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PE Film Laminated SMS

We have always offered free trial kits to our customers, many of whom are from India. USA, Sri Lanka, and Brazil brought the same and received other materials. We are pleased to report that they chose Favourite Fab fabric due to its quick response time, polite behavior, high material quality, and affordable price.


Laminated Film Manufacturers in India

We became one of the top fabric manufacturers in India as a result of these factors. Being the Leading Laminated Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India, we intend to become a recognized manufacturer on a global scale as well.

Non woven fabric in Ecuador and non woven fabric manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh can both be used to find our company online.


What are PE films?


The material used to create PE (polyethylene) films are ethylene, a hydrocarbon mostly found in natural gas or petroleum. Polyethylene films are frequently referred to as “plastic sheeting,” “polyethylene sheet,” “poly sheeting,” or “poly film.”

Producer of PE (polyethylene) films in non woven fabric has never been more competitive, and demand has never been higher. Many major companies have switched to PE/PP spun bond non woven fabric for their standard uses as environmental awareness has grown.

PE films are proved to be extremely lightweight, simple to use, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. We are at the top of the list of the best-laminated non woven fabric manufacturers among the major producers.


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Things to Know About PE film HS code


Leading producers of PE films and exporting medical textiles PE, non woven fabric are our specialties. We guarantee to send out excellent non woven fabric in packaging that is both reusable and environmentally friendly.

The trust that our customers have placed in us is always returned to them in the form of prompt delivery, top-quality goods, and courteous and timely after-sale service, wherever necessary.

The high quality of our material makes it simple to mould into a variety of finished goods for a customer’s usage or request. Contact us if you’re interested in learning about the best pricing for various GSMs of PE films; our staff would be pleased to help. Both Mumbai and Madurai are home to manufacturers of non woven fabrics.

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Favourite Fab is a brand. Code HSN: 56031111 Price US Dollars Price: 1.80 Average score: 4.3 Number of reviews: 271 Maximum Rating


Best PE Film Manufacturers in India


The main office of Favourite Fab, a manufacturer of non woven fabrics in Vietnam, is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. We are the leading PE film manufacturer in Delhi-National Capital Region, providing reasonable prices and prompt delivery across the nation.

The list of applications for polyethylene film is quite extensive due to its many features and undeniable advantages. Then, these films are utilized in healthcare, hospitality, textile, and more due to their water repulsive advantages.




You can contrast the physical characteristics of our material with that used by Saudi Arabian manufacturers of hygienic PE films. The quality of our material is higher than Rhyfeel & Rahil Foam Pvt. Ltd.’s. Our name is listed as the #1 PE Film Manufacturer in India on Google. We offer the best in Indonesia for Cast PE Film and Laminated PE Film.

Name PE Film Laminated SMS
Composition Polyethylene (PE)
Weight 20-40 GSM or As Demanded
Width 70-2200 mm
Printed/Colour As demanded
WVTR 2000-5000 gm/m2/24hrs(ASTM E96-90)
Certificate ISO, GMP, NITRA
MOQ 1000 kg
Pattern Plain or Designed
Brand Favourite Fab


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How PE Film Rolls are Changing Industries?


The most widely used plastic polymer in the world is polyethylene (PE), whose annual consumption rates exceed 50 billion pounds. Thermoplastic PE is a robust, light thermoplastic with high chemical resistance. PE films come in two varieties:

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Films are flexible, sturdy, and soft polyethylene-type films that are used to make durable consumer goods. They can also be used as insulation. They have a wide range of uses in agricultural plastic, carrier bags, and packaging materials.


  • High molecular-density polyethylene, or HM-HDPE, films LDPE is flexible but more rigid. Due to their high tensile strength, lack of moisture absorption, superior chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance qualities, they are widely employed in industrial applications.


The Best PE Film Manufacturers in UAE


Let’s say you’re looking for a manufacturer of PE laminated non woven in UAE or looking for laminated non woven fabric in Yemen. In that scenario, Favourite Fab is the world’s one-stop shop for all of its Best Non Woven Fabric needs. We are supplying you with the top materials while scrambling to meet your needs for non woven fabric. We hold certification from the International Organisation for Standardization.


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Product PE Laminated non woven Fabric
Fabric details Laminated Non Woven Fabric With Adhesive Or Heat Process Laminated
Lamination Composition PP+PE (Polypropylene+Polyethylene)
Brand Name Favourite Fab
Production Capacity 10000 Kgs per Day
Width Upto 126”
GSM Range 20 to 150


Applications of PE Laminated Non Woven Fabric


There are several designs, hues, and patterns of laminated non woven fabric to choose from. It features a high level of fluid protection and is waterproof. Designing isolation gowns, surgical gowns, drapes & covers, scrub suits, shopping bags, etc. uses PE laminated non woven fabric. To produce the best result, combine non woven with various types of specialist film & other additives.

  • Packing & Shopping bag
  • Our Fabrics are used for designing international quality standards.
  • Roofing Insulation (Building, shed, home, etc.)
  • Agriculture tarpaulin
  • Protective cloth
  • Medical disposable
  • Waterproofing


Leading Segments for PE Laminated in Industries


PE laminated films have been the most popular option for the medical wear (Gown, Drape) production sector in the Global market since they were created in collaboration with active participation. Additionally, it has demonstrated our capacity to develop and offer specialized solutions at reasonable costs.

Due to their consistent thickness, softness, and improved printability, our PE/PP laminated non woven fabrics are particularly well-liked in the packaging industry. These materials also provide packaging and premium shopping bag manufacturers with better processing capabilities and product distinctiveness.


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Applications of PE Lamination Film in Markets


Laminated non woven fabric is available from Favourite Fab for the packaging, medicinal, surgical, and hygiene markets. We use the extrusion method for laminating, which provides our customers with flexibility and an affordable option.

Our soft plain barrier (PB series) has a bigger area (Sq.M.) for the same weight without sacrificing its barrier capabilities because of its low basic weight of lamination, which is 10 gsm (as opposed to 25 gsm film laminates).

Similar to this, the AB & AT Range of absorbent barrier fabrics are made to swiftly absorb liquids, confine them, and still offer proven barrier characteristics against things like water, bodily fluids, blood, and alcohol.


Brief Note on Non Woven Fabric and Its Applications 


Depending on the level of material strength required for a given purpose, different percentages of fabrics are recycled. Conversely, with the correct handling and infrastructure, some non woven textiles can be recycled after use.

Because of this, some people believe that non wovens are a more environmentally friendly fabric for specific uses, particularly in sectors and industries where single-use or throwaway products are crucial, such as healthcare, education, nursing homes, and upscale lodging.

Non woven materials serve a variety of purposes, including sterility, liquid repellency, resiliency, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, and filtration which is why it’s widely preferable in the Healthcare sector.


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Who are the best laminated non woven fabric suppliers in Delhi?

Favourite Fab is the leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of the non woven fabric whether it’s PE laminated films, PP Spunbond non woven Fabric, or anything.

Does Favourite Fab manufacture a variety of laminated non woven fabrics at affordable prices?

We indeed produce a variety of laminated non woven fabrics in-house at a reasonable price.


How is Favourite Fab’s non woven better than that of non woven cloth from Vimal?

Our non woven fabric is of higher quality than Vimal’s non woven fabric roll price list.


How can customers get the price list of non woven fabric rolls and does it vary on products?

The price list for non woven fabric rolls will be sent to our customers. Yes, it varies and we provide all price ranges.

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