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Favourite Fab is a renowned nonwoven fabric manufacturer for automotive, filtration, medical, and industrial applications. It is situated in the Agra City, Uttar Pradesh.

Favourite Fab is a one-stop-shop for sitra approved laminated nonwoven fabrics manufacturer from Agra, used in automobile interiors, agriculture, and the home use. We’ve established ourselves as a leading nonwovens manufacturer around the world. Favourite Fab has pooled all of its resources and knowledge to create PP Spun bond nonwoven fabric for crucial PPE Coveralls (Breathable and Non-Breathable) and N95 masks to help our community fight COVID-19.

We can provide PP Spun bond, spun lace, and thermally bonded textiles for Medical, Hygiene, and interline applications.

Favourite Fab Non Woven Fabric

Nonwoven does not mean “woven” or “knit,” but the cloth is much more. A non woven fabric structure is made directly from fibres by bonding, interlocking, or both. It is the outcome of the relationship between one solitary fibres and another rather than any structured geometrical structure.

Our printed nonwoven fabric is a type of fabric linked together by tangles of fibres or filaments entangled by mechanical, thermal, or chemical means. Nonwoven fabrics, unlike traditional fabrics, are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require the conversion of raw fibres into yarn. The following are our four standard nonwoven fabric fabrication methods:

  • Spunbound/Spunlace
  • Air laid
  • Dry laid
  • Wet laid

Our Nonwoven rolls are available in a variety of specifications to fulfil the needs of our customers. The provided PP nonwoven material is widely utilized in producing nonwoven bags, various covers, and sacks, among other things. Our rolls are also put through a variety of tests to ensure that they comply with industry requirements and regulations.’

Our nonwoven fabric roll maker sells wholesale nonwoven fabric in a variety of colors and thicknesses ranging 20 GSM to 150 GSM in widths of 1600 mm or as demanded.

There are many distinct types of nonwoven textiles with various properties; the fiber selection, web formulation, bonding procedure, and finishing technique can all be changed to vary the material’s properties to fit the intended use. Our Nonwoven fabrics are utilized in several different industries, including:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Filtration
  • Furnishings/Bedding
  • Geotextiles
  • Hygiene
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)


We use synthetic fibres such as polypropylene or polyester to make functional nonwoven fabric. There are four primary product types:

  • carded nonwovens
  • nonwovens with needle punch
  • nonwovens strewn
  • wet-laid nonwovens

A carded nonwoven is made up of staple fibres separated and then carded or combed through wire-covered teeth cylinders. A carded nonwoven can have numerous layers of fibre and can combine different types of fibres.

Inserting barbed needles into the substrate, hooking tufted fibres through the substrate, and entangling those fibres in the needle punched area creates a needle punched nonwoven. Nonwovens that have been needle punched are often more robust and heavier.

Air-laid nonwovens are made using a forming mechanism that opens the fluff pulp and suspends the fibres in the air. After that, the fibres are placed on a forming screen, the batting is glued together with an adhesive, and the fibres are secured.

Wet-laid nonwovens are created in a similar manner to papermaking. The slurry is first gathered on a screen. The fabric is dried in the oven after the water is removed between two rolls.

 Our NonWoven Fabric Specification:

  • Light: Polypropylene is the primary raw material; its specific gravity is 0.9, making it the fifth lightest, fleecy, and easy to handle.
  • Flexibility: DOT by DOT thermo-melt produced from microfiber (2-3D). Product flexibility is appropriate and comfortable.
  • Water resistance and breathability: Polypropylene slices and finished goods are water-resistant, breathable, and simple to clean.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating: Made of FDA-approved materials, free of other chemicals, stable, non-toxic, odourless, and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Antibacterial and anti-chemical: Polypropylene is a blunt chemical substance that may protect liquids from germs and insects; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, erosion, and the end product won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Quality Assurance

Our team of experienced experts upholds our dedication to the highest quality standards. Every item that comes into our facility as raw material is subjected to our superior manufacturing methods and strict quality controls. This offers us an advantage in supplying the best packaging solutions to our customers, which improve the visual appearance of their products and make them more appealing and presentable on a global scale.

Favourite Fab has a global footprint, as they deal with both import and export of agriculture nonwoven fabrics. Our main goal in nonwoven fabric production and export, as well as a variety of goods made from it, is to satisfy our customers. In both domestic and foreign markets, the company has a substantial presence.

Our company has proven that it can meet its customers’ expectations by offering high-quality UV-treated nonwoven fabric and prompt service. Further more, the company continues to achieve new heights of success while preserving a market competitive advantages. Countless success stories of our clients’ brands that enhance our packaging material and outsmart the competition with our packaging solutions on a global scale have contributed to our success.


Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

We are a factory in Agra, U.P and you are welcome to come to see us at any moment. We’ll come to get you.

Do you have any free samples we can check?

Yes, we can provide you samples free of cost.

How long it takes to get your order?

 Within 3 to 5 days of receiving your order.

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