SMS Non-Woven Fabric: Technology, Features, and Applications

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Have you been listening to the growing demand for SMS Non-woven Fabric during the coronavirus pandemic? The reason for this hype is the ultimate protection and strength it offers. SMS stands for Spun bond Melt blown Spun bond. Right from industrial purposes to health-related items and textile to consumer goods, this fabric is being used everywhere. The technology applied behind the manufacturing contributes to its characteristics such as lightweight, transverse and longitudinal strength, and supple feel.

Three Sheets of SMS Non-Woven Fabric

The upper coat of this fabric is made up of Spun bond polypropylene. Melt blown polypropylene constitutes the middle layer and the bottom layer is comprised of Spun bond polypropylene. The amalgamation of three strong layers allows the SMS non-woven fabric to exhibit the benefits of both Spun bond and Melt blown fabric.

Fabric is the base of the production of various things, so its quality should not be compromised. If you need this fabric for making top-quality products in different categories, you must place an order at a non-woven fabric manufacturer & exporters in India.

Understanding Spun bond and Melt blown Process

The advancement of technology in the textile industry has enabled the enhancement in the production level.

Spun bond is a technique that is utilized to spin the fibers. After this, dispersion takes place with help of air streams. They are thermo-bonded and no chemicals are used in this process.

Some Important Points of the properties of Spun bonds are:

  • They are light in weight and exhibit hydrophilic characteristics.
  • The fabric is comfy and soft.
  • The capacity to withstand wear and tear is high.
  • It offers superb breathability and durability.
  • The textile that is Spun bond can be laminated and printed easily.

Melt blown is an advanced process subsequent to Spun bond. This technology is applied to produce ultra-fine filaments. The bombardment of hot air on molten thermoplastic resin results in the production of self-bonded non-woven material. Because of high absorbing power and impeccable filtration property, this fabric is utilized in the manufacturing of personal hygiene products, electronics, and clothes.

Manufacturing of Spun bond Melt blown Spun bond Non-Woven Fabric

Both the individual processes have their own strengths and weaknesses. The process of lamination helps in integrating the layers of materials produced from the above-mentioned processes. SMS non-woven fabric is the result of this amazing blend. The overall durability, appearance, and quality increase after the process of lamination. Strong bonding between layers through the lamination process is done with the help of heat and pressure.

Some Important Points- Features of SMS Non-Woven Fabric:

  • The fabric acts as a great barrier to unwanted particles.
  • It provides unmatched softness and comfort to the wearer.
  • The apparels made from this fabric have excellent breathability and tensile strength.
  • It has resistance towards bacteria, gas, and blood.
  • The best property of this fabric is its disposability.
  • This non-toxic fabric is odorless.
  • It is suitable for both low and high temperatures.
  • This fabric is quite delicate and can be a nice replacement for cotton cloth.
  • The weight of this fabric can range from 30-500 gsm and the basic width can vary from 1500 mm to 2400 mm.

Suitable Treatments for Different Types of Products

This non-woven fabric is used in the production of various products. Some special treatments can be done in the SMS fabric manufacturing process to add additional qualities to the fabric. Isn’t it amazing how a change in the fabric can bring innovation to the products offered by the industries? The treatment is done according to the required quality and product type.

  • Hydrophilic treatment is used to make the fabric liquid-loving. Usually, this particular fabric does not allow the water to pass through but this treatment can solve this problem.
  • Maintaining high-quality protection becomes necessary in health-care products and apparel. Anti-bacterial treatment is done for such a purpose. The material remains safe from harmful fungi and bacteria.
  • Anti-mite treatment is suitable where the motive is to protect the fabric from dust mites.
  • People who are continuously working in close contact with electric current must wear anti-static clothes. The anti-static treatment is done for the SMS fabric to neutralize the electric charges.
  • During the SMS procedure, treatment against alcohol and blood is done especially for the products that are utilized in the medical sector.
  • For the oil-related industry, various products, and apparel can be prepared with oil-repellent treatment in the fabric.
  • Application of SMS Non-Woven Fabric
  • For medical purposes, this fabric can be utilized to produce surgical gowns, drapes, PPE kits, bandages, surgical towels, medical bed sheets, and plasters.
  • This fabric is widely utilized in the manufacturing of very good-quality face masks. The capacity of this fabric to prevent micro-organisms provides high-grade protection from infections. The front-line workers serving in COVID-19 received great benefits from the PPE kits and face masks manufactured from SMS non-woven fabric.
  • The non-woven fabric is perfect for making disposable kid diapers, adult diapers, and feminine hygiene products.
  • Thick SMS fabric is used for making industrial and marine oil wipes. Oil-repelling property is utilized here.
  • The protective clothing such as isolation clothes and lab coats are also manufactured from this non-woven fabric.

Favourite Hub: Leading Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer

Favourite Hub specializes in manufacturing non-woven fabric with help of modern technology. It is also one of the largest exporters of non-woven fabric. This leading manufacturer provides a wide range of fabrics such as:

Medical Grade Fabric: It is extensively used in making N95 masks, surgical masks, PPE kits, surgical drapes, aprons, and bouffant caps.

Bag Fabric: Get different types of bag fabrics such as loop bag fabric, color non-woven fabric, and D-cut bag fabric.

Interline Fabric for Mattresses: Premium quality fabric for pillow covers, mattress cover, and pocket spring cover can be purchased from Favourite Hub.

If you are looking for SMS non-woven fabric for medical and hygiene purposes, then you can rely on Favourite Hub. This non-woven fabric manufacturer provides safe delivery to many countries across the globe.

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