala, Gujarat to Nagaland, Favourite Fab feels proud to supply top grade non woven fabric as the largest manufacturer.

Which Industries Use Non Woven Fabric?

Packaging, Medical, Interlining, Agriculture, Furniture, Automobiles, geotextile are some major industries that use non woven fabric.

What Is The Market Size Of Non Woven?

The market size of non woven was 41.6 Billion US Dollars in 2021 & expected to reach 67.93 Billion USD by 2030 as per market report by GlobeNewswire.

How Is Non Woven Fabric Manufactured?

The pp non woven fabric is manufactured with polypropylene (PP) by Spunbond technology, which includes following major steps:-

  • Melting of PP granules
  • Filmanetations & Spinning 
  • A Web Sheet formation
  • Heat bonding & Embossing

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