Medical Grade Non Woven Fabric For Disposable Bed Sheet

Medical Grade Non Woven Fabric For Disposable Bed Sheet
Medical Grade Non Woven Fabric For Disposable Bed Sheet

Disposable Bed Sheet Raw Material Medical Grade

Disposable bed sheets raw material is completely medical grade non woven fabric and are safe to be used by people – patients as well as the medical staff. Soft, high quality, non-woven fabric is used in their making, making them all the more skin and environment


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Disposable bed sheets raw material

Disposable bed sheets raw material is completely medical grade non woven fabric and are safe to be used by people – patients as well as the medical staff. Soft, high quality, non-woven fabric is used in their making, making them all the more skin and environment friendly. They are hygienic as they are disposed of after one use, and the body dead skins and virus of one person do not touch the skin of the other, and hence the spread of germs and diseases is kept to a minimum. The disposal of these bed sheets is extremely hassle-free, which makes them all the more convenient to use. 

Hygiene, safety and sanitization are concepts that need to be followed everywhere but more than anything in a medical set up – in hospitals, in clinics, in laboratories and so on. When it comes to the medical sector, maintaining all these is the utmost priority. One small mistake from the medical staff can lead to major mishaps, which may worsen a patient’s condition or, in the worst-case scenario, may lead to deaths. For hygiene reasons and secondly for cost-effective reasons, non woven disposable bed sheets for hospitals are used. With the growing awareness for safety and sanitization, the use of these bed sheets is increasing by the day. 

Non woven medical sheets

Medical grade non woven medical sheets are made using the updated technology, modern machines, set after much research and advancements over time. These bedsheets guarantee customer satisfaction and, as such, are priced reasonably. The disposable non woven bed sheets price may range from as low as Rs. 7 per piece to as high as Rs. 50 per piece. The non woven sheet price variations may take place due to various factors like the quantity that has been ordered, the distance from where they are being delivered, the quality of the material that has been chosen and so on. There are sellers who prepare hand made bed sheets also, and their price is according to the process that has been used in getting those sheets ready. Size customizations are available, and you can order based upon the bed size where these bed sheets are to be used. 

Major features of Medical grade non woven disposable bed sheets include:

Made with non woven fabric

Extremely lightweight

Do not impact the skin negatively

Single time use

No pressure of washing, cleaning and ironing them

Can be used in various medical setups

Breathable, do not give a suffocating sensation

Safe, hygienic and easy to use

Provides protection against dust and other particles

Waterproof polypropylene  material

Safe to be used by people of all age groups from children to elderly

Environmental friendly

Customizations available

Different prints are available in non woven disposable bed sheets and these come in different colours also. The most commonly used colours for medical disposable bed sheets include white and blue. The various design options are usually in self which includes stripes, overall checkboxes, floral prints, or plain. The designs are mostly of the same colour, and colour contrasts are not given usually. 

The best part about disposable bed sheets for patients is that they can be thrown after their use once. The cumbersome process of sterilizing them or washing them and making them available to be used by another person is omitted with these. They are used and throw things and are environment friendly. Disposing of them in the open also will not be harmful to the environment or any other living species. They are soft in use and do not harm the skin in any way.

They do not contain any chemicals that might cause skin allergies or rashes. The non woven breathable fabric used is mostly very comfortable cotton or medical grade non woven polypropylene fabric. However, different variations in the material used are available. The product is generally kept lightweight approx 250 gm, to keep it easy to be worn and carried. Because these are to be spread over the original bed sheet, they are not very thick and allow the passing of air through them. A patient lying over these will not find the material hard to his/her skin, and as such, they are extremely good and hygienic to use.

Another characteristic feature of these bed sheets is bulk ordering. These bedsheets are not brought in single pieces. Rather, the purchases are made in bulk which makes it all the more cost-effective and saves the hassles for purchasing them daily. Most of the sellers do not sell a single piece of these bedsheets because it adds to the cost and does not bring in the economy to the seller. The more the number that is ordered, the lesser per piece price has to be paid by the buyer. Various sellers sell disposable bed sheets role for hospitals.

Not only in hospitals for safety purposes, but these bedsheets can also be put to use in various other setups as well, which include:


Tattoo studios


Disposable bed sheets for hotels



 Disposable bed sheets for Spa

Bedsheet is one variant of items that are made by using medical-grade non-woven fabric, among many others. Other medical items include:

Patient gowns

Non-woven pillow covers

Surgical gowns (Disposable)

Non woven fabric for a mask (Face masks)

Factory caps

All in all, disposable bed sheets manufacturers are increasing, and the use of disposable bed sheets is a commendable decision and should be put to use even more often. During pandemic situations, these bed sheets come in very handy, and as of now, there is no viable substitute for these. More and more players are entering the market. The main task before placing a bulk order for your medical set up is to ensure the quality, packaging, GST being levied, the final price of the product and the delivery date. Once you find a seller who meets your needs, there is nothing much left to be done.

Stay safe, go eco-friendly yet disposable! 

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