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BrandFavourite FabMaterialPP
SizeUp to 126″Weight50-60
ColorALLQualityE.S Fresh

1. D cut Bags
2. W cut Bags
3. U cut Bags
4. Box Bags


E. S Fresh is one of our top five nonwoven bag fabrics being in demand these days.
Our All Product Is Certified With ISO,CE,FDA,NITRA


In Roll Form with Polyethylene & Raffia

Do you Provide Raw materials for non woven bags?
Yes, We Provide Non woven fabric Bag Raw Material For D-cut/W cut & box bags.
What Is Non woven fabric manufacturing process?
The manufacturing of pp nonwoven fabric is done with PP raw material which is melted & fibred to form a web-like structure which is called PP nonwoven.
Is Non Woven Bag Fabric Banned in India?
As per Plastic Waste Management Act, nonwoven fabric of less than 60 gsm was banned from 1 July 2022 for making nonwoven bags for some time.

Payment Terms: Payment terms and conditions require a 30% advance payment, with the remaining balance 70% at the time of dispatch.

All Modes of Payment Accepted 

Favourite Fab Bank Details 

A/c no50200058891058
IFSC Code HDFC0000121
Branch NameSanjay Place Agra 

Upi Id:favouritefruitpreser.62696185@hdfcbank

Terms and Conditions:Price Changes Every Week, the actual price may vary at the time of order 

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Pan India Delivery
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Why Choose Us?
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Pan India Delivery

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  1. “Amazing product! The quality is outstanding and the customer service is top-notch. Highly recommended!” – Mukesh Bansal

  2. “I love this company! The product arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.” – Vikas Khanna

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E.S Fresh Non Woven Fabric: Get The Latest Non Woven Bag Material Price In India

Having superior Non Woven Raw Material Prices is notable as it is important to decide during last-minute decisions. 

Here are given Non Woven Bag Material Details, the features of good bag material are:-

  • 100% recyclable
  • Flexible Fabric
  • Good absorbency
  • Multicolor options
  • Wide Range of Roll Sizes
  • Affordable price
  • Strong bond
  • Durable fabric

Many articles on our website would let you know about the Non Woven Fabric Roll Price List. The Non Woven Fabric Rate starts at 85 Rupees onwards, we sell the most competitive material in the market along with an international level of service.

For knowing your specified Non Woven Fabric Price Per Kg, you may directly call on our central no. +91-8800775462. 

Non Woven Bag Raw Material List

The customers like you made us the leader in the industry, we are there always in your thick and thin. 

You may have an eagle’s view over the Non Woven Fabric Raw Material List, which would give you a price review.

Name of the Fabric Price in INR & USD
20 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price 90 Rupees Per Kg & 1.20 USD Per Kg
60 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price 85 Rupees Per Kg & 1.10 USD Per Kg
50 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price 90 Rupees Per Kg & 1.15 USD Per Kg


Details of Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

There are several states served by Favourite Fab. We have supplied samples to over 10 thousand customers in each state of India & more than 300 districts. Please have a look at the number of sample kits supplied in the region:-

Title of Pp Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India Sample Supplied
Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Indore 20 to 80 gsm spunbond cloth
Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Haryana 60 gsm spunbond cloth
Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Maharashtra 120 gsm nonwoven cloth


The Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India is ready to serve the hike in demand which is being faced by the nonwoven industry. The industry is helping the healthcare sector, the most because of it disposable & cheaper features. 

During the whole manufacturing process, the quality assurance team checks each & every lot of material with a fine tooth comb so that they may supply the best quality material. Favourite Fab is a big producer & supplier of spunbond fabric. The products are manufactured using superior nonwoven cloth, with the state of the art technology, under a skillful team.

The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer Price In India varies from time to time & we maintain the hike & fall of polypropylene prices. This helps industry veterans to analyze the upcoming scenario. 

The entire range of fabrics is known in the market for its superior strength, perfection, amusing design, color-fastness & durability.


What Are Non Woven Bags Made Of?

The non woven bags are made of non-biodegradable polypropylene plastic. The polypropylene granules are melted & processed to make PP spunbond fabric.

How Is Non Woven Fabric Made?

Non Woven Fabric is made from long-short fibers which are processed to form a web structure. There are several methods today to manufacture nonwoven fabric, some of them are spunbond, spunlace, metlblown, air-laid, needle punch technology, etc.

How Many Non Woven Bags In 1 Kg?

There would be 144 bags in 1 Kg for 40 gsm nonwoven bags of size 9X12 inches. The weight of one bag in grams would be 6.9.


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