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The nonwoven fabric has earned a reputation among non woven material manufacturers for providing high-quality, environmental friendly nonwoven fabric at reasonable rates. Since 2011, we’ve been familiarizing ourselves with the most cutting-edge technology to offer a distinctive selection of items. we have developed an excellent name as one of the industry’s leading non woven fabric suppliers, thanks to our experience and market knowledge. We offer a comprehensive range of Non Woven fabrics (10GSM to 250 GSM), Non Woven Cloth, Laminated non woven fabric, and more an emphasis on individual service and years of combined experience and competence by our employees.

Favourite Hub has been ISO 9000 certified as pp non woven fabric manufacturer for many years. According to UNI EN ISO, all administrative, commercial, logistical, and production processes are subject to an internal Quality Management System. Our internal quality control system ensures that each item supplied is of consistently high quality. With an identification code and a production batch, it ensures full traceability of the Nonwoven Filtration Fabric.

The continuing search for new types of filter materials, the close relationship we have with our nonwoven polypropylene fabric suppliers, and the expertise of our Technical Sales Service enables us to grow and improve by continually expanding our customer base. In addition, our Technical Production Department’s organization ensures that, upon delivery completion, all necessary paperwork is available to the customer:

  • Sheets of Technical Data
  • Datasheets on Toxicology
  • Conformity certificates.

Index of Products

Our products, made from high-quality materials, are known for their durability, ease of use, dependability, and environmental friendliness. Under the supervision of professionals, items are developed using cutting-edge technology and high-tech machines in the needed circumstances. Our diverse range of items includes:

Nonwoven Fabric Characteristics

A nonwoven fabric’s specific set of qualities is determined by a mix of elements during its manufacture. There is a huge range of traits.

  • Nonwoven fabrics can have a paper-like, felt-like, or comparable appearance to woven materials.
  • They can have a soft, pliable hand or a firm, rigid, or broad hand with little flexibility.
  • It might be as thin as tissue paper or as thick as a sheet of paper.
  • They might be transparent or opaque as well.
  • Their porosity can range from very low tensile strength to very high tear and burst strength.
  • Gluing, heat bonding and stitching are all options for making them.
  • The drapability of these materials ranges from excellent to non-existent.
  • Some textiles are machine washable, while others are not. In addition, some of them can be dry-cleaned.

Assurance of Quality

We are particularly focused on keeping the highest standards in our product line because it is one of the essential things that can improve a company’s market reliability. Therefore, each piece is individually quality tested at each level of production, with a final inspection before delivery. This ensures that each roll is of the highest quality and meets our own and our clients’ requirements.In addition, we approve our finished products based on the following criteria:

  • Conceptualization
  • Longevity
  • Dimensions, etc.

Modern Infrastructure

As we have adapted to new technologies, we have improved it with modern technology and equipment to assist in the creation of reliable and accurate products. We’ve also divided it into several departments, such as production, design, quality control, nonwoven fabric online, and so on, to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and that the items arrive on time. We also have a large storage facility where we can appropriately store both our gathered and finished products. It is secure to ensure a safe environment and has the capacity to handle large volumes.

Non woven Fabric

Nonwoven fabrics are a type of fabric linked together by tangles of fibers or filaments entangled by mechanical, thermal, or chemical means. Nonwoven fabrics, unlike traditional fabrics, are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require the conversion of raw fibers into yarn.The following are four standard nonwoven fabric fabrication methods:

  • Spunbound/Spunlace
  • Airlaid
  • Dryland
  • Wetland

Nonwovens have the unique ability to be either exceedingly durable or single-use, limited-life materials, depending on the application. Nonwovens also have a wide range of properties, including superabsorbency, liquid repellency, stretchability, strength, softness, flame retardancy, crushing, washability, bacterial barriers, filtration, and sterility.

There are many distinct types of nonwoven textiles with various properties; the fiber selection, web formulation, bonding procedure, and finishing technique can all be changed to vary the material’s properties to fit the intended use. As a result, nonwoven fabrics are utilized in several different industries, including:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Products for the general public
  • Electronics
  • Filtration
  • Furnishings/Bedding
  • Geotextiles
  • Hygiene
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • PPE stands for personal protective equipment (PPE)

We operate with precision on all sorts of nonwovens, providing immaculate results, using unique materials and tools, as well as state-of-the-art cutting technology.Best-in-class machinery enables us to improve procedures and increase production quantities without sacrificing quality.

Favourite Hub has spent time and resources developing many cutting lines that have become a vital element of our manufacturing processes throughout time.We deal with various materials and can produce rolls in a variety of heights and lengths, allowing us to satisfy a vast range of needs of customers.

Non woven fabric price in India

non woven fabric roll price lists are as follows:

20 gsm non woven fabric roll price 
non woven fabric price per kg in Delhi 
30 gsm non woven fabric price 

Why Us?

Favouritehub, a nonwoven fabric manufacturer in India, was created based on customer satisfaction, which we achieved by creating fabric for the World. Our seasoned product designers are backed by a keen attitude to listen to global consumers’ style choices closely. Our updated work setup, where we use the newest technologies to design the modernized product line, further supports their efforts to keep up with changing trends. Furthermore, our carefully established hydrophilic non woven fabric manufacturer company rules enable us to work with a reputable vendor network to obtain premium-grade raw materials. In addition, our commitment to providing an unrivalled quality fabric with customized patterns propelled us to new heights in the competitive industry.


Non woven material manufacturers, in general, rely on high-volume, highly engineered production, and there is a constant need to innovate to ensure high-quality, products are produced at the lowest possible cost due to competitive constraints. In addition, technological advancements in machinery, process control, and materials drive the business, and nonwovens fabric suppliers must be at the forefront of these advancements to have a long-term future.

Picture of Gaurav Garg (Ceo)

Gaurav Garg (Ceo)

I'm Gaurav Garg, the CEO of Favourite Fab, a company on a mission to revolutionize the nonwoven industry with sustainable practices. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to eco-friendly production processes. With a deep interest in textile innovation, I'm passionate about educating consumers about sustainable material options, and their potential to transform the Non woven landscape.

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