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SSMMS Fabric Manufacturers in India

SSMMS Fabric Manufacturers in India

SSMMS full form is SpunBond SpunBond Meltblown Meltblown SpunBond which is a 5 layer fabric material and Favourite Hub is one of the leading SSMMS fabric manufacturers and exporter in India.

SSMMS is a non-woven fabric with melt-blown fabric layers in it and is a raw material used in face mask manufacturing.

SSMMS fabric is one of the best fabric which is specially used in the manufacture of products like Disposable Gowns, Face Masks, Surgical Face Mask, 3 ply face mask, N95 Face Mask, Sanitary Pads, Disposable Diapers, etc.

It is very widely used in the export industry and Favourite Hub uses next-generation technology to manufacture best quality SSMMS fabric for the domestic and export requirement.

SSMMS fabric is UV protected with high bacteria efficiency and soft texture, SSMMS is available in different sizes and colors with Favourite Fab at very attractive prices.

Best Quality SSMMS Fabric Supplier in Mumbai

SSMMS fabric has huge potential and demand for exports to a large number of countries as it reports suggest it will be the hottest product with demand expected to rise very significantly as the number of coronavirus related cases continue to rise all around the world and the current supply would be unable to meet the demand spike.

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What is full form of SSMMS?

SSMMS is 5 layer fabric made of Spun-Bond, Spun-Bond, Melt-Blown, Melt-Blown and Spun-Bond.

Is SMMSS different from SMS?

SMS is 3 layer fabric while SMMSS is 5 layer fabric.

Is SSMMS washable?

Non-woven fabric are generally not considered wash durable but due to it’s 5 layer structure and new age technology used by Favourite Hub it can be re-used.

  What are the benefits of SSMMS fabric?

 It offers fine filtration, acoustic insulation, comfortable to wear with decent strength and elongation.   

Where is SSMMS fabric used?

N95 Mask, Surgical Face Mask, PPE Kits, Surgical Gowns, Sanitary Pads, etc. all use SSMMS fabric