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Non Woven Fabric Raw Material

Although there are many producers and sellers of the raw material for making non woven fabric, Favourite Fab  is the company that the world turns to when it needs a non woven fabric maker. due to the quality of our products and our belief in business strategies.

We are Agra’s sole manufacturer of non woven fabrics. We are now India’s Best Manufacturer of Medical non woven Fabric. We are Uttar Pradesh’s Proudly top non woven fabric manufacturer. We are one of India’s top manufacturers of non woven fabrics.

You may get the best non woven raw material price in India from us. Simply speak with our sales team, and they will give you the best price on non woven fabrics of export quality. In Delhi or any other City, we will offer the lowest pricing per kilogram.

We have included a price chart for our main products below for your convenience. You can get in touch with us to receive a discounted price. Our Sales Team will provide the following discounts to you:


S. No. Material Starting Price
1 Non Woven Fabric  108/-
2 SMS Non Woven Fabric    130/-
3 Spun bond Fabric  110/-
4 D/W cut Bag Raw Material  90/-
5 Laminated Non Woven Fabric  120/-
6 Breathable Non Woven Fabric  150/-
7 Diapers And Sanitary Napkins Raw Material    100/-


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Non Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process


Non woven production consists of generating a fibrous web, entangling or connecting the web’s fibers to impart mechanical integrity and finishing/converting the fabric to impart customer-specified qualities. The production steps are-


  • Web-forming: Fibrous web features determine the final product’s physical qualities. Fibre length determines web-forming procedures. Initially, web creation from staple-length fibers was based on textile carding, whereas short fibers used a wet lay process similar to papermaking. Spun-laid methods produce a web directly from filaments as they exit an extruder.


  • Transforming: Finishing and converting are the last fabric procedures before delivery. Finishing includes coating and laminating, calendaring and embossing to impart surface properties, corona and plasma treatments to change fabric wetting properties, wet chemical treatments to impart anti-stat”, anti-microbial, flame retardant properties, etc. After completion, the fabric is trimmed to the customer’s width and rewound for shipment. Converting means changing.


Top Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer


Favourite Fab is the top non woven fabric manufacturer in India for Hygiene Applications. Favourite Fab manufactures, supplies, and exports SMS composite non woven fabric. We’ve been selling SMS non woven fabric for 5 years. SMS Non Woven fabric is extensively used in export, and Favourite Fab utilizes next-generation technology to make the best quality fabric for domestic and export.


Non Woven Fabric Specification and Examples


Raw materials used in non woven fabric can be either incredibly durable or single-use, limited-life materials, which is one of its most notable characteristics. In addition to this, non wovens have innumerable diverse properties such as super absorbency, resilience, liquid repellency, stretchability, strength, softness, flame retardancy, cushioning, washability, bacterial barriers, filtration, and sterility.

Non woven manufacturers can mix these features in an infinite number of ways to make goods with the unique, specific attributes desired or required by a client, typically at a very reasonable price.

Non woven Products for Medical and Healthcare Industries

  • Dressings
  • Packs
  • Sterile overwraps
  • Sterile packaging
  • Surgical drapes
  • Surgical gowns
  • Swabs
  • Under-pads


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Raw Material for Non Woven Fabric Wholesale


Our raw material used in non woven fabric rolls are offered in a range of specifications to accommodate our customers’ needs. The offered PP non woven fabric as raw materials is utilized extensively in the manufacture of non woven bags, different coverings, and sacks, among other products.

In addition, our rolls are subjected to a range of testing to guarantee that they meet industry standards and laws. Our raw material for non woven fabric wholesale is available in a range of colors and weights from 20 GSM to 150 GSM in widths of 1600 mm or as requested.


Non Woven Fabric Examples Specification


You may find out that we also offer our services in Himachal Pradesh; therefore, we can declare that we are a top non woven fabric manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh and the top non woven fabric manufacturer in Kala Amb.


