Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers

We Are Specialised Manufacturers of All Quality Of Medical Grade,Bag Grade And Fresh Quality Non woven Fabric

3.2 mtr Machine

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There are several manufacturers and suppliers of the non woven raw material of the bag but when the call for Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer comes, we, Favourite Fab, are the name on whom the World trusts. Because of our quality product & faith in business tactics.

We are proudly one & only Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Agra. Now, we have become Best Medical Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in India. We are Proudly Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. We are a Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in India.

Best Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer: Favourite Fab

We are thankful to our clients and customers those trusted us for their need of non woven fabric. Here our team is starving for being better, more active, and more compatible for the customer. Our technical team is making attempts to make our raw material the best than others. We are working day and night for making coordination among various departments of the company.

Product Specifications

You can get the info that we are also giving our services in Himachal Pradesh, thus we can say we are Service Giving Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Himachal Pradesh & Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Kala Amb.

Brand Favourite Fab
GSM 10 to 100gsm
Material Polypropylene(PP)
Usage/Application In Medical, Bag, Agriculture Industry
Features Non Woven
Packaging Size ROLLS

Our certificates and awards speak louder than the words. We are also leading All Non Woven Fabric raw material supplier& non woven fabric manufacturer, if we talk about SMS Non Woven suppliers in India.

Name Non Woven Fabric
Composition Polypropylene(PP)
Weight 50-60 KG
Width All size
Color White, As required
Pattern Plain
Certificate ISO,GMP,FDA
MOQ 1000kg

But we are also pioneer of spun bond non woven fabric manufacturer. We are leader in area of SMS non woven suppliers in India.

Non Woven Fabric Price

We can give you Best Non Woven Fabric Price. Just talk to our sales team, they will provide you the Best price of the Export Quality Non Woven Fabric. We will lowest price per Kg in Delhi or for any other City. For Your convenience we are showing here the price table for our Main Products, You can contact us for taking a discountable price. Our Sales Team will provide you the Discountable Price for you:-

Non Woven Fabric Roll Price List

S. No. Material Starting Price
1 Non Woven Fabric,   108/-
2 SMS Non Woven Fabric,    170/-
3 Spun bond Fabric,    140/-
4 D/W cut Bag Raw Material,    128/-
5 Laminated Non Woven Fabric 140/- 
6 Breathable Non Woven Fabric,    200/-
7 Diapers And Sanitary Napkins Raw Material,    165/-

There are lot of customers those asks also for pp spun bond non woven fabric, for we want to inform that we are also spunbond non woven fabric manufacturer in India as well as for states in India i.e. Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh etc. 

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Bihar

Our Senior Sales Manager & his colleagues have big experience of the need of the customers. Our Head of International Market fulfills the requirement of customers; those are sitting beyond the ocean.

 We can avail our Material in Patna. You can search on Google-

Non Woven Fabric in Gaya, Best Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Bhagalpur, Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Muzaffarpur, Best Non Woven Fabric Seller in Darbhanga, SMS Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Munger, and Bihar Sharif & you will find Our Name on the Page, Go to the page, Hit on Contact Us Button & You will get a Call back in a few minutes. In some of couple of time, you will be in contact us with our company & then you will comes to know the best price for the Non Woven Fabric from India’s Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer.

We here at Favourite Fab have strong passion to serve our customers. We have a big dream to reimburse the need of the non woven fabric for the World and we are pursuing our dream day by day.

Find Out Whats Some Google Recommended Queries.

You can ask for non woven fabric roll price list at our inquiry form then you will come to know various non woven fabric prices and the other product details.

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Product Rating:

RatingValue”: “4.6”, “estRating”: “5”, “worstRating”: “1”, “ratingCount”: “563”

Find Some Trending Link Price List Bag Making Raw material Sms Non woven Fabric Manufacturere Spunlace non woven Fabric Non woven fabric price non woven fabric manufacturer non woven fabric roll size Favourite Home Page Hydeophilic Non woven Fabric
Yellow Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Favourite Fruit Preservation Pvt. Ltd.
~105/Kg Get Updated Price Agra, Uttar Pradesh
GSM: 50 GSM Leading Manufacturer
Color: Yellow Indiamart TrustSEAL Verified
Pattern: Plain Company Video
Strength Fullness: Yes Mobile No.+91 8800775462
Brand: Favourite Fab Contact Manufacturer
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Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer Near Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers Near Me is the most beneficial phrase which gives the customer best results based on his location, because location matters a lot.

