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The primary question asked by people all around is what is 20 GSM Non Woven Fabric Roll Price in India. Favourite Hub a leading supplier of non woven fabric and mask material is here to answer all those queries

Firstly we need to understand where is 20 GSM Non Woven Fabric Roll used in the industry and what is Non Woven Fabric Roll Size, the primary use is in 3 ply surgical face mask manufacturing for medical uses and exports.

Recently the Indian Government lifted the long-standing ban on export of Non-Woven Fabric and hence we are witnessing a sudden spike in export demand of 20 GSM Non Woven Fabric Roll.

Favourite Hub a leading manufacturer and exporter has been at the forefront to meet this spike in export demand of Non Woven Fabric as we export to multiple countries like USA, Vietnam, Turkey, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Myanmar, Israel etc.

ANY GSM Non Woven Fabric is prepared by Favourite Hub using new age technology which provides it with high durability, comfort and high bacteria efficiency.

If you need Non Woven fabric roll price or any further details please reach out to us at the following urgently.

What does GSM mean?

 GSM is a metric measurement meaning grams per square metre- it is how much 1 square metre of fabric weighs and the higher the GSM number the denser the fabric will be

What is price of 20 GSM Non woven fabric ?

The price of the fabric depends on the manufacturing method i.e. Spun-bond or meltblown. To get the best price of fabric get in touch with us.

Where is 20 GSM Non woven fabric used?

The most important use in the current scenario due to Covid-19 pandemic is in 3 ply face mask manufacturing.

Is 20 GSM Non woven fabric allowed for export in India?

Yes 20 GSM Non-woven fabric is allowed for export from India after the Indian government lifted the ban on export on 13th July 2020.

Is 20 GSM Non woven fabric has anti bacterial property?

Fabric prepared by Favourite Hub using new age technology has high bacteria efficiency.

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