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BrandFavourite FabMaterialPP
Gsm40 to 150PatternPlain
ColorALLQualityGood Quality

Some of the most familiar uses for home textile nonwoven are as follows:-
Curtains Backing
Underpaddings of carpet
Draper lining
Lamp Shading
Coat cover raw material
Mattress Covers
Pillow covers
Table Clots
Bed Sheets/Bedspreads
Upholstery Backing

The strengthful nonwovens are convenient to use, easier to apply, safer, and bad-odor less, also, these are smarter choices for modern houses.
Our All Product Is Certified With ISO,CE,FDA,NITRA


In Roll Form with Polyethylene & Raffia

What are the plus points of utilizing nonwoven in households?

The following are the plus points of utilizing nonwoven in households:-
Easier to modify with anti-static agents, softeners, and fragrancing agents
Fire retardant (FR)
Easier to cut, use laminate, processing.
Multicolor availability, printing options.
Stretching property
Long lastingness
Allergy free, anti-microbial
Fluid Retardent.
What are the Famous technologies used in home textile nonwovens?
PP spunbond textile
Spunlace technology

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Nonwoven fabric which is also famous as nonwoven cloth is a material that seems like cloth. It consists of short & long fibers of organic hydrocarbon compound polypropylene, these fabrics are bonded strongly with various methods & treatments, some of which are:-

  • Chemical treatment
  • Mechanical Treatment
  • Heating, or Solvent treatment

In simple saying, the textile is made with threads or minute yarns (fibers), & entangled without the weaving process, are kept under non woven cloth. In a few years of span, nonwovens are becoming the option of various traditional materials, polyurethane (PU) is one of them.

These days, nonwoven textiles are being used in a wide manner in the home. Nonwoven fabrics are flattened, porous, and made from separated fibers or melted plastic or fibers. They are not manufactured by the process of knitting or weaving, these are just spread randomly & pressed by the heating process. 

For these reasons, some of the fabrics are more useful, because of the filtering process, and strengthening of the fibers, these are best for various utilization in houses.

Some of the most familiar uses for home textile nonwoven are as follows:

  1. Curtains Backing
  2. Underpaddings of carpet
  3. Draper lining
  4. Lamp Shading
  5. Coat cover raw material
  6. Mattress Covers
  7. Pillow covers
  8. Table Clots
  9. Bed Sheets/Bedspreads
  10. Upholstery Backing

A typical spunbonding process of making spunbonded nonwoven fabric takes some components to produce the same.

Components that are being used to make spunbond fabric are polymer feed, an extruder, a mastering system, a spin-pack, a quenching system, etc. 

The nonwoven material manufactured using the spun bonding process is utilized in various applications. 

The utilization of spun bonding nonwoven is sustainably extending. There are numerous companies that provide the top-grade nonwoven fabric. 

In the upcoming future, the spun bond products usage is on its high pace & this would help serve the new markets which consist of the apparel industry, home textiles, automobiles, packaging, etc.

The home textile nonwoven fabric uses
Your Bed Room
  • Lamp shading
  • Bed lining
  • Blankets 
  • Blinds and Curtain backing
  • Carpet Backing
  • Pillow Covers/Bed Sheets
  • Mattress Covers
Your Dining Room
  • Floor Covering
  • Table Cloths
  • Underpaddings of carpet
Your Almirah
  • Non woven Almirah
  • Coat cover raw material

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