The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Ahmedabad can be beneficial for all the customers live in Gujarat & also want the material in Gujarat. The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Rajkot may also contact you during your material deal journey, you can compare the prices of all the manufacturers.

The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Delhi is good for all the North Indian customers & for those who want to purchase from India, the Delhi customers may also search Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Kanpur to get the desired result based on your area.

 The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Himachal Pradesh gives benefit to those customers who are around hilly region & nearby Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Nepal, J&K, Bihar etc.

Largest Manufacturer Of Non Woven Fabric In India

 When the talk of the largest manufacturer begins, the name of Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai comes first.

The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Delhi is one of the largest manufacturers in India. When the demand is so high then Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer Ahmedabad helps us to fulfil the demand. The name of Favourite Fab also comes to mind while searching Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Mumbai.

 Non Woven Fabric Price In India

Favourite Fruit Preservation Pvt. Ltd.
Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Leading Manufacturer
Indiamart TrustSEAL Verified
Company Video
Mobile No.+91 8800775462
Contact Manufacturer

Request a quote

For South Indian customers the Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Tamilnadu is our very loved phrase which is being seen for contacting Favourite Fab.

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Gujarat is favourite location for the customers of non woven industry, which is noticed by Favourite Fab & now Favourite Fab is working to serve the customers from Gujarat being Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Surat.

Non Woven Fabric Manufacturing Machine Price

The Non Woven Fabric Manufacturing Plant Cost ranges from 2.5 to 4 Crore according to the brand & specialties.


Equipment Name


The Screw extruder

170/30 with DC Motor 132KW

The Scrap recovery screw extruder

105/13 with AC Motor 15KW

The Powder pellets automatic suction machine

With AC Motor 5.5KW

Masterbatch, the mother of a small screw down

with 3 0.4KW AC (frequency control)

A Switched melt filter

5.5 square

A Metering pumps and rotating equipment

with 7.5KW inverter 300CC

A Spinning die


A Spinneret

3600MM aperture 45S

A Stereotypes

A Slot draft device

A Side-blown aluminum bellows

A Side blowing, suction air duct

A Lapper made

with 11KW DC Motor

A Network chain

3.63M * 9.5M

A Pairs of roller rolling mill


A Electric heater


A Mill electric heater


A Full auto roll winder

with inflatable shaft 3

A Side-blown, wind suction fan

with 75KW, 55KW AC (frequency control)

A Monomer Fan

with 7.5KW AC (frequency control)

An Air-conditioned box

300,000 kcal

A Refrigeration units

300,000 kcal

A Slitter

A Steel platform

8.6M * 9.5M

A Power distribution cabinet with touch screen

Made de Germany

A Compressor motor

7.5 KW

A Cooling tower

60T / H

A Pumps and pipes

7.5 KW

A Scene connected with wires and trunking

A Calciner

An Ultrasonic cleaning machine

A Motor hoist IT

The Non Woven Fabric Making Machine Price In India ranges from 2.5 Crore to 4 Crore Rupees. 

The parts of Pp Non Woven Fabric Making Machine are shown above in the table, and the details of our machine are shown further. You may also visit our article “How to start Non Woven Bag Business?” & “How to check GSM of Non Woven?

Favourite FabNon Woven Fabric Production Line description is described below:-

  • A line of three beams with hydrophilic treatment having a width of 3.2 meters.

A line of two beams having 1.6 meters of nonwoven


Who is Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer India?

 Favourite Fab is leading non woven fabric manufacturer in India. The company is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. We are with a network of 13,546+ customers from all over the world. We served Brazil, Tunisia, UAE, Nepal, USA & many other countries.

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Non Woven Material Suppliers Near Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Purchasing Non Woven Fabric Wholesale is the proper task to do. If you buy in bulk, there are a lot of benefits for you.

  • Get Best Price
  • Lower Freight Cost
  • Time-Saving

Getting the Non Woven Fabric Price Per Meter is a cakewalk.

  • Just take your phone.
  • & Dial +91 8800775462 
  • or give us a Whatsapp Message
  • You shall get the answer a few times.

