Hydrophilic Non Woven fabric

Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric

Hydrophilic Non Woven fabric

 Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Nonwoven Fabric are available in bulk

we assure both- Quality & Quantity.

Gsm:-10-100|Size:-63 inch 

Standard Moq:-1000 Kg | Brand: Favourite Fab

BrandFavourite Fab
GSM10 to 100gsm
Usage/ApplicationBest for making baby diapers sanitary napkin and other Hygine use
Featuressoft,water absorbent,
Packaging SizeROLLS
NameHydrophilic Non woven
Weight50-60 KG
WidthAll size

Applications of Non Woven Fabric

  •  The Hydrophilic Non Woven is used in various fields, and it has been described below:-
  • In Medical Industry
  • In Pharmaceutical Industry
  • In Personal Hygiene products
  • As for wipes in beauty
  • In baby diapers & cleaning wipes
  • Nonwoven Raw Material for Baby Diapers 

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All about Hydrophilic Non Fabric

 What is hydrophilic non woven fabric?

 Hydrophilic Fabric Definition

 Favourite Fab Manufacture Hydrophilic Non Woven is the Non Woven that absorbs water actively. Hydrophilic is made up of two words- Hydro (=water) and philic (=loving). Thus such kind of Non Woven which absorbs the water actively is called Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric. 

Thus due to its property, it must be prepared by experienced hands; therefore, we at Favourite Fab promise you to provide the Best quality hydrophilic and hydrophobic non woven fabric.

 Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Non Woven Fabric 

 Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven Fabric are available in bulk; we assure both- Quality & Quantity. These fabrics are different from each other, and both have opposite kinds of properties. One Hydrophilic fabric is water lover, thus absorbs water quickly; on the other hand, the hydrophilic fabric has water repellent properties.  

    Features of Non Woven Fabric

  •  Our fabric has soft touch & light feeling
  • Brilliant water absorbency
  • Retardent to Chemicals
  • Skin Friendly Nature
  • Plain Non Woven Fabric          
  • Top Quality Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric                                                                                                                                                  
  • Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric for Hygiene                                                                   

 Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers In India 

 We at Favourite Fab are determined to fulfill the requirement of Non Woven Fabric. We are hydrophilic non woven fabric manufacturers in India.  

 We can avail hydrophobic fabric material. 

We are one of the leading SMMS fabric manufacturers in India  

There are many examples of Hydrophilic fabric examples

Product Description: 
NameHydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric
Brand NameFavourite Fab
HSN Code:56031111
Price CurrencyUSD
Aggregate ratings4.3
No. of ratings245
Highest Rating5


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These are described below-

  We are one of the largest manufacturers of non woven fabric in India With wide range Of Fabric

 We can avail hydrophilic and hydrophobic non woven fabric at the lowest price. The hydrophilic material is available in various Width sizes, GSMs & Colors.

 Hydrophilic Fabric Examples

 Some fibres are natural-made hydrophilic such as wool, cotton, & linen, but Hydrophilic Non Woven is a Hydrophilic artificial fabric.

 Types Of Hydrophilic Fabric / Hydrophilic Fabric Examples-

  •  SSS hydrophilic non woven fabric
  • SSS non-woven fabric 
  • SSS Hydrophilic Polypropylene
  •  Spunbonded Non Woven Fabric 
  •  Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric manufacturers & wholesalers Hydrophilic SSS Non Woven Fabric 
  • PP Spun Bond Non Woven Fabrics 

 Antistatic (AN) Non Woven Fabric, Antimicrobial Spun bond Non Woven Fabric, Hydrophobic Spun bond Non Woven Fabric, Extra Softy Non Woven Fabric.

 List of hydrophobic fabrics

 Antistatic (AN) Non Woven Fabric 

Antimicrobial Spun bond Non Woven Fabric,

 Hydrophobic Spun bond Non Woven Fabric,

 Extra Softy Non Woven Fabric.

 What material is non woven? (What is the non woven fabric?)

 Non Woven material is a type of artificial fabric made up of polypropylene (PP); it’s used in various industries- such as Medical, bag, agriculture etc.

 Our other high quality materials are –

Our quality is better than Non Woven Hydrophilic Fabric Manufacturer from Rajkot.                                         

 Many Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric Rolls Suppliers are following us.  

 List of non woven fabric manufacturers in India

 Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer; Favourite Fab

Favourite Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Non Woven Fabric

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 Can you name a type of fabric?

Non woven fabric is used in critical industries such as Medical, Bag & Agriculture etc.

Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric

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