Brand Favourite Fab
GSM 10 to 150 gsm
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Usage/Application In Medical, Bag, Agriculture Industry
Features Non Woven
Packaging Size ROLLS


There are numerous diverse types of non woven textiles with different properties; fiber selection, web formulation, bonding procedure, and the finishing technique can be altered to tailor the material’s properties to the intended application. Our non woven fabrics are utilized in a variety of industries, such as

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Filtration
  • Furnishings/Bedding
  • Geotextiles
  • Hygiene
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)


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Non Woven Fabric Raw Material Suppliers in India


According to the predicted market, PP non woven fabric as raw materials is the industry standard for extremely pleasant non wovens. It enables brand owners to confront reality by delivering exceptional barrier qualities and up to 15% higher fabric strength, which can be customized to fit the needs of diapers, wipes, adult incontinence, and feminine care products.


What is a Non Woven Fabric in Hindi


Non wovens (बगैर बुना हुआ कपड़ा) are porous, flexible materials composed of one or more fiber layers. The individual fibers may be either preferentially orientated in one direction or randomly placed.

Textile goods are formed by chemical, thermal, or mechanical bonding. Non wovens are predominantly flat constructions. After the second world war, this relatively young sector of the textile industry flourished tremendously due to the high production rates and resulting cost savings.


Brochure of Non Woven Fabric Pdf


The most obvious benefit of using a non woven material over regular fabrics is cost reduction. There were a few unsuccessful attempts to market disposable dresses in the late 1960s. Fabrics with improved drape, hand, durability, stretch and recovery are the outcome of recent research.

Therefore, it is currently widely used in the clothing sector for interlinings, clothing and glove insulation, bra, and shoulder padding components, and more. These improved qualities have forced us to set aside the preconceptions attached to this unique fabric and shift toward the modern idea.


What is the Non Woven Fabric Roll Price List in Kolkata?


Non woven fabric mask technologies are developing to create non wovens with never-before-seen qualities as raw material for making non woven fabric continues to be in high demand and more and more consumers become ecologically conscious.

Due to the increased demand for non woven materials like mask fabric and bags that are more environmentally friendly and are acknowledged as such, fiber providers are creating products to satisfy this demand.

The price of non woven fabric materials is used to make a vast array of goods, including apparel, footwear, and cleaning wipes. To strengthen the fleece into a fleece during this manufacturing process, a loop-knit structure is used in the chain.


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Raw Material Used for Non Woven Fabric


Non wovens are textile fabrics made of isolated fibers that are suitably structured using user-focused technologies. They are bonded to ensure the completed product’s usability.


The selection of fibers and possibly bonding materials is crucial. This has to do with fiber dimensions and fiber raw ingredients. As opposed to textile fabrics produced of yarn, they often contribute more to the development of the non wovens’ specialty. The bonding substances may also affect the non wovens’ quality.


What is the Raw Material for Non Woven Fabric Roll?


Non woven bonded textiles now encompass practically every type of extant fiber to some extent because the sector has grown so large. However, in some parts of this field, particular fiber kinds have taken over.


Top Non Woven Fabric Bag Raw Material Suppliers


We produce raw material for making non woven fabric and are the best maker of spunbond non woven fabric in the market. If you’re looking for non Woven Roll at Best Cost in India, our plant is designed for non woven fabric manufacturers.


We manufacture the most affordable raw woven fabric material for non woven bags. Favourite Fab  is the top non woven fabric manufacturer in Bhiwani and Delhi, as well as suppliers of spunbond fabric. maker of non woven fabric rolls Manufacturing company for non woven fabrics.


Looking for a high-quality non woven fabric manufacturer?

We are your go-to source for the finest and most well regarded non woven fabric suppliers. provider of non woven fabrics makers of polypropylene non woven fabrics. Favourite Fab is a renowned non woven fabric producer and exporter in India that makes use of our midsize infrastructural hubs.


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What is the Raw Material of Non Woven Fabric?


Polypropylene (PP) material pellets are the primary raw material for non woven fabric in India, which are created using a continuous one-step process that involves high-temperature melting, spinning, laying, and hot pressing.


