Non Woven Fabric Uses In Daily Life

PP Spunbond Fabric Uses in Daily Life

Non Woven Fabric Uses In Daily Life

Discover the indispensable role of PP spunbond fabric in your daily life. From the rugs beneath your feet to the curtains adorning your windows, this blog unveils the ubiquitous uses of PP spunbond fabric. Let’s dive into the diverse applications that make this material an integral part of your everyday routines.

From morning to evening,  I am sure after reading this blog, you will remember the pp spun-bond fabric in your daily chores.

Pp Non Woven Fabric Uses in Home Textile

Starting from putting your feats on your rug, the rug is also manufactured with the help of pp spunbond fabric, it is used as backing.

Moving forward, when you open your window curtains, please analyse your curtains, the topmost backing is done with the help of pp spunbond.

Now when you are ready for the office, & going to wear your tie, it is also made with pp spunbond backing.

Further some bags are also made with the help of pp spunbond layers.

After reaching the office, you are going to sit on the chair. Wait!

At the opposite site of your office chair, notice if there pp a spunbond fabric backing.

Non Woven Fabric Names Packing Industry

You go to market the grocery bags, box bags which hold your clothes, households are made with pp spunbond fabric.

D cut type of bags, W cut type of bags are some examples. PP spubnond fabric is the raw material of Box bags, also coat cover, album covers are being sewn with the fabric.

NameNon Woven Fabric
CompositionPolypropylene (PP)
Weight of A Roll40-80 KG or As Per Order
Width of A Roll63” & All sizes
ColourBlack, Ivory, Red, M. Blue Or As Per Order
CertificatesISO, GMP, FDA, NITRA, CE
MOQ1000 kg (1 Ton)
BrandFavourite Fab
GSM40 gsm or As Per Order
MaterialNon Woven Fabric
CompositionPolypropylene (PP)
Usage/ApplicationIn the Medical, Bag, Agriculture, and Mattress Industry
FeaturesStrong FibresFine PatternDurableManufactured Untouched
Packaging In ROLLS, wrapped with Shrink + Raffia
Price110 Rupees Per KG 

What are the Non Woven Fabric For Medical Uses?

When it comes to health there is face mask raw material, PPE kit raw material, bouffant cap raw material, shoe cover raw material.

For feminine & baby care, there is non woven fabric for sanitary pads, baby diapers, tampons, etc.

Non Woven Fabric Used For Medical Purposes includes PP spunbond fabric, spunmelt fabric.

Find Here the Non Woven Fabric Used In Agriculture Industry

Yours vegetables may be prepared with the help of pp spunbond fabric made low tunnel or crop cover fabric. 

Yes, it’s true!

The Ultra Violet (UV) Treated pp spunbond fabric is considered as Non Woven Fabric Uses In Agriculture, as it is durable sunlight resistant, tealess, comes with two season warranty if you buy from Favourite Fab.

Find Here PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabric Price

The Price at Favourite Fab is ranges from 70 Rupees to 140 based on the quality, color, etc. You may quote the best price after doing contact with our sales team.

The Popular Examples Of Non Woven Fabric are PP spunbond, metlblown, spunlace which are familiar Types Of Non Woven Fabric based on their raw material manufacturing process and bonding.


So now you have taken an idea regarding the use of pp spunbond in your daily life.

I am delighted & assure you that now, you would notice the non woven & become pleasant.

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You may find the Types Of Non Woven Fabrics Pdf in this article.


What are the Raw Material Used For Non Woven Fabric?

Polypropylene, polyester, vicose, rayon are some common raw material to make non woven fabric.

What are the End Uses Of Non Woven Fabrics?

Face mask, shoe cover, sanitary pad, diaper, d cut bags, agriculture crop covers are some end uses of nonwoven fabrics.

Who is Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer in Agra?

Favourite Fab is one of the leading nonwoven fabric producers and overseas to supply the demand of nonwoven textile in various industries.

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