Wet Wipes Raw Material

Wet Wipes Raw Material

Wet Wipes Raw Material

The spunlace fabric name is derived from its manufacturing technique which is the “spunlace process.” In the spunlace process, the jets of water help in entangling the fibers, also known as hydroentangling process. This gives the spunlace fabric integrity & pattern.

The wet wipes’ raw material is spunlace fabric. The spunlace fabric is manufactured with different types of material as given below:-

  • Viscose or Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Wood Pulp
  • Cotton
  • Or their Mixing

The usual & current popular material which is being used is viscose & polyester. This is because it is cost-effective & has all desirable properties.

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Viscose provides the following properties to spunlace; It is a Biodegradable Wet Wipes. Raw Material Used:-

  • Good Strength
  • Good Absorbency
  • Biodegradability
  • No Pilling
  • Easier Cleaning

Polyester provides the following properties to Spunalce fabric:-

  1. Long Lastness
  2. Higher Elasticity
  3. Lower Cost
  4. Better Elasticity
  5. Moulding Property

Uses of Spunlace Non Woven Fabric

The spunlace fabric is used in making various kinds of products of daily life & hygienic sector:-

  1. Raw Material Used In Wet Wipes in UAE
  2. Spunlace fabric for facial wipes
  3. Spunlace fabric for baby wipes
  4. Makeup Remover Wipes
  5. Salon Towel Wipes
  6. Nail Polish Remover Wipes
  7. Saintising Pads
  8. Alcoholic Wipes Raw Material in United Arab Emirates.

Year by year, many uses are going to be there.               

Raw Material of Wet Wipes Test Method

The Wet Wipes Are Made Of the best quality spunlace fabric. Our spunlace fabric is

  1. Prepared in sanitised environment,
  2. With hygienic hands, proper packaging,
  3. Away from bacteria, viruses,
  4. Having customisable properties such as absorbency, pattern
  5. Desired MoQ

You may perform the Wet Wipes Testing on the wet wipe, which is made with our spunlace fabric.

We are based in Agra, Runakata Industrial Area & provide the export quality Raw Material Of Wet Wipes.

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Wet Wipes Raw Material For Sale

The cost of Non Woven Fabric For Wet Wipes depends on the

  1. Weight of the fabric (its GSM),
  2. The blend of the fibre,
  3. Its Pattern
  4. Method of Lapping.

There is different application of Wipes Fabric for making:-

  • Alcoholic wipes
  • Kitchen wipes
  • Cosmetic Wipes Raw Material
  • Disinfectant Wipes Raw Material

All the wipes require different types of specifications for spunlace fabric. Some require higher absorbency, and some lesser competitive costs.

Favourite Fab gives you the best cost of spunlace fabric. We currently have Raw Material For Wet Wipes For Sale.

We have an all-India & World network of customers that are satisfied & purchase material from us continuously. Progressively we shall begin to provide Wet Wipes Raw Material in the United States soon. You may book your material at this time. This for avoiding the delay in your Wet Wipes Material production.

Specifications of Baby Wipes Raw Materials

We deal in 40 HQ (40 feet) & 20 HQ (20 feet) quantities. You may ask about the quantity which can be fulfilled in your container.

GSM:35 to 80
Material:Viscose & Polyester
Usage/Application:Medical, Hygiene Industry
Type of Bonding:Hydro-entangle Process
Packaging:Shrink & Raffia Packing
Spunlace Fabric for UAE 
NameSpunlace Non Woven Fabric in Saudi Arabia
CompositionViscose (Rayon) & Polyester
Slit Width3200 mm or as desired
ColourWhite Or As Required
PatternPlain or Specific
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)1000kg
Diameter of RollTill 4800 mm
Embossing MethodHydro-Embossing
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Raw Material Wet Wipes In Usa

Are you wondering & searching for the Wet Wipes Raw Materials in the United States of America. You do not have to think anymore.

We are Favourite Fab, we provide the spunlace fabric with these features:-

Wipes Material Blend30% Viscose & 70% Polyester
Roll Width120 to 3200 mm
Delivery Time2-5 days
Roll Length800 to 4800 mm
MOQ1000 KG
Gsm35-80 gsm

Baby Wipes Raw Material

We sell the material with TT, TP, LC method of payment. We take the token amount & produce the material.

SnMaterial NameFeatures
1Breathable Spunlace NonwovenBreathability
250%Viscose + 50% Polyester SpunlaceSuperb Absorbency
340%Viscose + 60% Polyester SpunlaceMedium Absorbency
430%Viscose + 70% Polyester SpunlaceNormal Absorbency
520%Viscose + 80% Polyester Spunlace FabricDurability
610%Viscose + 90% Polyester SpunlaceGood Durability
7100% Polyester SpunlaceHigher Durability

The Wet Wipes are Made Of good spunlace with higher absorbency at a reasonable cost if you put the inquiry to us & get back the price.

If you want to know the freight cost of the containers to your location for the Raw Material For Wet Wipes, feel free to contact us at +91 8532872085. You shall get back the reply within 24 hrs.

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What Are Wipes Made Of?

The wipes are made of spunlace fabric. We have the best viscose & polyester spunlace fabric. Some are made with cotton and wood pulp too.

Why Is Viscose Rayon Used In Kitchen Wipes?

Viscose rayon is used in kitchen wipes due to its higher absorbency. The fresh quality spunlace fabric, which is made of viscose rayon, must be used for the best kitchen wipes.

What Are Wet Wipes Made Of?

Our wipes are made of spunlace fabric. The spunlace fabric is made up of viscose (rayon), polyester, cotton, wood pulp, etc.

What Material Is Used To Make Wet Wipes?

Thespunlace fabric with a blend 30 % viscose & 70 % polyester is used to make the wet wipes.

What Material Are Wet Wipes Made Of?

The 30 % viscose & 70 % polyester spunlace fabric is the material used to make the wet wipes.

How It’s Made Wet Wipes?

The wet wipes are made with spunlace fabric of blend 70/30 PV.

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