Mr. Raguvan Subrahmanyam, one of our customers from Kerala, had purchased the material of non woven from Non Woven Fabric Raw Material Suppliers; he got the inquiry call after three days. The material was different from the order. The behavior of his sales team was unresponsive. 

He once searched on google Non Woven Fabric Supplier Near Me” & got the contact of Favourite Fab, he got the call within 24 hrs & Mr. Anurag Satsangi, the sales manager of Favourite Fab, had an entirely satisfactory conversation with him & answered all of his doubts. 

He purchased 4500 Kg of material and was happy after getting the same. He gave us four stars reviews on Google too. We thank Mr. Subrahmanyam. You may get a better price than Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer because 90% of the supplier of Non-Woven Fabric Cloth purchase from Favourite Fab. 

We have brought some of our new nonwoven materials to the market. This is “Cherry on the Cake.”

Anti Static Nonwoven Material

As per the name of the fabric, it restrains static electricity. It is made with such special chemicals, which gives it such quality. This fabric is being used for covering computer accessories, electronics items of office & daily life.

You may get a Non Woven Fabric Roll Price List for all GSMs & width rolls of Anti-static non woven. 

Crop Cover Non Woven Fabric Wholesale Price

Our crop cover material is a type of agricultural fabric.

This comes with the following features:-

  • 17/20/23/25 GSM
  • 1-2% UV treated
  • Strong Bonded
  • Fine Pattern
  • Good Breathability

Our Agriculture Pp Non Woven Fabric Price starts from 120 Rupees per Kg; you may get the idea that how many meters of Non+Woven+Material shall be there in one or 5 kg.

Stronger Non Woven Bag Raw Material Price

After the market demand, we have modified the Non Oven Fabric features giving it more strength, finesse, durability & heavy weight-carrying capacity. 

It would fill the gap of demand between the customers & the manufacturers. You may see the Non Woven Fabric Roll Price List In India given below:-


90 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price

100 Rupees Per Kg

60 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price

3000 Rupees Per Roll

50 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price

99 Rupees Per Kg

40gsm Non Woven Fabric Price

105 Rupees Per Kg

Flower & Bouquet Non Woven Fabric 30 Gsm

The non woven fabric is being used in many new sectors for making the deal more economic & beneficial. 

The flower bouquet & curtains made with fabric seem very beautiful & charming. 

Mr. Nath sir from Nepal visited our factory for 30 gsm non woven fabric

We have following colours fabric along with GSM for best use:-




30 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Price


100 Rupees Per Kg

18 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price


105 Rupees Per Kg

20 Gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price In India


100 Rupees Per Kg

25gsm Non Woven Fabric Roll Price

Lemon Yellow

98 Rupees Per Kg

Non Woven Cloth Price

Non Woven Fabric is sometimes called “Non Woven Clothes.” This is because when somebody sees the fabric for the first time, he imagines that it is a kind of cloth similar to others. Still, the diamond patterns of non woven cloth differentiate it from other clothes.

It has excellent absorbency, which makes it the best for printing uses. The new services are as follows:-

Our Non Woven Cloth Material is available in 8 to 200 gsm with lamination or without lamination.

We have shown a List Of Non Woven Fabric:-

Non Woven Fabric

The Nonwoven Fabrics Market Price ranges from 90 to 150 Rupees. We provide our customers with the best quality by selecting their needed material. 

Getting the Non Woven Fabric Near Me has the following benefits:-

  • Lower Freight Cost
  • Easy To Visit
  • Familiarity with The Area & Market

The Non Woven Fabric Material at Non Woven Fabric Wholesale is available at discounted price at Favourite Fab. You may ask for the Non Woven Fabric Price In India. 

Non Woven Carry Bag Raw Material Price

Some people type like this-+Non +Woven +Fabric +Roll, their motive is understood by search engine & it shows the result of 

“Non Woven Bag Fabric Roll Price List In India, “You may get the desired roll along with various colors at Favouritehub. Here, the Non Woven Price is always affordable to the customer, and we compete with China. Mr. Anurag Satsangi is dedicated to providing satisfaction to clients so that they can see eye to eye with us. 

The Non Woven Fabric Suppliers Near Me gives us information about the nearest best result of our desired material. Favourite Fab is located in the centre of India, convenient to many parts of the country. Our factory location is Favourite Fab, Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer, Runakata Industrial Area, Agra, UP-282007.

