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Vast range of Industrial Solutions Of NonWoven Fabric

Our Product Catalog

Ppe Kit Row Material

Medical Use

SMS, SMMS, SSMMS, Surgical Face Mask Fabric, N95 Face Mask Fabric, Spunlace Non Woven, Laminated Non Woven and many more...



Non Woven Carry Bags WCut/DCut, Non Woven Shopping Bags, Non Woven Laundry Bags and many more...

agriculture non woven fabric


UV Resistant Non Woven Fabric, Weed Barrier Non Woven Fabric, Plant Cover Non Woven, Green House Non Woven, Crop Cover Fabric and many more...


Mattress And Furniture

Non Woven Fabric for Mattress, Non Woven Fabric for Pocket Spring, Non Woven Fabric for Sofa Liners, Chair Liners and many more...


Home Textiles

Non Woven Fabric For Interlinings, Curtains, Bed Spreads, Spunlace Non Woven for Table Cloth , Drop Cloth and many more...



Non Woven Fabric for Car Cover, Non Woven Fabric for Car Seat Cover, Non Woven Fabric for Engine Lining, Non Woven Fabric for Car Steering Cover and many more...