Meet Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers in Jamshedpur 

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers in Jamshedpur
Meet Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers in Jamshedpur 

Who is considered to be Jamshedpur Best Quality Non Woven Cloth Manufacturer?

The action speaks louder than words, it is important to decide the most suitable nonwoven fabric wholesaler among Top Nonwoven Fabric Wholesalers In Jamshedpur. 

There is one new gem in our store, the laminated spun lace fabric. The laminated spunlace is manufactured in high demand by our customers, who were looking for a reliable supplier of this fabric. The fabric can be used in home decoration, making gloves, etc.

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The other material is Polyethylene film abbreviated as PE film. The film is used in making sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.

PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabrics – India’s Largest Manufacturer: Favourite Fab

Favourite Fab has recently delivered material to Tunisia, Palestine. Our Tunisia customer has purchased interlining nonwoven fabric. Our Palestine customer has purchased nonwoven fabric for dairy product use.

Being Non Woven Bag Manufacturers & Suppliers In Jamshedpur, we have prepared a useful blog segment for our customers.

  1. “How to start non woven fabric bag industry?”
  2. “Raw Material List for Sanitary Napkin”
  3. How to check the GSM of nonwoven fabric?”
Manufacturing Process of Spunlace by Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers & Suppliers In Jamshedpur
Polyester Viscose All Blend Spunlace Non Woven Fabric In Jamshedpur

Let us make a head or tail of it, the fibers of spunbond nonwoven fabric are made up of polypropylene, polypropylene is the hydrocarbon of others, but has some special features of molting & elongation, as well as may bear various chemicals & mechanical action, it leads to the production of various kinds of unique materials.

The spunbond nonwoven fabric is one of those materials, the fabric is being used in manufacturing various kinds of products, helping various industries, such as healthcare, packaging, agriculture, feminine care, baby care, daily life products, etc.

The manufacturing of spunlace fabric is an interesting process that involves various steps which are described below:-

  • Fibre Preparation
  • Opening & Blending of the fibres
  • Carding
  • Web forming
  • Hydroentanglement
  • Drying & Finish up
  • Inspecting, Cutting & Packaging
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In the fiber preparation process, polyester & viscose are processed & blended in specific ratios. The polyester material provides durability & strength to the fabric & viscose provides a soft touch, and water absorbency.

NameNon Woven Cloth
CompositionPolypropylene (PP)
Weight of A Roll40-80 KG or As Per Order
Width of A Roll63” & All sizes
ColourBlack, Ivory, Red, M. Blue Or As Per Order
CertificatesISO, GMP, FDA, NITRA, CE
MOQ1000 kg (1 Ton)
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BrandFavourite Fab
GSM40 gsm or As Per Order
MaterialNon Woven Fabric
CompositionPolypropylene (PP)
Usage/ApplicationIn Medical, Bag, Agriculture, Mattress Industry
FeaturesStrong FibresFine PatternDurableManufactured Untouched
Packaging In ROLLS, wrapped with Shrink + Raffia
Price90 Rupees Per KG 

Further, the blended fibers are commixed together, to make a uniform distributed & equivalent blend.

The fibers are further carded with the help of a carding machine, which gives parallel or cross-lapped orientation to the fibers.

The carded fibers are formed in a loose sheet with air or water. In processing with the air, the conveyor belt is used, while in the wet-laid process, pressurised water jets are used.

The process gives the fiber strength, feather-like softness, and hydrophilicity.

The heated drums are used to dry the fabric, after this process the fabric is ready to be treated with other treatments like:-

  • Printing
  • Calendering
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Antimicrobial Treatment

At last, the inspection is done & also the fibers are rolled as per order & packed. 

We have described the manufacturing process of PP Spunbond nonwoven fabric in our previous blog.

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Get Here the Wholesale Non Woven Fabric In Jamshedpur

The team of Favourite Fab always recommends that customers purchase a minimum of 1 ton of material. Because just of this reason you may get two benefits:- 

a. Good price, 

b. Freight cost

The initiation of dealing with the inquiry starts & ends with a good smile on our customer’s face. 

Now, the burning question is, from where you may get the Non Woven Fabric In Jamshedpur Price?

Favourite Fab has cut the corner to make the order process so smooth in the nonwoven industry.

We are beck and call to provide you the service of Non Woven Fabric In Jamshedpur Jharkhand, we believe in the very strong idea to call a spade a spade, the trust at a higher level for us.

There are some talented people in our Favourite Fab team. 

One of them is Mr. Manish Kushwaha, our communication manager. His talent is to well-communicate with the client & inform him regarding the status of the material. He is well-versed in preparing the documents to dispatch your material on time. He also manages the sample of our organization. The productivity & the way of talking of Mr. Kushawah is so charming. Many customers are served by him & happy. 

Our team and Mr. Kushwaha wears his heart on his sleeves to serve the clients. We are glad to be one of the leading Wholesale Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers In Jamshedpur.

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Jamshedpur Locations: Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers & Suppliers In Jharkhand

In Jamshedpur, people started to search the reliable & sustainable nonwoven fabric suppliers for fulfilling their requirements, you may contact us with a few couple of clicks. We would be happy to assist you always.

Areas of Jamshedpur open to be Served by Favourite Fab
Zakir Nagar
Telco Colony
Dimna Road
Kadma Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of non woven fabrics?

Examples of non woven fabrics are pp spunbond fabric, spunlace fabric, meltblown fabric, etc.

What is non woven fabric used for?

The non woven fabric is used for making surgical facemasks, carry bags, PPE kits, and crop covers.

How can you identify a non woven fabric?

The primary feature of nonwoven fabric is usually feeble, easily torn fabric because its filaments are not the structured way. 

Which is the biggest non woven fabric manufacturer in India?

After serving more than 13 thousand customers & supplying 4 thousand+ materials per year & serving more than 45+ countries, Favourite Fab is the biggest nonwoven fabric manufacturer in India.

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