Spunlace Non woven

Spunlace non woven fabric

Spunlace nonwoven

Spunlace nonwoven viscose&polyester Material is made from high-quality viscose and polyester fibre with advanced hydroentangle technology designed with the feature of excellent liquid absorbent, durable, tough grime clean capacity, and SGS proved food contact grade.

Our Material has the following properties:-

Material Features

  • Our Nonwoven Spunlace fabric is stretchable, and its original characteristics do not affect it.
  • Its Appearance & texture is somewhat like traditional textile, and it’s different than other Non-Woven Material such as SMS, Face Mask Raw Material etc.
  • It has Higher Strength and Lower Fuzziness.
  • Better Air Permeability
  • Our Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric has Low Lint.

Product Details


Favourite Fab


20 to 100 gsm


viscose & Polyester


Wet Wipe

Dry hair towel

Facial wash towel


Recylable, Dust Resist, Anti Bacteria,  

Low Lint,  High Absorbency,Soft and Skin-Friendly

Packaging Size





Poly Propylene


60-70 kg











Applications of Spunlace Non Woven Fabric (Spunlace Fabric Uses)

The Spunlace Non Woven Fabric is used in:-

Spunlace products & Spunlace material are described below:-

  • Wet Wipes (Baby Wipes) Spunlace non woven fabric for wet wipes, Spunlace wipes
  • Towel & Wet and dry tissues
  • Personal & Beauty (cosmetic cotton)
  • Mask Covering Material. Spunlacenon woven Fabric for the mask can be formed with this.
  • Medical Dressing Material,
  • Medical Curtains,
  • Surgical Cover Cloth,
  • Surgical Clothing
  • Wound Dressing & Medical Gauze,
  • Instruments & Meters High-Grade Dishcloth
  • Disposable Material


We Have Great Range Of Spun-lace Fabric

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Spunlace is widely used in wet wipes, personal, Beauty, industrial, medical wipes etc.We are well known Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer for Wet Wipes of Spunlace NonWoven. We can also avail Spunlacenon woven adhesive roll.

Know more About Spunlace

Favourite Fab is starving to present our customers the valuable information regarding the Non Woven Industry. We have gone down to business for our customers. As we are following our motto, “Trust founded upon the strong pillars of Transparency”. We are one of the Best spunlace manufacturers in India. Many Organizations recognized us as an A1 non woven spunlace fabric manufacturer in India. In other words, we can say we are most promising among Spunlace non woven fabric manufacturers in India.

This time, we are with an informative article on Spunlace Non Woven manufacturers in India. So, Hang tight to move towards the article dedicated to Spunlace Fabric Manufacturers in India or Abroad.

Spunlace procedure is a Manufacturing System of Non Wovens that is performed with water jets to entangle fibres & thus we got fabric integrity. Spunlace Method is also called Hydroentangling Method.

Spun-lace is in a single phrase is made up of different fibres, one type of Fabric of Non Woven category. We are expired with spunlace nonwoven Wikipedia. You will find here many glimpses of Spunlace Non Woven Manufacturing India.

We can describe this Method in some simple steps: –

Spunlace Fabric Manufacturing Process.

(How to make Spunlace Fabric.)

Favourite Fab is Spunlace Technology or Spunlace NonWoven Technology.

  1. Fibres are organized by carding method.
  2. Prepare a dry-laid net or web
  3. Entangled staple fibres by a high pressurized liquid stream.
  4. Send under Special in-line system
  5. Dry & wind sheets in a roll

The above described Spunlace NonWoven Manufacturing Process is simple steps of spunlace non woven Production.

Spunlace Fabric is of various types based on the percentage of Viscose & Polyester. It can be made up of 100 % Polyester. Spunlace is called Polyester Spunlace. or from 20% Viscose / 80 % Polyester, or 30 % Viscose / 70 % Polyester or 50/ 50 % or can be formed according to the customers demand. We can avail Spunlace Non Woven Polyester Antistatic Material.

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Export Quality Fabric

Our Non Woven Fabric is of exportable quality, can be represented to the World. We, proudly, gathered this achievement. Our Spunlace Fabric is ISO 2015:9001 certified. We also got a certificate from the United States Food and Drug Research Association (US FDA). That was high time when we got certified from CE.

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  • Appearance
  • High and Fast Absorbency of Moisture, Hydrophilicity
  • Soft and skin-friendly
  • The adhesive is not required for reinforcement.
  • Washing Resistance
  • Fine Fibres

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Our R & D Centre

Our Company has a devoted R&D Centre, which has two branches- one is for the finding & improving any shortcomings from the side of Factory. It focuses mainly on more improving the quality of the Fabric by its state of the art technology. Recommend the new type of features, methods, techniques for the Company.

On the other hand, the second branch of the R&D centre focuses only on Overall Management, such as any shortcomings in the processing of dispatched Material (to Customer), any shortcomings in the coordination of various departments, shortcomings in Coordination of Sales team with customers. And it gives important suggestions for improvement.

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