Use Of Nonwoven Fabric For Agriculture

Use Of Nonwoven Fabric For Agriculture

Technical textile goods used in agriculture, horticulture, fishery, and forestry are known as agro textiles, which are a part of Agro Products. Agrotextiles must have the following properties: strength, elongation, UV resistance, breathability, and resistance to harmful environments. All of these characteristics aid crop development and reduce crop and other food waste. In India, we have acquired a reputation for agriculture non-woven fabric manufacturer and selling a comprehensive range of agriculture non-woven fabric. Our clients can get a high-quality UV protection agriculture, PP Non-Woven Fabric for Agri Cover in Agra City from us, which is utilized to protect various crops from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Although agriculture nonwoven materials have been shown to aid crop protection, their use in India is still in its infancy. We believe this has the potential to be a game-changer for the horticulture sector, which is now unappealing to many Indian farmers due to the impact of harsh weather and large-scale insect infestations.

Favorite Fab, agriculture non-woven fabric suppliers are motivated by this reason and offer nonwoven goods that provide the desired crop cover protection in adverse weather conditions as well as from insects. Our products feature exact UV stabilization, UV blocker agriculture, which extends the life of our products in the field for the majority of the geographical zone.

These covers, which are widely used in agriculture non-woven fabric factories, assist clients in constructing efficient and low-cost greenhouses. These are thoroughly checked and tested, as well as meticulously constructed and analyzed, to ensure that our clients obtain a defect-free selection. The UV-resistant agriculture non-woven fabric from Favourite Fab has the following important advantages.

Product Information:

Item: Anti Frost Plant Cover PP Spunbonded Non-Woven Fabric
Material: pp
Width: customized (Max width: 20m)
Gsm: 9-120gsm, usually (13gsm, 15gsm, 17gsm, 19gsm, 21 gsm, etc.)
Color: Blue, white, or customized   UV%: 1%-5%
Package: Paper core inside, PE film outside or by the carton.   Delivery: 3-7 working days since deposit arrived.
Production Line: 3 machine lines  
  • Capacity to be both hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  • Sealability and heat control
  • UV Light Filtration is good (useful for greenhouses and other ways)
  • Moisture absorption with a wide range of options
  • Weed growth can be controlled with little or no hu chemical use.
  • Assisting in the moistening and loosening of the soil
  • Helps control ground heat and is highly adjustable.
  • By appropriately maintaining air permeability, you can help to avoid harm to the fruit and root.
  • Assisting in the enhancement of fertilizer effects and preventing their loss.
  • Our fabric is recyclable.
  • Assisting the management of insect infestations and, as a result, decreasing crop losses
  • Assisting in the prevention of overwatering of the seeds

To create these fabrics, our scientists spin strong materials into tiny filaments, which are then thermally bonded without the use of any binder agents. Crops and plants in agricultural and horticulture farms are completely protected by the textiles provided. They are well-known in the industry for being tear-resistant, UV-stabilized, and weather-resistant. These Non-Woven Fabrics for Agriculture are also accessible in customizable alternatives and come in great packing at market pricing.

High inputs of spun-bond fabric applications characterize an agricultural production system. These materials offer a small but significant amount of protection from cold and windy weather, as well as a high level of pest exclusion.

Initially, thin, light, transparent polythene sheets (perforated to allow excess heat and humidity to escape) were used, but problems with overheating and lack of insulation at night led to the widespread adoption of a non-woven (technically called spun-bonded) polypropylene ‘fleece,’ also known as horticultural fleece.

Nonwovens for greenhouses

Since its introduction, PET Spunbond for greenhouse interior screens has been recognized for its moisture absorption and weather resistance. A new version of this product is now available, with much better weather resistance and excellent UV radiation protection.


  • The weather resistance has been greatly increased over the previous version.
  • Supports the ability to retain heat.
  • Spunbond nonwovens are dimensionally stable, meaning they don’t expand or contract.
  • Moisture absorption is provided via the fiber structure.
  • Dewdrops on crops are prevented by proper water permeability.
  • Anti-ultraviolet treatment adds durability.

Nonwovens for seedlings & early-stage crops

Bottom watering mats made of PET Spunbond non-woven save labor in the irrigation of potted flowers and vegetables. The water supply and drainage performance of a double-layer structure built of blue and white nonwoven are improved, and algae are prevented. Spunbond nonwovens are also dimensionally stable and do not shrink when used.


  • This product can prevent root entry when applied with Black-colored PET Spunbond for raising immature crops.
  • Allows benches to be used efficiently regardless of the size of the pot.
  • Turning on the faucet is all it takes to start irrigating.
  • Germination of consistent size can be expected when this product is used in seedling rearing boxes.
  • Consistent irrigation ensures that seedlings grorw uniformly.

We are a prominent agriculture non-woven fabric factory of Laminated Fabric Rolls in the following ways:

  • The breadth of the laminated fabric roll will be determined by the needs of the customer.
  • Various customized GSM and laminated non-woven fabric widths will be produced in accordance with customer requests and confirmation.

Our internal quality control system ensures that each item supplied is of consistently high quality. With an identification code and a production batch, it ensures full traceability of the Nonwoven Filtration Fabric.

The continuing search for new types of filter materials, the close relationship we have with our suppliers, and the expertise of our Technical Sales Service enable us to grow and improve by continually expanding our customer base. Our Technical Production Department’s organization ensures that, upon delivery completion, all necessary paperwork is available to the customer:

  • Conformity certificates
  • Sheets of Technical Data


Crops are grown in nonwoven fabric for agriculture sprout and grow faster, reaching maturity sooner than uncovered plants. When plants are grown under non-woven material, overall yields and plant heights are higher, as well as leaf area and the number of leaves, when compared to non-covered plants.

Insect pests can be reduced by using non-woven cloth in agriculture; however, it can also cause damage to plants and shield them from low reversal, wind, and frost. It has a lot of favourable impacts on crops expansion.

In today’s setting of global population growth, the use of nonwoven fabric is one of the most promising possibilities. As a result, food safety is a major concern at home. Natural fibre consumption in material production is one of the possible sectors covered by the application for sustainable socio-economic development. The review’s main goal is to provide a synopsis of the importance of low tunnel nonwoven fabrics, as well as an outlook on UV-treated fabrics in the future.

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