World’s Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer and Exporter

Favourite Hub, founded in 2011, is one of the largest non woven fabric manufacturer in India, designated export house of nonwoven textiles, offering a wide range of nonwoven fabric goods and services worldwide.

We are the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of pp Spunbond nonwoven fabric globally, offering a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and products designed and manufactured according to the business model.

As a nonwoven fabric producer and exporter, we are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible, socio-environmental, and industrial solutions to our customers in the fields of agriculture, medical, home textiles, and mattress and furniture.

Non Woven Fabric

Nonwoven fabric is more environmentally friendly for specific applications in the nonwoven industry, particularly in fields where disposable or single-use products are essential, such as hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, home furnishing, vehicle seat fabrication, bags making , Mattress & furniture covering, an ecological packaging, industrial and consumer goods.

We create high-quality fabric for quality-conscious international fashion manufacturers. We were the first to produce our own branded range of Non Woven Fabrics, as we foresee fashion trends to develop fashion ahead fabrics that pique the interest of our customers. Our growth and performance have shifted due to a paradigm shift in our business strategy, which now allows us to offer cloth developed and created by our industry.

We are a  cutting-edge facility that can produce a wide range of value-added goods and finishes, including printing in pure and blended fabric to create nonwoven laminated fabric materials.

Under Favourite Hub, we maintain the highest standards of hygiene at our production plant to produce great quality nonwoven cloth for hygiene and medical applications. Thanks to our world-class operational and management systems and superior in-house warehouse facilities, we effectively handle all of our clients’ needs.

We produce a variety of Spunbond non woven SSS) and Spunmelt (SSMMS) fabrics in roll goods with weight per unit area ranging from 8 to 80 GSM. We can provide a variety of surface treatments (hydrophilicity, anti-static, UV, and so on), as well as a variety of colors and slit widths ranging from 60 to 4200 m.m. The clients widely demand the nonwoven rolls offered by us for the following features:

  • Softness    
  • High strength
  • Durability      
  • Superior finish
  • Attractive colors          
  • Water resistance         
  • Recyclable      
  • Eco friendly

Our rolls are also put through a series of tests to guarantee that they meet industry standards and guidelines. Our company, a nonwoven fabric roll manufacturer, sells wholesale nonwoven fabric in a variety of colors and thicknesses ranging from 20 GSM to 150 GSM in 1600 mm width. We have two colors available: white and blue.

The industry’s constantly shifting situations and dynamics This was made feasible by equipping our nonwoven bag manufacturer in Ahmedabad with cutting-edge machinery and equipment.  We are an emerging non woven fabric manufacturer in Gujarat, fully equipped with the most up-to-date automated and production technology to ensure a firm grip on designing, printing, and weaving the most efficient bags and textiles in various sizes and uses.

Modern Infrastructure

Our manufacturing facility is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where our team of professionals and experts use the newest technology and innovative machines plus a nonwoven bag making machine to create PP spun bond laminated nonwoven fabric test it before transferring it to clients. Our clients can choose from a conventional or bespoke product selection, depending on their needs. Our product lines are incredibly cost-effective.

The corporation has a strong presence in both domestic and international markets. Our organization has demonstrated that it can meet the needs of its customers by providing high-quality items and timely service. Furthermore, the organization is still scaling new heights of success and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market. The United States and other countries are also important markets for us.

We have upgraded it with contemporary technology and equipment to assist in creating trustworthy and accurate products, as we have adapted to new technology. Furthermore, we have divided it into numerous departments such as production, designing, quality control, and so on in order to ensure seamless operation and delivery of the products.

Furthermore, we have a large storage facility to store both our obtained and finished park non woven products properly. It is guarded to ensure the secure storage of the products and is capable of handling enormous volumes

Our commitment and professionalism have aided us in building strong connections with our clients and establishing ourselves as their preferred provider in the market. Aside from that, the following are some of the other things that have aided us in creating trust and goodwill with our clients:

  • Designers with dexterity
  • Sophisticated infrastructure
  • Products of excellent quality
  • Reasonable prices

Our Culture

At Favourite Hub, it’s the people who make the difference. We are looking for younger, smarter, and more powerful people and who value capability over experience. Maruti’s employees are constantly creating in tandem with the company’s growth.

Assurance of Quality of Non Woven Fabric

We consider the essential that our products meet all of the requirements of international top quality standards.Our quality control team keeps a close check on the production process throughout the process to ensure that top quality is maintained.

Favourite Hub is dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective, and high-quality products to its customers by adhering to quality processes and engaging in continuous improvement initiatives. Using standardized raw materials, production, and quality assurance procedures to manage a whole quality system. Our highly skilled personnel and cutting-edge testing equipment enable us to create goods that meet or exceed WSP requirements. To be recommended for a clean, safe, and healthy work environment, we strictly follow legislative and regulatory compliances and strict attention to environmental, health, and safety norms.

Our Objective

With all of our clients, we aspire to build a relationship of trust and excellence.Apart from that, our perspective is devoted to meeting public and expert reasons, which enables us to stay ahead in a highly combative situation. We anticipate playing a significant part in India’s burgeoning nonwoven industry. Our dedicated team of engineers and specialists is dedicated to providing the maximum value to our clients and ensuring complete satisfaction.

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