Polypropylene (which accounts for 62% of the total), polyester (24% of the total), and viscose fiber (which accounts for 8% of the total) are the three main fibers used in the manufacture of non woven fabrics.


Viscose fiber was most frequently utilized in the manufacture of non woven fabrics between 1970 and 1985. However, over the last five years, medical textiles and sanitary absorbent materials have started to use polypropylene and polyester fiber more frequently.


Best Non Woven Fabric Raw Material Suppliers in India


We operate as though every effort would pay off. As a result, we are India’s leading supplier of raw material for making non woven fabric, and we welcome feedback from clients. We are cool about operating as an Indian supplier of raw material for making non woven fabric.


You can inquire about how many non woven bags in 1 kg or non woven raw material price in India as our customers agree with us. You’ll get a water container and a free sample kit from us. Therefore, place a request of non woven fabric roll raw materials NOW!


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Top Non Woven Fabric Raw Material Suppliers in Anand Gujarat


As a non woven fabric company situated in Agra, India, we are well known to our clients. We consider it a great honour to have served so many clients in India and throughout the world. Raw material used in non woven fabric are in high demand among non woven fabric suppliers In Anand Gujarat, non woven fabric suppliers in Odisha, and non woven fabric manufacturers in Uttrakhand.  Favourite Fab serves almost all states of India. We also received enquiries from Daman & Diu.


Our primary service area is in Anand, Gujarat. Because we are the manufacturer and not the provider, we ask our consumers to get in touch with us instead of paying the supplier a commission. Purchase straight from the supplier.


Many South Indian consumers visit us as well and are incredibly pleased when they view our high-quality fabric. We provide them our free sample kit till their doorstep. Our sir, Mr. Shubham Singh, works in our sample department and provides customers with high-quality service while keeping an eye on the sample till it is successfully delivered.





What material is non woven?

Non woven fabric is constructed from staple and continuous long fibers linked by chemical, mechanical, heat, or solvent treatment. The phrase refers to materials like felt that are neither woven nor knitted.


What is the raw material for non woven bags?

It’s made of soft, air-permeable spun-and-bonded polypropylene. Plastic non woven bags aren’t biodegradable. Machines distribute plastic rolls to make them.


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Non woven fabric vs woven fabric

In general, non wovens have higher flow rates and permittivity while wovens often have higher strength values. Starting with elongation is the simplest approach to tell the difference between the two materials. non wovens will elongate significantly more than woven.


What is the cost of non woven fabric raw material?

Raw material for making non woven fabric Bags, NS Fabrics, GSM: 15-200, Rs. 106 per kilogram | ID: 20396832073


Is non woven fabric durable?

Non wovens can be extremely durable or have a short lifespan for one application. non woven materials serve a variety of purposes, including sterility, bacterial barriers, resiliency, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, and liquid repellency.


What is cost of non woven fabric raw material suppliers?

It is dependent on the suppliers and their bargaining positions. The pricing of laminated non woven fabric is 120 rupees per kg, which is a competitive price. The price per kg for spunlace non woven fabric is 200 rupees. The price of polypropylene fabric, often known as PP fabric, is 100 INR per kg.


Is non woven fabric banned in India?

Recyclable non woven bags are available. As a result, non woven bags can be considered environmentally friendly. Spunbond polypropylene fabrics are more environmentally friendly than plastic products and cause no harm to the environment. As a result, all of the issues have been resolved regarding non woven material and its usage.


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Where to find wholesale suppliers of the raw material of Non woven fabric near me?

Numerous non woven products are created using non woven fabric. Favourite Fab, a non woven cloth manufacturer, offers raw material for non woven fabric wholesale. We are one of the non woven fabric manufacturers in Tamil Nadu and suppliers, and non woven raw material prices in India.


How non woven fabrics made in a factory?

Web laying and web bonding are done by two sequential machines in non woven manufacturing. non woven formation involves web creation and bonding.

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