Non Woven Fabric Material

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Non Woven Fabric Material

If you are going to purchase the non woven fabric, you must raise an inquiry in our company i. e. Favourite Fab. There is a simple method to do the business here. Call, Get Info, Examine, Get Samples & then Purchase.

Our sales department is always there to serve you. Our sample department is working for you. You can ask Non Woven Fabric Raw Material COA.

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

You should purchase the material after checking its quality and comparing its price & specification with others. You must also focus on the service, the delivery time, executive behavior etc.

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Non Woven Products

The Non Woven Products are given below:-

  1. Spunbond Non Woven Fabric
  2. Spunlace Non Woven Fabric
  3. SMS Non Woven Fabric
  4. 63” Bag Raw Material
  5. 60 GSM Non Woven Fabric
  6. Face Mask Raw Material
  7. PPE Kit Raw Material

Non Woven Fabric Uses

Our Non Woven Fabric is used in making face mask, n95 face mask, ppe kit raw material, packaging non woven material, agricultural non woven material, mattress industry interlining non woven fabric etc.

Non Woven Fabric Examples

There are some examples of non woven fabric.

SMS non woven fabric, spunbond non woven fabric, spunlace non woven fabric, meltblown non woven fabric, ppe kit non woven fabric, SMMS non woven fabric.

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Non Woven Fabric For Mask

The non woven fabric which is used in making face masks is S spunbond non woven fabric, meltblown non woven fabric. Face mask is made with three layers of non woven fabric: first spunbond, second layer meltblown, third again spunbond fabric. On the other hand, the N95 mask is 5 layer material.

Non Woven Fabric Near Me

If you are in search of non woven fabric manufacturers in North India, you are seeing the right information. We are a non woven fabric manufacturer, based in Runakta, Agra, UP.

Non Woven Fabric Price

Our non woven fabric price is 120 INR per Kg. You can ask for more specifications for the same fabric. Our price is more competitive than others. You can ask the latest price from our executive. Our no. is +91 8800775462. You can even message or mail us. Our mail id is [email protected]

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