Tri Laminated Nonwoven Fabric for Surgical Gowns

Tri Laminated Non Woven Fabric for Surgical Gowns

We at Favourite Hub work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality Tri Laminated nonwoven fabric at the most affordable costs. We are your most significant source for various non woven breathable filter fabric used in industrial, sanitary, and medicinal applications. We are in a significant  position to serve Asian markets. Industrial wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes, medical wipes, surgical gowns, Micro-porous Fabric and other nonwoven roll fabrics are predominantly sold to converters.

Favourite Hub Fabric can provide many types of Specialized Laminate Fabric as desired by the customer. This lamination facility is unique in that it enhances the use and performance of nonwoven fabrics. To create the best product, we combine nonwoven with various types of specialty film and other additives.  Our breathable Non woven material or tri laminated nonwoven fabric is utilized in a variety of applications, including the following:

  • diapers or nappies for babies
  • Hygiene for women
  • adult incontinence goods are a type of incontinence product that is used
  • wiping cloths
  • wound dressings and bandages
  • Towels for the bath and face are disposable
  • Gowns for isolation
  • Gowns for surgery
  • Drapes and coverings for surgery
  • Scrubs for surgeons
  • Porosity allows for gas sterilization in medical packaging.


  • Our nonwoven breathable filter fabric is highly comfortable to wear, has outstanding breathability, and has a high stitching strength.
  • Favourite Hub lab has approved this medical-grade breathable fabric, describing its impermeability to any fluid, blood, and other bodily fluids.
  • This breathable fabric has a high WVTR value compared to the human body’s requirements, indicating an actual breathable laminate.
  • This laminated fabric is soft and flexible, making it easy to stitch and wear for an extended period.
  • It is designed to be used once in the event of contagious/infectious conditions outside.


  • GSM (grams per square meter) range – 80 to 100 gsm
  • Certification – SITRA Approved Width – 1.5 mtr
  • Medical blue and white Breathable Non Woven Fabric are the colors used in this design.


  • Stitching strength is good.
  • It prevents sweating and may be worn for the entire day in any weather.
  • In nature, it is biodegradable, hydrophobic, and breathable.

Typical Physical Property

TestUnitTypical Value 15 GSMTypical Value 17 GSM
Mass per Unit Area  
Tensile Strength – MD   
Tensile Strength – CD   
Elongation MD/CD   
Air Permeability   

Laminated Non Woven Fabric Characteristics

  • Performance in the face of water
  • Increase the nonwoven fabric’s tensile strength
  • Fluid protection at a high level
  • Extend the life of nonwoven fabrics
  • Avoid being bitten by insects.
  • Air should not be allowed to enter.

Nonwoven fabrics that have been laminated in a variety of ways

  • Nonwoven fabric coated with PP/PE
  • Nonwoven fabric with a BOPP lamination
  • Nonwoven fabric sandwich laminated
  • Nonwoven surgical laminated fabric

Tri Laminated nonwoven fabric for Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns are worn by doctors and staff in the operating room as protective gear to prevent the transfer of bacteria from patients to surgical staff and, as a result, to minimize the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. As a result, surgical gowns have a dual purpose – they prevent the transmission of pathogens and body fluids from the operating room to the patient and the patient to the operating room. They have made with tri laminated nonwoven fabric raw material for tough prevention.

Surgical gowns must fight illnesses and infections while allowing the surgeon to move freely and ventilate their excessive body heat. Surgical gowns should also help with the liquid transmission, abrasion, and puncture resistance. To achieve the state of maximal barrier protection, surgical gowns must meet the specific parameters.

A surgical robe must meet the following requirements, according to these guidelines:

(a) blood and aqueous fluid resistance

(b) abrasion resistance to prevent bacterial penetration;

 (c) lint-free to minimize particle count in the air.

Tri-Layer Fabric

The material used to create surgical gowns is a nonwoven fabric. Fabrics were utilized in three layers. The exterior layer is a 30 g/m2 non woven polypropylene fabric breathable. The intermediate layer is a 0.4-micron breathable polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film with an actual weight of 15 g/m2, and the inner layer is a 25 g/m2 polyester nonwoven fabric. Polypropylene has moisture retention of 0% and excellent liquid repellency.

As a result, polypropylene is chosen as the surgical gown’s outer layer. Polyester shows a moisture regain of 0.4 percent, which aids in sweat absorption when worn for prolonged periods. In addition, Methelene blue produces singlet oxygen, and titanium dioxide nanoparticles operate as photocatalysts.

An additional adhesive or the adhesive characteristics of one or more component layers are used to keep the layers close together. In other words, it’s a textile fabric on which a layer or layers of adherent coating material have been created in situ on one or both surfaces.

 Coating formulations with various textile grade polymers such as PU and acrylic are widely used to create multipurpose textile products such as waterproof protection clothing, tarpaulin, protective clothing, and electrical insulation. We are a laminated nonwoven fabric manufacturer with years of experience. We have high-quality PE/PP composite nonwoven fabric available.

A fusing machine is used to create the tri-laminate fabric. Viral penetration, hydrostatic pressure, and moisture vapor transfer rate experiments were used to evaluate the liquid barrier qualities of tri-laminate surgical cloth. According to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s barrier protection categorization, the polyester tri-laminate gown provides level 4 protection.

Advantage over competitors:

  1. A completely dust-free and spotless clothing-making workshop.
  2. To ensure good quality, we adhere to a strict quality inspection standard during manufacture.
  3. Various product designs are available upon request.
  4. Printed with a custom logo or brand.
  5. Individualized packaging is available.
  6. There are samples available.

Our trained personnel employ high-quality components and contemporary machines to manufacture these goods in accordance with quality standards. Our fabrics are known for their ease of use, appealing design, crack resistance, extended service life, and lightweight. In addition, we provide Installation Services to our loyal customers.

These products are utilized in various applications, including pre-engineered building insulation, thermal insulation, fiberglass insulation, under roof insulation, foil wrap insulation, and more. We have been able to manufacture the highest quality thermally insulating material at affordable prices from the beginning of our company. We have current tools in our manufacturing unit, including cutting-edge technology, for a state-of-the-art and robust infrastructure. In addition, a stringent time constraint is adhered to in our organization to create and deliver items.

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