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Sms non woven Fabric Application and Specification

Strong uniform structure Basis weight as low as 8gsm and as high as 80gsm Right balance of softness and strength Multiple treatments for hydrophobicity, and anti-static properties Excellent barrier properties for Liquids and Particles Available in multiple colors

Surgical Gowns are used in the medical and hygiene industry. Coveralls and PPE Kits, Feminine Care, Face Masks and Hospital Disposables, etc. Medical – Gowns, Coveralls, Mask and other Hospital Disposables, Sms Nonwoven Fabric for Baby Diaper.


Hydrophobicity, Anti-Static, Extra-Softness, Antistatic, UV Protection,10-100 gsm Spund meltblow spounbond Sms fabric comes in the size of 64 inches white and blue best for making coveralls and PPE kitĀ 

Door to Door Delivery options by Road, Sea, and Air. Global robust supply chain all across the globe including USA, South America, Canada, Europe, ASEAN countries. Extremely efficient and responsive supply chain.

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Sms non woven fabric
Medical grade sms non woveb fabric


Favourite Hub continues its legacy to be a leading SMS Non Woven Manufacturer in India. SMS fabric is made up of 3 layers and SMS full form is SpunBond Meltblown SpunBond.Best sms fabric manufacturers and sms material suppliers. and best sms fabric manufacturers in india

SMS Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in India


SMS non woven fabric manufacturer in India

Favourite Hub continues its legacy to be a leading SMS Non Woven Manufacturer in India. SMS fabric is made up of 3 layers and SMS full form is SpunBond Meltblown SpunBond.Best sms fabric manufacturers and sms material suppliers. and best sms fabric manufacturers in india

SMS fabric manufacturersĀ 

Favourite Hub ( Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in India) is a well-known brand in India and across the globe for manufacturing and export of Nonwoven Fabric for Hygiene Applications. Favourite Hub specializes in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of SMS composite nonwoven fabric with clients all across the globe. we are in bussines of sms nonwoven fabric from 5 year we use sms spunbond non woven sms fabricĀ SMS composite nonwoven fabric Suppliers

sms fabric

SMS or SpunBond Meltblow SpunBond fabric is made using polypropylene via hot rolling industry first technology which gives it high tensile strength, fine filtration, acoustic insulation in addition to absolute comfort and strength, this makes SMS fabric extremely useful in the hygiene industry.

sms fabric manufacturers in tamilnadu

SMS fabric is one of the best fabric which is specially used in the manufacture of products like Disposable Gowns, Face Masks, Surgical Face Mask, 3 ply face mask, N95 Face Mask, Sanitary Pads, Disposable Diapers, spunbond polypropylene Is hygiene products

We keep in mind medical and hygiene medical and hygiene and quality products

our product is high strength spunbond nonwovens we are

Best SMS fabric manufacturers in India

SMS Non Woven fabric is very widely used in the export industry and Favourite Hub uses next-generation technology to manufacture the best quality SMS fabric for the domestic and export requirement.

SMS material for PPE

Favourite HUB SMS fabric report suggests we are currently leading all manufacturers of non woven fabric in Gujarat, non woven fabric manufacturer in Bhiwani, non woven fabric manufacturer in Maharashtra.

High strengthĀ best for medical and health

SMS fabric manufacturers in Delhi andĀ sms material suppliersĀ 

If you need any further details about SMS non-woven fabric manufacturers in India and its price please reach out to us at the following urgently. SMS non woven fabric price is best in favourite hub, WE ARE sms fabric manufacturers in tamilnadu

Sms non woven cloth spunbond meltblown spunbond Sms cloths Favourite fab conversion and supply of SMS. High coverage with reduced weight nonwoven cloth. SMS is made up of constant 100 percent polypropylene (PP) threads organized randomly and thermally welded by means of a calendering process, or Spunlaid thermobonded procedure, and a meltblown layer and then another of spun-bonded polypropylene.

Sms fabric complete shape sms meltblown Sms material producers Sms fabric cost sms fabric suppliers Sms non-conductive cloth SMS spunbond

SMS SPECIAL TREATMENTS: With appropriate treatments throughout the SMS manufacturing procedure, distinct product forms can be obtained for particular applications. Sms non-conductive cloth significance.

Sms Nonwoven Fabric for Hygiene Applications is best to use.

we areĀ  top rated SMS Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter,Also Known as Non Woven SMS Fabric Manufacturer | Gujarat


We are best sms non woven supplier in MumbaiĀ 

where to buy sms fabric answer is favourite fab

ANTI-STATIC: Therapy helps neutralize static electrical charges from the cloth.Ā 

ALCOHOL AND BLOOD REPELLENT: Remedy against blood and alcohol helps repel these chemicals so the item may be utilized in the health and medical industry.

Selection of colors, including different colors on both sides. Sms cloth india Where to Purchase sms cloth Smms cloth Sms cloth producers in Delhi Sms fabric cost Sms non woven cloth manufacturer Sms mask complete shape

SMS APPLICATIONS: Promotion and electronic printing, industrial applications, single-use things, health and medical.

ANTI-MITE: Fibres having an anti-mite remedy that protects the material from dust mites. Sms cloth Sms fabric makers Sms fabric suppliers Sms fabric significance Sms non woven cloth making machine Soft touch.

HYDROPHILIC: SMS is generally hydrophobic, but hydrophilic treatment will make it possible for fluids to pass through. Sms fabric makers Sms cloth producers in India Sms cloth producers in Tamilnadu Smms non woven cloth smms material Sms non-conductive substance sms material gowns Non woven SMS cloth Sms cloth sms material Sms fabric Sms cloth producers in gujarat

OIL-REPELLENT: The oil-repellent therapy helps repel oil and may be used for programs where it’s needed. sms nonwoven Sms non woven cloth producers in India

ANTIBACTERIAL: Fibres with antibacterial therapy take care of the material from germs and fungi. Non woven SMS cloth Sms polypropylene cloth Sms nonwoven cloth Sms fabric Sms fabric make

SMS material manufacturer in Agra we are best in our class



What is full form of SMS/sms non woven fabric full form?

SMS non woven fabric meaning is 3 layer fabric made of Spun-Bond Melt-Blown Spun-Bond layer.

Is SMS different from SSMMS?

SMS is 3 layer fabric while SMMSS is 5 layer fabric.

Is SMS washable?

Non-woven fabric are generally not considered wash durable but due to its 3 layer structure and new age industry-first hot rolling technology used by Favourite Hub it can be re-used.

where to buy sms fabric?

At favourite hub you will find best SMS fabric.

Where is SMS fabric used?

N95 Mask, Surgical Face Mask, PPE Kits, Surgical Gowns, Sanitary Pads, etc. all use SMS fabric

Favourite Fab Is The Only Manufacturers In North Ind We Supply In all Part Of South Kerala,TamilnaduĀ 

Here Is Our Indiamart Profile Link You Can Find More About SmsĀ 

Yes We Do All Kind Of Breathable Lamination On 3 layer sms fabric

Product Description:Ā 
NameSMS Non Woven Fabric
Brand NameFavourite HUB
HSN Code:56031111
Price CurrencyUSD
Aggregate ratings4.3
No. of ratings271
Highest Rating5

SMS Fabric Specification

BrandFavourite Fab
GSM10 to 100gsm
Usage/ApplicationMedical, Hygiene Surgical Gown, BedSheet Covealls PPE kit etc
FeaturesRecyclable, Dust Resist, Anti Bacteria,Anti-static,Medical,Hygiene
Packaging SizeROLLS
Weight50-60 KG
Width62″ Inch
ColorWhite, M.BLUE

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