Premier Non Woven Fabric Manufactuer In Faizabad

Non Woven Fabric Manufactuer In Faizabad
Premier Non Woven Fabric Manufactuer In Faizabad

Faizabad, a city nestled in the sacred district of Ayodhya, boasts a rich cultural tapestry. The significance of “Ayodhya,” denoting invincibility, resonates deeply within its bounds. Revered as a religious hub for Buddhism, Jainism, and the majority of Hinduism, this district and its city hold a special place in the hearts of many. Ayodhya particularly shines as the abode of Lord Shri Ram. Situated alongside the serene banks of the Sarayu River, it is also renowned for its thriving industries, including the flourishing community of Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers In Faizabad.

Giving a good account of the efforts, the textile industry is being flourished in this pilgrim’s city. One of the most modern materials in the textile industry is Non-Woven Cloth

Non Woven Fabric Manufactuer In Faizabad, Nonwoven cloth is a fabric that is not woven or knitted but made via short-long fibers. There are various technologies to manufacture nonwoven cloth, such as:- Spunbond, spun lace, melt-blown, hot air, etc.

Now here is the question how Favourite Fab may help you in the textile industry? So I am going to tell you about the top features of the material manufactured by Favourite Fab.

Let us back to the salt mines

NameNon Woven Fabric
CompositionPolypropylene (PP)
Weight of A Roll40-80 KG or As Per Order
Width of A Roll63” & All sizes
ColourBlack, Ivory, Red, M. Blue Or As Per Order
CertificatesISO, GMP, FDA, NITRA, CE
MOQ1000 kg (1 Ton)
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BrandFavourite Fab
GSM40 gsm or As Per Order
MaterialNon Woven Fabric
CompositionPolypropylene (PP)
Usage/ApplicationIn the Medical, Bag, Agriculture, and Mattress Industry
FeaturesStrong FibresFine PatternDurableManufactured Untouched
Packaging In ROLLS, wrapped with Shrink + Raffia
Price110 Rupees Per KG 
Who is a Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer Near Me Ayodhya?

There are numerous manufacturers in the nonwoven industry that are manufacturing various nonwoven. 

The most famous kind of nonwoven fabric is pp spunbond nonwoven which is manufactured using spunbond technology.

Favourite Fab which is a registered brand & subsidiary of Favourite Fruit Preservation Private Limited is producing superior quality nonwoven cloth for making bags, face masks, medical equipment, ppe kits, furniture interlining material, agriculture shednets, etc.

Favourite Fab is providing enthusiastic people of the industry, the top grade non woven fabric using subopnded & spunlace technology.

Favourite Fab is Best Quality Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Faizabad Near Me.

Get to Know More About Non Woven Fabric In Faizabad

Making no bones, let us discuss the features of the nonwoven manufactured by Favourite Fab & also Non Woven Fabric Price.

Favourite Fab manufactures such kind of raw material which is one of the best raw materials of Top Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers.

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The fabric which is being manufactured is laden with various features which are related to other industries-

For the packaging industry, here are the special features of nonwoven cloth:-

  • Strenghful fabric
  • Multicolor options
  • Superior printing nonwoven
  • With a Minimum order quantity of 1 ton

Medical industry nonwoven is featured with the following virtues:-

  • Hygienic fabric
  • Untouched manufacturing
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
  • Superior quality material.

Here are the price details of the nonwoven fabric:-

Name of the fabricPrice per Kg EXW
Standard Non Woven by Non Woven Fabric Supplier In Faizabad100 Rupees
N Fresh Fabric by Faizabad Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer95 INR
Best & Low Price Non Woven Fabric85 Rupees Per Kg
Who is Ayodhya Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer Best Quality?
Finding superior quality nonwoven is not a hard nut to crack. What are the facilities which are required by a buyer? 
The business owner just requires a few features-
  • On-time delivery,
  • Required quality material,
  • Status of the material
  • Good Response
Why Choose Favourite Fab

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These are the things that keep happy a customer & satisfied.
Favourite Fab is a Non Woven Fabric Wholesaler In Ayodhya Best Quality
who is dedicated to supplying such kind of fabric along with the above features.
In addition, there is a live WhatsApp chat facility, updated pp price alert, ontime color running update, and all technical certificates facility. 
Find here the details about the samples by Export Quality Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer supplied in Ayodhya:-
Name of the FabricLocations
60 gsm bag nonwovensFaizabad, Uttar Pradesh 224001
120 gsm pp spun bond clothNaya Ghat
40 gsm nonwoven cloth by Non Woven Fabric Wholesaler In FaizabadRajendra Nagar
Hygienic SMS fabric by Non Woven Fabric  Supplier In  Ayodhya Best QualityChowk
Anti-static SSMMS fabricAyodhya Colony
Packaging nonwoven spunbond clothNirmal Chhaya
PPE kit Fabric Non Woven For Hospital Manufacturers – In FaizabadSaket Nagar
Bag Low Price Non Woven Fabric  Best QualityIndira Nagar
Interlining 40 gsm pp spunbonded fabricRamkatha Park
Laminated nonwoven fabricSubhash Nagar
Standard quality nonwovenPurani Bazar
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Get the contact Details of Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Uttar Pradesh

If you are keen to know about the supplier of pp spunbond nonwoven cloth, you may call us at +91 8800775462, or even message us on WhatsApp. For emailing feel free to contact on

Favourite Fab is going to be one of the leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Ayodhya for the Best Quality fabric.

In conclusion, I am with the hope that the nonwoven fabric would contribute to the good future of Ayodhya city & would keep the city clean, and healthy by serving it.

I hope you liked this article & came to know about Favourite Fab, one of the 

Top Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers. 

Features of Export Quality Non Woven Fabric 

Price as well as contact details, I am curious to know your inquiries regarding this blog & nonwoven textiles.

Thanks for reading. We make it Better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Biggest Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India?

Favourite Fab is the biggest nonwoven fabric manufacturer in the industry, serving more than 13, 546 customers, producing more than 4,500 tons of material per year & serving 45 countries of the world.

How Do You Manufacture Non Woven Fabrics?

Non Woven Fabric Manufactuer In Faizabad, using a process which is other than weaving or knitting. The pp spunbond fabric is made using polypropylene as raw material.

Why Choose Favourite Fab

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Which Country Is The Biggest Producer Of Non Woven Textiles?

India is going to be the biggest producer of nonwoven textiles, competing with China.

Is Non Woven Fabric Expensive?

No, non-woven fabric is not expensive, In contradiction, it is cheaper than other traditional fabrics.

The cloth is of single-use often but has a higher capacity for filtration & multi-color options along with strong bonding.

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