Sanitary Napkins Non-Woven Fabric


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Basically there are four layers in Sanitary Pad. 1) Fluid Transferring Layer, 2) Distribution Layer, 3) Absorbent Layer, & 4) Barrier Sheet. Here you will also find the Uses of Non Woven in Sanitary Pads. Get info about Sanitary Pad Raw Material:-

  1. Fluid Transferring Layer
  • This is topmost layer (Top Layer of Sanitary Napkins)
  • It’s made up of such material which readily absorbs the fluid.
  • Thus Hydrophilic Non Woven is Best Material for this purpose, with high absorbing properties.
  • Cotton Layer or Spunlace Non Woven also can be used for this.
  • Distribution Layer
  • This is second layer.
  • Also known as Acquisition layer.
  • Its main work is to distribute the fluid throughout the pad.
  • It is generally made up of Air bonded Composite Non-Woven or thermally bonded Non Woven.
  • Absorbent Layer
  • It’s third layer & its motive is to trap the fluid within itself.
  • It is generally made up of cellulosic pulp but nowadays SAP (Super Absorbing Polymer) (generally Sodium Polyacrylate) is used with this.
  • SAP is affixed on a tissue, & placed between pulp & back sheet.
  • Also known as Sap Sheet for Sanitary Napkins.
  • Previously we called it Wood Pulp Sheet For Sanitary Napkins  previously wood pulp was used in absorbent layer.
  • It’s the Absorbent Material in Sanitary Pads &
  • We can avail Cellulose Gel in Sanitary Pads.
  • Barrier Sheet.
  • The fourth layer, barrier sheet is fluid impervious sheet.
  • This prevents leakage of the fluid.
  • PE breathable film is best for making barrier sheet because the pe breathable sheet is laminated with polyethylene & it’s breathable in nature (wearer feels comfort while wearing).

Other than these layers, positioning glue is used to retain the position of pad. The release paper is used to displacing pad from its position.

We have given here the Sanitary Pad Raw Material Details.
 you will find here all about Raw Materials Required For Making Sanitary Pads. &

Non Woven Fabric for Sanitary Napkins. You can give it name as Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Raw Materials. Thus we are Sanitary Pad Raw Material Supplier in India & Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Manufacturer.


Our Raw Material for Sanitary Pad has following features:-

Favourite Fab’s Hydrophilic Non woven has super absorbing capacity. It is suitable for top layer of Sanitary Pad.

  • Favourite Fab’s Air bonded Composite Non-Woven or thermally bonded Non Woven has distribution properties so it can be used in distributin layer.
  • PE Breathable Film of Favourite Fab is laminated with polyethylene thus it’s impermeable to water or any fluid.
  • The air or gases can be passed through the PE breathable film but no any fluid, thus the wearer of the pad made with such film feels very comfortable.


Here is given the specifications of Non Woven Sanitary Napkin.    Find out Sanitary Napkin Raw Material List:-

NameSanitary Pad/ Sanitary Napkin All Layers
First Layer- Fluid Transferring LayerHydrophilic Non Woven & Spun lace Non Woven
Second Layer- Distribution LayerAir bonded Composite Non-Woven or thermally bonded Non Woven.
Third  Layer- Absorbent LayerSAP between pulp & back sheet.  
Fourth Layer- Barrier Sheet.PE breathable film
Adhesive Glue-Available
Release Paper-Available
WidthAll sizes
ColorWhite, or As required


Here you will find the trade information of the Sanitary Pad Making Raw Material. We have given all important information such as delivery duration, lead time, manufacturing capacity, sample policy etc. of Sanitary Pad Raw Material. We are Better Service providing Sanitary Pad Raw Material Supplier in Surat.

  • Our Manufacturing Capacity: 6000 Kilograms per Day
  • Our Delivery Duration: approx. 7-8 days
  • Our Lead Time: 3 to 4 days. (Average)
  • Our Packaging Details:  Roll, packaging with Raffia
  • Our Sample availability: Yes
  • Our Sample Policy: Our Sample is free of Cost, just freight charges are expected.
  • Our Main Domestic Market: All over India & Abroad.


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Types of Sanitary Pads:

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What Material Is Needed To Make Sanitary Pad?

Basically four materials are needed for making sanitary pad, which we have described here:- 1) Fluid Transferring Layer, 2) Distribution Layer, 3) Absorbent Layer, & 4) Barrier Sheet. Briefly we have mentioned here, what material is needed to make sanitary pad, for more info please visit our sanitary napkin material blog sections.