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Comprehensive Non Woven Fabric Price List for 2024


Welcome to 2024, a year where non woven fabrics continue to revolutionize various industries with their innovation and sustainability. These materials are not just manufacturing essentials but are integral in our daily lives. This guide aims to demystify the pricing dynamics of non woven fabrics, providing you with a detailed price list and insights into the factors influencing these costs. Let’s navigate this market together with clarity and confidence.

Section 1: The Versatility of Non Woven Fabric
Non woven fabric is a marvel in modern manufacturing, blending staple and long fibres through various bonding processes. It boasts durability and adaptability, making it indispensable across multiple sectors. In medicine, it’s transformed into protective gowns and masks. The bag-making industry uses it for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Agriculturists appreciate its breathability for crop protection. In homes, it enhances mattresses and furniture with comfort and durability. In textiles, it adds structure as interlinings.

Section 2: Understanding Price Influences
The price of non woven fabrics closely ties to the cost of raw materials, especially Polypropylene (PP). Monitoring the market price of Reliance PP can provide insights into future cost trends. In India, PP price stability offers some protection against international market fluctuations, aiding in predictable pricing and strategic planning. However, seasonal trends indicate a likely price increase from November to June, influenced by demand cycles and manufacturing activity. Awareness of these trends is crucial for accurate budgeting and procurement planning.

Section 3:
The 2024 Non Woven Fabric Price List In this section, we delve into the specifics of the 2024 price list, highlighting popular GSM categories and specialized types. These prices, reflecting current market evaluations, are subject to change due to variable raw material costs, manufacturing advancements, and market demand.

  • 60 GSM Non Woven Fabric: Ideal for medical applications, disposable garments, and packaging.
  • 90 GSM Non Woven Fabric: Preferred for its durability in shopping bags, tote bags, and BOPP lamination.
  • BOPP Laminated Non Woven Fabric: Known for its glossy finish and waterproof properties, widely used in packaging and promotional materials.
  • Breathable Non Woven Fabric: Common in hygiene products and medical supplies, allowing air circulation while blocking liquids and particulates.
  • Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric: With its superior absorbency, this fabric is a top choice for diaper linings, wipes, and feminine hygiene products.
  • SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond): This composite fabric offers a balance of durability and filtration, making it ideal for surgical drapes, gowns, and masks.
  • Spunlace Non Woven Fabric: Valued for its resemblance to woven fabric, spunlace finds its place in higher-end disposable products and some durable applications like cleaning cloths.
  • Interlining Non Woven Fabric: A critical component in garment construction, interlining provides shape and support to clothing, especially in collars and cuffs.


What Is The Price Of Nonwoven Material?

The price for nonwoven material by Favourite Fab is 85 Rupees Per Kilogram.

Is Non-Woven Fabric Expensive? Or

Is Non Woven Fabric Expensive?

No, the non-woven fabric is cheaper than the normal cotton or polyester clothes available in the market. The price starts from 85 Rupees Per Kg onwards.

Which Is The Best Nonwoven Fabric?

The Breathable nonwoven fabric is the best fabric which provides the least suffocation & high filtration to doctors while operations.

Are Non-Woven Fabrics Cheap?

Yes, Non-woven fabrics, starting at 85 Rupees, offer affordability for manufacturing face masks, PPE kits, carry bags, and more.

What Is Non-Woven Fabric Good For?

Non-woven fabric is good for making surgical face masks, civilian face masks, doctors’ caps, gowns, shoe covers and grocery bags.

What Is The Gst Rate For Non-Woven Fabric?

The GST Rate for non-woven fabric is 12% in India.

What does non woven fiber cost?

The non woven fiber is available at the price of 85 Rupees Per Kilogram.

How Is Non Woven Fabric Made?

The manufacturing process of non woven fabric does not involve knitting or weaving, which is why it is called “Non Woven.

What Is The Market Size Of Non Woven?

According to Global News Wire, experts anticipate the non woven fabrics market size to reach USD 66.44 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.7%.

What Is The Hsn Code And Gst Rate For Non Woven Fabric?

The HSN code and GST Rate are 12% and 56031200 respectively.

What Is The Gsm Of Nonwoven Fabric?

The GSM of nonwoven fabric indicates its thickness, which you can calculate using a GSM Testing Machine or by following the manual method provided on our website.

What Is The Price Of 60 Gsm Fabric?

The price of 60 gsm fabric is 92 Rupees Per Kg which is the EXW price.

Conclusion: The non woven fabric industry is dynamic, responding to global market forces. Our 2024 price list is a tool for businesses and consumers, fostering transparency and aiding strategic planning. Whether in medical, agricultural, or textile industries, staying informed is key to smart purchasing.

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