NEW DELHI: The government on Monday lifted the prohibition on export of all non-woven fabric used for production of masks and coveralls other than those in the 25-70 GSM (grams per square metre) and melt-blown categories.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in a notification said export of non-woven fabric for 25-70 GSM and melt-blown fabric continues to be in the prohibited category.

“All other non-woven fabrics with GSM other than 25-70 GSM are freely allowed for ..

Non Woven Export Ban Is Finally Over. Breaking news for non woven fabric manufacturer
and exporters the government of India in it’s notification dated 18 th July 2020 has allowed
export of all GSM of non woven fabric including GSM 25-70.
The announcement came as a measure of relief to all non woven fabric manfacturers of
India as well as around the world and countries like Vietnam, Turkey, Israel, USA, Nepal etc.
who were looking to import non woven fabric for face mask, N95 Mask, Medical Gowns,
SMS Gowns, PP+PE, laminated non woven etc. to import from India to their country for local
The lifting of the ban comes in the wake of the policy enshrined by honourable Prime
Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and his vision to make India a global manufacturing
powerhouse overtaking China.
Export ban getting over has resulted in a sudden spike of export orders coming to India
which will surely result in the prices of fabric to rise very quickly as Indian manufacturers
would find it difficult to cope up with the increase in demand.
The best solution would be to get your order booked asap before the prices rise please
reach out at the following contact urgently.


  1. What is Export Ban of Non Woven?
    Ans. Non woven fabric falling in the bracket of GSM 25-70 with HSN code 560312 was
    under prohibited category till 18 th July 2020
  2. Is Export Ban Over?
    Ans. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in its notification dated 18 th July
    2020 removed the restriction of export of non woven fabric in 25-70 GSM range
  3. Is India allowed to export Non Woven?
    Ans. Yes export of all non woven fabric is now freely allowed from India without any
  4. How to get information for import from India?
    Ans. In order to get any further any information please drop a mail to

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