You may compare our services & quality with all of the Manufacturers or Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer In India by seeing +List +Of +Non +Woven +Fabric +Manufacturers +In +India.

Favourite Fab material is always marketed as “Non Woven Fabric For Sale.”

The bulk wholesale quantity starts from 1000 kilograms or 1 ton for Non Woven Fabric Wholesale Near Me. We provide service to Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Gandhinagar, Bhopal, Raipur, Shimla, Sri Nagar, Lucknow, Kolkata, Trivenipuram, etc. customers.

Our more than 13,500 customers made us leaders among all Non Woven Material Manufacturers.

Buy Non Woven Fabric

The Favourite Hub” or “Favourite Fab” is our brand name. You may purchase the fabric from our website Favouritehub.Com

Non Woven Roll Manufacturer

Our D cut or W cut Bag Non Woven Fabric Examples includes 5 of our qualities. Whose price can be compared with any other Non Woven Bag Raw Material Price In India.


Quality of Fabric


Fresh Quality 

Export Quality from Non Woven Fabric Roll Manufacturer

N-Fresh Quality

Good Strength

Semi-Fresh Quality

Good for Printing

Standard Quality 

Best of Non Woven Manufacturer In India

Economy Quality 

Cheapest Non-Woven Fabric

Nonwoven Fabrics Market Size

The Non-Woven Fabric Suppliers of India contributes in the growth of the non woven industry worldwide. India has a lot of potential. 

Favourite Fab is one of those who are working for non woven clients. You may get a whole Non Woven Fabrics List, from Mr. Shubham sir. 

Results of the Test of Blood Penetration on SMS 

Our material is examined by following tests & we gets very good results:-

Synthetic Blood Penetration Test as per IS 16516 : 2016 I IS0 16603:2004, Procedure C


Result (PASS/FAIL)

SMS Non- Woven Fabric


SSMMS Non-Woven Material


Moisture Vapour Transmission

ASTM E 9ri i E 96M-05 ( Water Method) Temp. (32 + 2)”C RH : 50+ 2% ( Upright method) Air velocity:0.02-0.3 m/sec


Result (PASS/FAIL)

Breathable Nonwoven Manufacturers


SMMS Non Wooven Fabric


Happy Customers Inquiries City-wise

Wholesale Non-Woven Fabric

No. Of Customers

Agri Non-Woven Fabric Material


SMS Nonwoven Fabric Rolls


Non Woven Fabric Bag Material


Coat Cover Non-Woven Cloth


Cheap Non-Woven Fabric


Fresh Non-Woven Fabrics


10 GSM Non Wooven


Spunbond Fabric For Sale


SSMMS Pp Non Woven Fabric Roll


Non-Woven Rolls


60 gsm Raw Material Of Non Woven Bags


We have shown here two graphics which are about the number of customers material wise in a week & no. of inquiries cities wise in a week.


Inquires In A Week

Prayagraj (Allahabad)








Non Woven Material Suppliers Aligarh


Ambedkar Nagar


Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida)




Non Woven Supplier Agra


Non Woven Fabric Company in Meerut


Star India Non Woven Fabric In Kanpur


Nonwoven Fabric Supplier Mirzapur


Non Woven Material Suppliers In Mathura


Non Woven Material Price Ghazipur


Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer Varanasi




Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer In Ghaziabad


People Also Ask

What Is A Price Of Non Woven Fabric?

Our new non woven fabric is 90 Rupees per kg EXW

What Material Is Non Woven?

The non woven fabric is an artificial fabric that has broad uses in the market.

Where to get a List Of Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers In India?

You may get the list from our dedicated blog link. 

Who is Non Woven Fabric Roll Manufacturer In India?

Favourite Fab is the best quality non woven roll manufacturer based in UP, India.

Picture of Gaurav Garg (Ceo)

Gaurav Garg (Ceo)

I'm Gaurav Garg, the CEO of Favourite Fab, a company on a mission to revolutionize the nonwoven industry with sustainable practices. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to eco-friendly production processes. With a deep interest in textile innovation, I'm passionate about educating consumers about sustainable material options, and their potential to transform the Non woven landscape.

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