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Non Woven Fabric Price Per Kg

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On Time Delivery, Sales Team Coordination, Sample Tracking & Dispatchment Process & Fast PI/Quotation. The Non Woven Fabric Roll Price List can be easily availed in this blog. Our material properties are better than others Not only the material specifications but also the service  such as on time delivery, sales team coordination, sample tracking & dispatchment process & Fast PI/Quotation are our special features. 

Name of the FabricYour Best Price.
70 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price100 INR per Kg
20 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price95 INR per Kg
60 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price105 INR per Kg
Laminated Non Woven Fabric Roll Price115 INR per Kg
SMS Non Woven Fabric Roll Price130 INR per Kg
Breathable Non Woven Fabric Roll Price150 INR per Kg

Many people asks us the 70 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price for Myanmar so we included this fabric price in the given price list. We provided List Of Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers In India in many blogs, here too, we are giving the list. Our fabric quality can be measured by any way let as said in this idiom “Acid Test”

SMS Non Woven Fabric better than Bhiwani
BFE 99 % Face Mask Fabric
Manufacturer of Non Woven Fabric at Mathura
Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Nigeria
Gown Raw Material in Tunisia
Bag Non Woven Fabric in Botswana

We assuage the query of our clients by providing all the details of Non Woven Fabric (Non Woven Fabric in Maldives). We are adamant to serve the clients.

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Why Our Fabric is different from others.

Some of best features are these:-

  • Smoothness, 
  • Likeness,
  • Strong Bond Fibers etc. 
  • Gsm: 10-120
  • Features:  Hygienic, soft etc
  • 126 inch Shaft
  • Size 126” Shaft
  • Packaging: RAFFIA PACK ROLL

We wrote blog on “Non Woven Fabric Price Per Kg Near Uttar Pradesh”,  for the convenient of our clients. Even we have written blog on the heading Non Woven Fabric Price Per Kg Near Agra, Uttar Pradesh

BrandFavourite Fab
GSM30 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price
MaterialNon Woven Fabric For Nepal
Usage/ApplicationIn Medical, Bag Industry
FeaturesEvenness, High Tearless, Fine Pattern
Packaging SizeROLLS
Price Get Your Best Price
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In Medical Industry, Non Woven Fabric in Bhutan is used in making SurgicalGown,Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper,Sanitary BedSheet,etc

In Bag Industry, the fabric is used in making the D cut W cut Non Woven fabric.

In Mattress Indsutry, used in making Bed, Furniture products.

In Agriculture Industry, used in making Crop Cover & Agriculture covering etc. 

Name20 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price for Bangladesh 
Weight30-50 KG Or More
WidthAll Sizes
ColorWhite, Blue, Red Or As Required
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Best Non Woven Fabric in Asia

We Are Glad To Write That We Are Fulfilling Gap Of Supply & Demand In The Nonwoven Fabric

By coming at this position where we are open to serve any country of the World, we are glad to write that we are fulfilling gap of supply & demand in the NonWoven Fabric, this thing give us immense pleasure. You can search the Non Woven Fabric in Vietnam, SMS Non Woven Fabric in Mongolia. & Breathale Non Woven Fabric in Iran, Meltblown fabric in Indonesia.


What is non woven fabric raw material?

Non Woven Fabric Raw Material is a type of artificial fabric which made up of Polypropylene (PP). Due to its cheapness & some other important properties (such as filtration, fabric strength, low weight etc.) it’s widely used in Medical, Bag, Mattress & Agriculture Industry.

What are the non woven fabric examples?

The Non Woven Fabric Examples are Spunbond Non Woven Fabric, Meltblown Non Woven Fabric, Spunlace Non Woven Fabric etc. 

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What is the non woven fabric meaning in Hindi? 

नॉन वूवन फैब्रिक (बगैर बुना हुआ कपड़ा ) क्या है ?

नॉन वूवन फैब्रिक (बगैर बुना हुआ कपड़ा ), एक कृत्रिम फैब्रिक है जो पोलीप्रोपलीन  (पीपी) से बनाया जाता है. इसका उपयोग चिकित्सा, नॉन वूवन के थैले, कृषि में फसलो के कवर आदि बनाने में प्रमुखता से किया जाता है

Who is non woven fabric manufacturer?

The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer is such manufacturer who manufactures the Non Woven fabric. If you are searching for the best service providing, on time delivery giving Non Woven Fabric Manufacture. You are right place. Visit our website & order us. 

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