Baby Wipes Raw Materials

Baby Wipes Raw Materials

Baby Wipes Raw Materials

The baby wipes raw material is spunlace fabric. Spunlace fabric is of many kinds; some are made up of cotton, PP, polyester & viscose, wood pulp, etc. the current & usual fabric which is used for making the baby wipes is spunlace fabric made up of viscose & polyester.

We have a variety of spunlace fabrics with different blends:-

100 % Polyester

90 % Polyester & 10 % Viscose

80 % Polyester & 20 % Viscose

70 % Polyester & 30 % Viscose

60 % Polyester & 40 % Viscose

50 % Polyester & 50 % Viscose

100 % Viscose

The Wet Wipes Raw Material For Sale is currently going on. The price depends on the quantity, blend & pattern of the spunlace.

The Non Woven Fabric For Wet Wipes, which is spunlace fabric, is available in three patterns to us.:-

  1. Plain Pattern
  2. Embossed Pattern
  3. Aperture Pattern

The Minimum Order Quantity for plain spunlace 70/30 PV is 1000 kilograms for other blends & patterns; the minimum order quantity is 5000 kilograms.

We provide our spunlace fabric in United Arab Emirates.

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Specifications Wet Wipes Material In Uae

The Baby Wipes Raw Materials specifications are given below as per the various blends. The price for Wet Wipes Raw Material and baby wipes raw material- spunlace depends on blend, pattern, and quantity.

Roll Diameter RangePlain/Aperture/Embossed
Wipes Material Blend50% Viscose & 50% Polyester
Roll Width120 to 3200 mm
Delivery Time2-5 days
Width Range For Wet Wipes (MM)150 to 300 MM
Roll Running Length2700 square metre in 1000 mm dia roll
Gsm35-80 gsm
Roll Diameter Range800 MM to 4800 MM
MOQ for Plain Fabric1000 KG
MOQ for Aperture Fabric5000 KG
MOQ for Embossed Fabric5000 KG
Core Size3 Inch

Our Founder is Mr. R N Garg, who served the company with his higher level of spirit & skills. He worked to bring the Favourite Fab to a high level of stage.

GSM:35 to 80
Material:Viscose & Polyester
Usage/Application:Medical, Hygiene Industry
Type of Bonding:Hydro-entangle Process
Packaging:Shrink & Raffia Packing
Spunlace Fabric for UAE 
NameSpunlace Non Woven Fabric in Saudi Arabia
CompositionViscose (Rayon) & Polyester
Slit Width3200 mm or as desired
ColourWhite Or As Required
PatternPlain or Specific
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)1000kg
Diameter of RollTill 4800 mm
Embossing MethodHydro-Embossing

Baby Wipes Raw Material Uses

The raw material for making baby wipes is spunlace fabric. The spunlace fabric is available in various blends & GSMs. Spunlace is used as:-

  • Baby Wipes Raw Material
  • Wet Wipes Raw Materials
  • Salon Towels Raw Material
  • Facial Wipes Raw Material
  • Raw Material for Make Removal Wipes
  • Raw Material for Nail Polish Remover wipes
  • Raw Materials For Wet Wipes
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What Material Is Used To Make Baby Wipes?

Usually, spunlace fabric made up of viscose & polyester is used to make baby wipes.

What Is Baby Wipes Made Of?

The baby wipes are made of spunlace fabric. Spunlace fabric is a such fabric that is prepared in hydroentangling process.

What Makes Baby Wipes Wet?

Putting Alcohol solution (spirit) makes baby wipes wet.

What Are Wipes Made Of?

The Wipes are made of spunlace fabric.

What Are Huggies Baby Wipes Made Of?

Huggies baby wipes are made of 50% viscose & 50 % polyester spunlace fabric.

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