Bulk Non-Woven Fabric Prices: Cost Savings for Large Orders

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Bulk Non-Woven Fabric Prices: Cost Savings for Large Orders


Non-woven fabrics are versatile materials widely used in various industries, from healthcare to packaging. If you’re looking for bulk non-woven fabric at competitive prices, this blog post is your ultimate guide. We’ll delve into factors influencing non-woven fabric pricing, provide price ranges, and offer tips for finding the best deals.

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Factors Influencing Non-Woven Fabric Prices

Understanding the factors that affect non-woven fabric prices is crucial for making informed purchasing decisions. Here are the key considerations:

1. Material Type:

Non-woven fabrics are made from different materials, including polypropylene, polyester, and cellulose. The material type significantly impacts the cost, with polypropylene being the most affordable and cellulose being the most expensive.

2. Manufacturing Process:

There are three main non-woven fabric manufacturing processes: spunbond, meltblown, and needlepunch. Spunbond is the most common and cost-effective, while meltblown and needlepunch fabrics are more specialized and have higher prices.

3. Fabric Weight:

The weight of the fabric, measured in grams per square meter (GSM), influences the price. Heavier fabrics are more durable and expensive than lighter ones.

4. Quantity Ordered:

Bulk orders typically qualify for discounts. The larger the quantity you purchase, the lower the per-unit price.

Non-Woven Fabric Price Ranges

The price of non-woven fabric varies depending on the factors mentioned above. Here are approximate price ranges for different types and weights:

  • Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric: ₹20-₹50 per square meter (GSM 15-50)
  • Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric: ₹50-₹100 per square meter (GSM 15-50)
  • Needlepunch Non-Woven Fabric: ₹30-₹70 per square meter (GSM 15-50)

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

To secure the best prices on bulk non-woven fabric, consider the following tips:

1. Compare Quotes from Multiple Suppliers:

Get quotes from several suppliers to compare prices and find the most competitive offer.

2. Negotiate Bulk Discounts:

Don’t hesitate to negotiate bulk discounts, especially for large orders.

3. Consider Offshore Suppliers:

Suppliers in countries with lower production costs may offer more affordable prices.

4. Check for Promotions and Sales:

Some suppliers offer discounts and promotions throughout the year. Keep an eye out for these opportunities.

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1. What is the minimum order quantity for bulk non-woven fabric?

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the supplier. Contact Favourite Fab for specific details.

2. Can I get samples before placing a bulk order?

Yes, most suppliers offer samples for a small fee. This allows you to inspect the fabric quality before making a large purchase.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

Favourite Fab accepts various payment methods, including bank transfer, PayPal, and credit cards.


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Understanding the factors that influence non-woven fabric prices and following the tips provided will help you secure the best deals on bulk orders. Favourite Fab is your trusted supplier for high-quality non-woven fabrics at competitive prices. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and place an order.

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