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It is the best of both worlds that an active & best service providing company- Favourite Fab has come to serve the world. We can provide the best quality Raw Material for Non Woven Fabric.
We are best in Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric. We can avail the White Non Woven Fabric & Non Woven Cotton Fabric. Nonwovens for Medical Textiles is the best thing since sliced bread & we, Favourite Fab, fulfills the requirement of such Export Quality Non woven.


We are on the ball thus we have provided here all the Non-Woven Fabric Used For Medical Purposes. We are such company who is like two peas in a podone pod is Favourite Fab, another is Non Woven Fabric Used In Automotive.Our Non Woven material is also used in Non Woven Packaging.

Medical Non woven Fabric Products (Nonwovens— the Fight for Better Healthcare)

We have described here the Non-Woven Fabrics Uses in Medical and Health Care.

Medical / Healthcare. We can send you the superb quality fabric.

The Future of Nonwovens in Medical Markets is bright, because the non woven fabric is cheaper & recyclable thus we can say that it’s sustainable technology.

Our company is fit & fiddles in Non-Woven Medical Textiles & in Medical Fabrics.

As we know one can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs thus one has to learn about the application of Nonwovens As Medical Textiles. Thus we have described here Why Use Nonwovens In Medical And Healthcare, the specifications are given of each product which is used in Non woven fabric.

These are Non Woven Hygiene Products:-

Spunlace Non Woven

Product Specifications

  • Our Nonwoven Spun lace fabric is stretchable.
  • Its Appearance & texture is somewhat as traditional textile, and it’s different than other Non-Woven Material such as SMS, Face Mask Raw Material etc.
  • The properties are Higher Strength and Lower Fuzziness.
  • It has Better Air Permeability.
  • Low in Lint

Diapers And Sanitary Napkins

Product Specifications

  • Our Nonwoven fabric is property with embossing or apertures allows air to pass through. 
  • The Favourite Fab Cotton spun lace is used in baby diapers, among other things
  • Our Nonwoven surface feels soft against a baby’s skin.
  • Can be customized to meet specific needs. 
  • Other properties are:-
  • Low fluffiness,
  • High strength.
  • It absorbs Moisture quickly.

Laminated Non Woven Fabric

Product Specifications

  • Protects the product from moisture & Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
  • It has strength in fabric.
  • It is impervious to water.
  • It is chemically proof.

Face Mask Non Woven Fabric

Product specifications

  • ISO certified.
  • GMP, FDA certified.
  • BFE more than 99 %
  • Higher Filtration Capacity.
  • Coated Nose Wire available.
  • Broad Elastic Available.


Is Polypropylene A Good Fabric?  
Polyrpropylene fabric is a good fabric because it’s cheap, recyclable & versatile in use. Polypropylene fabric is also known as Non Woven Fabric.
What Technology Is Necessary To Make N95 Masks?  
In N95 masks manufacturing, Spunbond, meltblown, hot air cotton, is used. These materials have high bacteria efficiency thus these are used to make face masks.
Can You Clean And Reuse Disposable Surgical Masks?  
Yes, You can clean & reuse the deposable surgical masks but if it’s used in extreme diseased situation, then one should avoid reusing it.
What’s The Difference Between 3ply And 2ply Masks?  
The major difference between 3ply & 2ply masks is of the layers. As sounded by name 3ply masks have 3 layers & 2 ply masks have 2 layers of the fabric.  
What Is Medical Textile?  
Medical textile is such textile which is used in medical industry. The major textile in medical industry is Non woven Fabric which is used to make face masks, gowns, ppe kits & bouffant caps, shoe covers etc.
What Is The Difference Between Woven And Non Woven Textiles?    
The main difference is that the woven textile is weaved but the non woven textile is not weaved, this fabric fibers are just equally spread on the belt & pressed with machine thus this fabric is known as non woven textile.
What Is The Material And Applications Of Non Woven Fabric?  
The material of non woven fabric is made up of PP (polypropylene), this fabric is cheap & recyclable. The application of non woven fabric are in various fields such as Medical, Bag, Bad & Interlining, agriculture etc.
What Is Non-Woven Fabrics Used For?
The Non-Woven fabrics are used for making face mask, Gown, PPE kit, bouffant cap, shoe covers, bag & many more uses.
What Are All The Materials Used In Non-Woven Technology?  
In non-woven technology, PP granules are used to make non woven fabric. Favourite Fab selects next level quality PP granules for making its fabric. The resulted non woven fabric is of best quality. You can bring our sample to check the quality.
What Are The Benefits Of Using Non-Woven Fabric?  
The benefits of using non-woven fabric is described below:-   The non woven fabric is cheap.It has best filtration facility.It is recyclable.This fabric is strong enough to make a gown & soft enough to make Baby Wipes. These are the various categories of Non Woven fabric.
What Is The Difference Between Polyester And Non-Woven Fabric?  
The Polyester & non-woven both are artificial fabrics. The main different between Polyester & non woven fabric is that polyester is a group of polymers that contain ester group, it’s also known as PET ( polyethylene terephthalate) but the non woven fabric is made up of polypropylene (PP) & used in medical, bag, agriculture field mainly.
What Is The Middle Layer Fabric Of A 3-Ply Non-Woven Face Mask?  
The middle layer fabric of a 3-ply non-woven face mask is Melt blown. The melt blown is a type of non woven fabric which has high filtration ability. Thus it’s used in face masks. The hygiene is very important in such fabric maintenance, Favourite Fab assures you of hygienic & FDA certified non woven fabric.
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I'm Gaurav Garg, the CEO of Favourite Fab, a company on a mission to revolutionize the nonwoven industry with sustainable practices. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to eco-friendly production processes. With a deep interest in textile innovation, I'm passionate about educating consumers about sustainable material options, and their potential to transform the Non woven landscape.

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