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Agriculture Non Woven Fabric

Favourite Fab is The India Leading non woven interlining fabric manufacturer Used for Agricultural non woven fabric is used for building materials for the garden area, protective material for agriculture area, heavy rain, and overheating. The material make sure the optimal microclimate for the growth of plants and reduces periods of maturing. It is also used as for frost protection of fabric, weed control or line cover and ground cover. As the agricultural industry is not the most important user of non-woven, it is also nevertheless used for taking advantage of the technology. The utilization of technology in agriculture is increasing yearly. There are a number of reasons for this and firstly, more farmers are being made aware of many cost-effective benefits that non-woven technology can impart to farming and agriculture.

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As the agricultural industry is not the most important user of non-woven, it is also nevertheless used for taking advantage of the technology. The utilization of technology in agriculture is increasing yearly. There are a number of reasons for this and firstly, more farmers are being made aware of many cost-effective benefits that non-woven technology can impart to farming and agriculture.

These fibres are original products with special systematic designed for agricultural demands and perfect like insectides power, wind protection, frost cover fabric that is used for adjustment of weather from the changing of reversal and seasonal changes. Additionally, a common demand of fabric or material is for reducing the sun radiation also as thermal protection of plants as shade cloth, furthermore for preventing insect and other pests on crops, preventing soil drainage.

Demands of these result in agriculture have shown great positive impacts on the growth, production and protection of many crops and herbs. It covers by accelerating the expansion and development of seedlings also as their nutritive values. By preventing hemp growth and also insect protection, the use of insecticides and pesticides are reduced. Fabrics made from UV fibres are often considered as a possible candidate for replacing several of today’s popular synthetic material which is getting ecologically less acceptable nowadays.

Favourite Hub is a number one non-woven fabric manufacturer and exporter can be a pioneer and industry leader known for using new-age technology within the manufacturing of all types of Non-woven fabric staple and spunbond fabric. In addition, Favourite Group focuses on manufacturing of:

  • Non-woven fabric for 3ply mask
  • Face Mask
  • SMS fabric for surgical gowns
  • Non-woven fabric for disposable carry bags

As non-woven products are providing alternatives to more traditional ways of doing things, such as providing better protection for crops from the sun, especially during dry seasons, it is of best use. Thirdly, people are arising with ways to use non-woven in several settings, including agriculture.

There are many reasons why non-woven are ideally fitted for agricultural uses. They can, for instance, help improve productivity and efficiency in managing greenhouses, increasing crop yield, estimating labour needs, and, possibly, reducing the necessity for pesticides.

It is great about the non-woven product is that they are generally not one-size-fits-all, pre-made, come-in-uniform-bundles products and instead, they are state-of-the-art, custom-fit, and specifically tailored to tackle one job or need sort of product. Most people need to shopping to ascertain what products fit their needs. When it involves non-woven, though, it is the opposite way around. The agricultural industry finds a requirement or thinks of how to deal with a drag then they ask the non-woven industry to tailor-make something which will adequately address that require cost-effectively.

In most cases, those needs are met or still be met because the industry finds new ways to use non-woven technology. The non-woven industry has proposed an answer that the agricultural industry-accepted and ultimately put to good use. One of the characteristics that make non-woven very useful, if not indispensable, for the agricultural industry.

Types of UV Treated Non-woven Fabric:

  • Crop cover for protection
  • Frost or Heat protection in summers
  • Fruit Cover
  • Banana Cover

Agriculture Non Woven Fabric includes features like:

  • Heat control and seal-able
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic capacity
  • Can be excellent building material with graduated-to-need air permeability
  • Moisture absorption, within the amount/percentage needed
  • Good light especially useful for greenhouses and other ways
  • Some percent of UV protection capability
  • Suppression of weed growth without the usage of dangerous chemicals
  • Photosynthesis increment or reduction, as needed
  • It helps to stay heat lower to the ground i.e helping to extend or decrease the ground temperature, as needed
  • Helps to avoid damage to fruit and root by managing air permeability properly
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Works to reinforce the consequences of fertilizers; preventing loss thereof
  • Helps to scale back disease possibilities, like by not allowing an excessive amount of water to accumulate
  • It manages pest problems and, thus, reducing crop losses
  • Helping to stay the soil moist and loose
  • Helping to scale back the need for irrigation that probably is one of the most important costs for agriculture

Features of UV Treated Non-woven Fabric:

  • Creates a suitable microclimate for growth and development
  • Enables earlier seeding hence larger yields
  • Protecting the plants against insects and birds
  • Protection from hailstorms, frost, and heavy gusts of wind
  • More cushioning effect on the soil surface
  • Better gas exchange thus less suffocation to root
  • Reduction within the need for chemical treatment of plants
  • Used for off-season production
  • Better air/water and gas permeability
  • Can provide local atmospheric phenomenon


Herbs those are covered with non-woven fabric for agriculture germinate and grows faster, each earlier maturity than uncovered plants. The entire yields and plant heights are higher also as leaf areas and the number of leaves is greater when plants are grown under non-woven material compared to non-covered plants. The non-woven fabric used in agriculture can reduce insect pests and can also brings damage on herbs and protect herbs against low reversal, wind and frost. It has many positive impact on the expansion of herbs, but still consistent with it, it is some gloomy effects on dry matter and the chemical form of herbs. The control of plant covering with fabrics on dry matter and chemical form must be explored more, that too combining the right time concerning reversal, sort of material and type of coverage that includes direct-on-the plant or low tunnel non woven fabric.

Usage of non woven fabric is best as one of the growing options in today’s context regarding the rise in global population. Thus, food standards and at the same time growing home concern. Sustainable socio-economic development also considers natural fibre usage in material production altogether possible areas covered by the application. the most purpose of the review is to offer a summary and importance of low tunnel non woven fabric with an indication of UV treated fabric perspective in future.

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