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As we know about that, what Non Woven Fabric is. For recall, it’s a kind of fabric made with Polypropylene (PP). When a lamination of Polyethylene (PE) is coated over the polypropylene fabric, the produced fabric is known as “Laminated Non Woven Fabric.” There is wide use of laminated non woven fabric because of its exclusive properties. Spun bonded laminated non woven fabric is also known as PE laminated non woven fabric laminated fabric.

Here we will attempt to give you knowledge about the fabric, not only the knowledge, but we will also tell you how to purchase the best non woven fabric. We Have non woven fabric lamination process are new.

Pe laminated non woven fabric manufacturers in delhi ncr

Suppose you are searching for a laminated non woven fabric manufacturer in India or searching for laminated non woven fabric in Delhi. In that case, We, Favourite Fab, is the one-stop solution for the World to fulfill the Best Non Woven Fabric requirement. We are serving you the best material & starving for procuring the requirement of Non Woven Fabric. International Organisation for Standardization has certified us.

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Laminated non woven polypropylene Application

The Uses of Laminated Non Woven Fabric (Laminated Fabric Uses)

we are top Laminated Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in India

The laminated non woven fabric is widely used in the medical field. Front-line workers of the medical sector mainly use the gown, PPE kit, Bedsheets. All these products are made up of laminated non woven fabric. If you are wondering for fabric for the ppe kit, we can avail you laminated non woven fabric for ppe kit. This type of PPE kit is called a laminated PPE Kit.

Use in Roof Insulation

pe laminated non woven fabric can use the laminated non woven fabric in roof insulation,m shed, and building with the waterproofing quality. Laminated makes the roof of a home protected from heating, vapors, weather effects & water.  

Use in Packaging Paper

For the protection of the paper, the pe laminated non woven fabric is used. Because of its use of water resistance property, many products that can be damaged by water are protected. 

Use in Packaging & Daily shopping bags.

The lamination of polyethylene gives the non woven fabric strength to form a carry bag from this fabric. For more strength, pe laminated non woven can use SMS laminated fabric. Using laminated non woven fabric, the bag of daily use becomes much stronger & water-resistant to protect & carry the product easily. Don’t go anywhere for laminated fabric suppliers. 

Use in Agriculture Tarpaulin

Because the laminated non-woven fabric is cheaper & waterproof, it is also used as a tarpaulin to protect the grains, crops, and the bags of grains (wheat, rice, etc.). The use of laminated non woven fabric in agriculture as a tarpaulin is evolutionary.

Properties of Laminate Non Woven Fabric

It can protect the product from moisture & Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

It has strength.

It is profitable to water.

It is chemical proof.

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Our Quality of Material for laminated breathable non woven fabric

There are various laminated fabric types. It can be bi-laminated or tri laminated non woven fabric. These have the qualities described above, such as tenacity, evenness, water & chemical proof. 

There are many laminated non woven factories or pe laminated non woven fabric factories but what makes us different is our thousands of satisfied customers. We are unique from other non woven laminated fabric manufacturers. We can avail sample of our material for a customer for testing or seeing the quality. Feel free to ask for samples from our sales executives. 

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Material Description

Sizes: We can avail the roll in 63″, 126″ and according to customer requirement.

Capacity: Our internal capacity is 4 tons per day.

Delivery Timer: It depends on the delivery place, but we do our best to deliver on time.

Order Process: After filling PI or Quotation form, it hardly takes 2 to 3 hrs to place the order on the machine.

Laminated non woven fabric hs code is 5603

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Laminated non woven fabric suppliers

We are also exporting our raw material to various countries:- if you need PE laminated non Woven fabric in the USA or you need laminated non woven fabric in Brassil, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan, or let it be European countries. There are nowotek laminated non woven fabric suppliers in agra also.

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Favorite Hub is a Leading Laminated Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer for PPE Kit That is Medical Grade Sms Fabric.

Laminated non woven fabric manufacturer in india

Ppe suit material Is PPE coted 90 gsm non-woven ppe kit fabric.
Raw material for n95 mask in India Our Fabric is Polypropylene Fabric Best for PPE Suit, PPE Gown, medical masks

Laminated Non Woven Fabric Used as PPE Kit Materials That Are Come With a Sitra Certificate.      

Ssmms Fabric is the Technical Name of Ppe Suit Material Used for 3 ply face mask

Our nonwoven fabric is certified.

Best Non woven fabric price

Laminated Non Woven Fabric Meaning

The laminated non woven fabric is water resistant & having superior quality of liquid protection. 

When non woven fabric is laminated with PE (polyethylene) film, it is called Non Woven Laminated Fabric. There are two methods to laminate a fabric one is adhesive based and the other is the heating process. 

Fabric Description: Polypropylene Fabric Polyethylene Film

Composition of Lamination : Polypropylene: 70% or as directed by the customer + Polyethylene: 30% or as directed by the customer 

Types Of Non Woven Fabrics Pdf  

You can print this page as PDF or you can download our catalogue as PDF.

(Examples Of Non Woven Fabrics)

In PP non woven category, there are the following examples:-

Laminated Non woven fabric in Peru

Spunbond non woven fabric in UAE

Spunlace non woven fabric in Tunisia

Meltblown non woven fabric in Jordan

Breathable non woven fabric in Vietnam

Examples Of Non Woven Fabric For Mask

Non Woven Fabric Price for Somalia

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Oman

Laminated Non Woven Fabric Properties

  •  Very Good tear resistant
  • Resistant from microorganisms & insects
  • Hydrophobic & liquid-proof
  • Good fabric life
  • Finely Laminated & adhesive fabric
ProductLaminated Non-Woven Fabric
Fabric detailsLaminated Non Woven Fabric With Adhesive Or Heat Process Laminated
Lamination CompositionPP+PE(Polypropylene+Polyethylene)
Brand NameFavourite Fab
Production Capacity10000 Kgs per Day
WidthUpto 126”
GSM Range20 to 150 

Laminated Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in India

Hello everyone, when we talk about Non Woven Fabric, the laminated non woven fabric is also a very important kind of fabric in this group.

Its uses in various ways of life make it very important. Let it be protective normal gowns, waterproofing of roof, building, shed, etc, making bags, or agricultural use.

We from the initial time provided our clients a free sample kit, many customers from India &.Brazil,  USA, Sri Lanka.

 Brought the same & got different between our fabric & fabric of 

Rajeshri Fabrics Ahmedabad. We are happy to describe that they selected Favourite’s fabric in terms of the fast responsive sales team, good behaviour, material quality & price.

These things made us one of the leading Fabric Manufacturers In India. We are going to be a recognized manufacturer at a global level too being Leading Laminated Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India. Our company name can be searched as Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Himachal Pradesh & Non woven fabric in Ecuador.

Laminated Non Woven Fabric In Various Ways of Life

  • Packing & Shopping bag
  • Our fabrics are used for designing international quality standards.
  • Roofing Insulation (Building, shed, home etc.)
  • Agriculture tarpaulin
  • Protective cloth
  • Medical disposable
  • Waterproofing

Laminated Non Woven Fabric Uses

  • In Packaging Industry
  • Agri Tarpaulin & crop protection
  • As Insulator in-home use
  • Gowns, coveralls
  • Scrub Suiting

Kinds of Laminated Non woven Fabric:

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