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Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric

Non woven polypropylene fabric is thermoplastic polymer like PP or Polypropylene; However, it is manufactured to look non-woven. It has main applications in non-woven bags, interlining, healthcare coveralls, masks, filters, etc. It is gaining rising popularity in the healthcare and fashion industry.

Non-woven polypropylene fabric is an artificial fabric which is made up of thermoplastic material Polypropylene (PP).

This fabric has main uses in packaging industry (in making bags), medical industry (in making gowns, pp kits, face masks, shoe cover etc.), in mattress & bed industry (as interlining non woven), in agriculture industry (in crop covers & coverall) etc.

It is very innovative material, new uses every year are coming, experiments are going on. Such as some people used it in the furniture industry in sofas, some use as geotextile fabric, some as curtains supporting interlining fabric & many others.

Product Description of Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric in Afghanistan.

 We have the Spunbond fabric which can be used in following industries.

In the packaging industry for making D cut bags 40 & above GSM is required.

For making W cut bags 25 to 35 GSM is required.

In making 3 ply Face masks, 25 gsm & in making n95 masks 50 gsm is used.

Gowns are made using 40 to above GSM.

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Close-up image of light blue woven polypropylene fabric, a versatile plastic material
This close-up showcases the texture of light blue woven polypropylene fabric. Polypropylene is a strong, lightweight, and heat-resistant plastic with diverse applications.


Our specifications table is given below:-

BrandFavourite Fab
GSM  8 to 150
MaterialBest Quality Non Woven Fabric in Bhutan
Usage/ApplicationIn Medical, Bag, Mattress, Agriculture Industry
FeaturesEvenness, High Tearless, Fine Pattern
Packaging SizeROLLS
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Uses of Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

The PP Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer can let you know about the uses.

There are these main industries:-

Medical (Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric 25 GSM & Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric For Mask Filter), Packaging (Non Woven Bag Material), Hygiene (Pe Film For Sanitary Pads), Mattress, Agriculture & Geotextile etc.

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Name50gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price for Myanmar
Weight30-50 KG Or More
WidthAll Sizes
ColourWhite, Blue, Red Or As Required

Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric Joann

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What Is 100 Polypropylene Fabric ?

100 percent polypropylene fabric means the fabric means it is made up of 100 percent polypropylene (PP).

Is Non Woven Polypropylene Good For Face Masks ?

Non woven polypropylene fabric has the best filtration efficiency so it is good for face masks.

For more details you may visit on our page: Favourite Fab

Does Non Woven Fabric Filter Viruses ?

Yes, the N95 face filters viruses, bacteria & all other microorganisms. 3ply mask also filters.

What Is 80 Gsm Fabric?

The Fabric whose thickness in grams per square metre is 80, is 80 gsm fabric. This is usually used in making bags.

Is Non Woven Polypropylene Waterproof?

Yes, the non woven polypropylene fabric is waterproof but it must be hydrophobic. Because there is another fabric which is hydrophilic which absorbs the water.

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What Is Gsm In Non Woven Fabric?

GSM is a measurement of thickness. Its full form is Gram per Square Metre. The term GSM is used in the paper industry & non woven industry widely.

What Material Is Non Woven?

Non Woven Fabric is a fabric-some material which is made from short fibres & long fibres. These are gathered by heating, chemical, mechanical or solvent processes.

This Keyword is used in the Textile Industry.

Is Non Woven Fabric Toxic?

No, the non woven fabric is non-toxic.

Is Non Woven Polypropylene Eco Friendly?

Yes, PP non woven fabric is eco friendly, it’s 100 % recyclable.

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