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Anti Static Non Woven Fabric

What is anti static non-woven? (What is anti static non-woven fabric?)      

Anti Static Non Woven Fabric is a type of Non Woven fabric which has static electricity stoppage properties. This fabric is very useful invention in the field of technology. It is the remedy to the problem of bad effects of Static Electricity effects. Thus this fabric requires to be formed with more experienced hands, we at Favourite Fab assure you to provide you Best Quality Antistatic Non Woven Fabric at Reasonable Price.

How to solve the static problem of non-woven fabrics?                 

The fabric is a solution of the problem of damages caused by static electricity. The general type of Non Woven Fabric produces static electricity when it comes in contact with electrical gadgets such as CD, DVD, Computer, Floppy Disk, Medical Sector Gadgets etc.

Some flammable objects can be exploded by these static electricity charges. This can be felt in general life usually when we wear Woolen or Nylon Clothes. This is so minor that is not harmful to man but this static charge can cause some diseases such as Anesthesia while Operation in Operation Theatre. It can be harmful to Medical Personals such as Doctor, Nurses & also Patients.

How and why is Teflon used as an anti static material?

The anti static additives such tertiary amine dissipates, non-ionic antistatic finishing agent composed of modified organic phosphate give it such properties.

Applications of Antistatic Non Woven Fabric, Anti static nonwoven fabric is used in following aspects:-

  • In Manufacturing of Protective Cover of Electrostatic Sensible Gadgets,
  • In Manufacturing of Protective Cover of Computer covers, Floppy disks etc.
  • In Food Processing Industry,
  • In Shoe Industry (for Minimizing Electrostatic Charge & Static Charge)
  • Features of Antistatic Non Woven Fabric

Our antistatic Non Woven Fabric has following features:-

  • Quality to stop Static Electricity.
  • Delight texture so that no harm is caused for gadgets
  • Cheaper Material but Best quality
  • The antistatic property having chemical which is treated with Non Woven is not harmful to Electronic Devices.
  • Our material possess high washing durability, our PE/PP material has cross linking fixation & joined with the hot melt adhesives which wouldn’t be weekend after several time washing.
BrandFavourite Fab
GSM10 to 100gsm
Usage/ApplicationIn Manufacturing of Protective Cover of Electrostatic Sensible Gadgets,
FeaturesAntistaic, Delight texture
Packaging SizeROLLS

-> Our Factory gives a perfect Anti Static Fabrics Non woven finishes

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Spunbond Anti Static Non Woven Fabric Certifications

We have Anti Static Non Woven Fabric Certificates. We are ISO, FDA, CE certified. We have gathered these achievements from struggle of day & night.

Antistatic Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

We have received a Reputation in the Field of Non woven Industry & We are moving Forward to maintain this by spreading our service to provide our customer Export Quality Antistatic Non Woven Fabric.

We can avail you Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer from Kolkata.

Our Antistatic Non Woven Fabric Products

NameAntistatic Non woven
Weight50-60 KG
WidthAll size
ColorWhite, As required

What is anti static non-woven fabric Products?

These are the anti-static Non Woven fabric products:-

  1. UNI-Anti Static Fabrics
  2. Sustainable Breathable anti static nonwoven
  3.  UNI-Anti Static Fabrics
  4. Spunbond Anti Static Non Woven Fabric
  5. sustainable breathable antistatic nonwoven

Spunbond Anti Static Non Woven Fabric

Other FAQs

Is polypropylene fabric impermeable to water?

Yes, Polypropylene fabric (PP) is impermeable to water. But there is some special kind of Non Woven Fabric; those are permeable to water, known as hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric. All such products can be avail from us at best price.

Is wearing a melt blown mask safe?

Yes, absolutely, Wearing of a 3Ply Meltblown mask is safe. The safety Standard of a mask directly depends upon its raw material. A good hygienic raw material is required for such products, we at Favourite Fab are committed to provide our customers, hygienic, untouched raw material.

What is the fabric used for making PPE kits?

SMS, SMMS, Breathable Non Woven fabric is used as raw material of PPE kits. This material is also used to make gowns.

What are some breathable fabrics?

Breathable fabric is special type of Non Woven Fabric. This is solution of the sweat problem while Doctors or other staffs are doing operation in OT.

  1. PUL fabric
  2. Breathable fabric
  3. Favourite Fab Brand Breathable Non Woven Fabric

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