How to Track Your Order At Favourite Fab?

Order Tracking Article by Favourite Fab

In this article, we will inform you of the easy steps to track your order at Favourite Fab, a leading non woven fabric manufacturer.


The order tracking blog is the blog that provides real-time tracking of your order online. Here is a portal of “Favourite Fab” where you can check the tracking. It can be checked through this link:- Order Tracking Online.

You have to put just two things to track non woven fabric order:-

  1. Your Order ID
  2. Your Mobile No.

Let us know what the reason behind creating this portal was:-

Our CEO Mr. Gaurav Garg is a very creative & farsighted person who observes each & every activity of the team. Around two years ago, he saw that sales executives & production department had to report the status of a customer’s order over the phone or by message. If the customer wants updates, the only way is to message/mail, or call.

Thus our CEO planned to bring an order-tracking facility to Favourite Fab. This step brought a smile to the customer’s face & increased the team’s productivity.

Why Choose Favourite Fab

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How to Track your Order Online

You may go through your order tracking in just three steps:-

 Reaching Order Tracking Portal

  • Just Type Google “Favourite Fab
  • Click on the Top Most Result (The official Website:-
  • On the Top Right Corner, You will See A Yellow Tab, Track Order Online

Entering Data

  • Put Your Order ID*(This will be given to you after filling the order form by Whatsapp & Email)
*The Order ID will be given to you after filling out the order form by Whatsapp & Email. e.g. FAV-978.#The Mobile number is the same one you gave our team for filling out a form or an order form. Please do not put +91 or 0 before your number. Please note that our team asks you for the details to fill out the order form, or you may also fill it out through the form link provided by our team. 
  • The Mobile No.# is which you gave while filling Order Form
  • Hit the Track Order Button

Tracking Your Order

  • Several steps are given, like Order Confirmed, Payment Confirmed, Material in Production; Document is Ready, Etc. 
  • You may Download Your Final Invoice, Packaging List, and Bilty (Lawry Receipt) 
  • After the Material is Dispatched Successfully, Transport or Driver’s Mobile No will be shown. 
  • You may See Our Step by Step Instruction Video “How to Track Your Order at Favourite Fab on Youtube.”
  • If you still have Any Query You may Email Us at or Call or Whatsapp us at +91 79833 83278
Why Choose Favourite Fab

Get Free Sample Kit Of Our Fabric At Your Door Step

  • Online Order
  • Door Delivery
  • 1-Click Quotation

The Plus Points for You when You Track:-

  • You do not need to take stress regarding your order.
  • You would get an Invoice, Packaging List, Lorry Receipt, and Driver’s number. At one portal.
  • You may know how many days it would take to produce your material.
  • You may know, “how much advance & balance amount is confirmed?”
  • You may know “the Material Dispatch Status?


I hope you got the sneak peek of how to track your order in this article. Favourite Fab always fights tooth & nail to resolve any glitches in serving you better. We have been working for you since 2011. 

We keep in mind our goal to “incorporate the industry’s latest technology & top most business practices.” & vision “to manufacture the export level quality at more competitive prices for the benefit of the customer” Many times, Favourite Fab acne stole from the industry. Our cap has ISO, GMP, FDA & NITRA-like top-level certificates. We always focus on our motto, “We make it Better👍!”

Picture of Gaurav Garg (Ceo)

Gaurav Garg (Ceo)

I'm Gaurav Garg, the CEO of Favourite Fab, a company on a mission to revolutionize the nonwoven industry with sustainable practices. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to eco-friendly production processes. With a deep interest in textile innovation, I'm passionate about educating consumers about sustainable material options, and their potential to transform the Non woven landscape.

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